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From Virtual to Facts, From The Net To Connect

I am an enthusiastic user of the world 2.0, I use all tools available . What excites me the most in this environment is the chance to meet people to share my concerns and my way of seeing the world and realize that I am not alone. I see there are many women out there trying to change the world making gender equality something real in behalf of their communities.

The good thing about 2.0 world being a fast, inmediate and non-expensive approach to comunication. Internet allow us to be online and updated with what's happening in our area of concern. Not all people have TV at work or remember to buy the newspaper every day , but there is always a cyber cafe near from us. Even governments are willing to provide grass roots with internet rather than with a TV . This is a great potencial for connecting women around causes and increase our visibility.

A good example is what happen in mass media in Argentina. Just the 5% of the global news are about women and the most of them have a women as a victim of murder. Each 3 days a woman is killed in Argentina because violence associated to gender. Topics as civil rights,leadership,gender,woman as scientists are out of the agenda. We can not control the decisions of the mass media agenda, but we can raise our voice from the new ones using since their easy access, to express ourselves.This is a great potential for connecting women around causes. The ability to experience different cultures and realize that good and bad happen everywhere, help to expand the vision of the world, enhance the approach of local problems and helps to make decisions that lead to effective outcome for situations we want to improve.

As a woman who, as many, has experienced violence, also the power of team work, I know how important is having a tool that allows you to talk, say what's wrong and find support. Now, when many women have access to the net, it's time to connect. Online networks must be turned into real support that lead effectively to solve problems that affect us,under the principle of " think globally, act local". Social networks not only help to know other realities,also help us to put our reality in the spotlight and identify resources and collaboration for our projects.

Through the internet and social networks I knew initiatives to prevent gender-based violence and promote equality that are occurring even in my own district! Recently I discovered a community radio station run by women and focused on gender and development issues, 10 blocks from my house! Never possible without Facebook. Now I am part of this team and I am very happy to contribute with my expertise to this project.

To achieve gender equality and end violence against women in all forms, We women must be able to communicate in the faster, easier and cheaper way possible. World 2.0 is a good resource regarding this. Without communication there is no action, without actions we will not achieve development. It's time to go from the net to connect and show the power of virtual in facts.


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Dear Nasrinamina,, I really

Dear Nasrinamina,, I really loved your voice , it's voice of almost all of us.

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This is sad

Hi Nasrinmanaia,

thanks for your story . It is actually very sad to read that - Each 3 days a woman is killed in Argentina because violence associated to gender.

This is surely keeping reality in the spotlight.

A candle looses nothing my lighting another

Stella Paul's picture


Dear Nasreen

A very frustrating fact is that stories about crime against women are judged by their uniqueness and novelty value by the media - and I speak as a journalist. If murder and rape are happening frequently, then those are common and therefore trivial issues ("so,what's new about it"? the editor will ask). In reality, an editorial here and there isn't enough,we need sustained, prolonged reporting.And that is possible through web2.0 Wish you luck with that. Inshallah, you will create a safer world someday for every woman.

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

nasreenamina's picture

Thank you for share Stella

I share your vision about. My vision is the first step to empowerment and development is gain the ability to stand up and raise your voice. First, for you, for your problem, cause is your right. Also, for all the women: In every right is a responsability pulsing. When you raise your voice for your right, you get the responsability to raise your voice for the rights of others. that a good way to empower women and media citizenship is supporting and developping new media and communitarian media. Local newspapers, community radios, neighbors bulletin are a plattform to educate about rights, to give voice to those never will have space in media corporation and catch also the attention to issues are not interesting for big medias but are important for women as gender violence, sexual abuse, and others.

My experience is communitarian medias, especially radios, are useful to neighbors to know and get involved about what is happenning close to them; also are good spaces to meet other women, discuss and share about our concern and try to find a solution to act locally. There is some place more "local" than the community we live in? So, women can join, be involved around a local media and an subject of concern and from this plattform launch the activities in order to connect to others in 2.0 environment and also in reality. I think this is very powerful. Since the media are local, are close to the school, bussiness, stores, services and concerns of women in local environment and can be used to that allow a better inclusion in the community life, and also allow to "put in the air" the issues that could afect them for example ¿How many working women are there in the neighbor? ¿How many of them can pay a baby sitter? ¿Are there kids that stay alone or in charge of siblings while mom is at work?¿Are there a mother who can become a baby sitter instead to bring someone unknown?and further than : ¿How can we use the community media to put in the air subject about parenting, working women, sharing care of children? and after that, how can we mix the new media and the freedom they give us to gain support and enhance our experience through the experience of others?

One's life has value so long as one attributes value to the life of others, by means of love, friendship, indignation and compassion

Follow me @DivinaFeminista

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Hi ladies, thank you very

Hi ladies, thank you very much for your feed back. Here in argentina and in latin america in general, when a woman is involved in a crime is a hot new, but if she wins the nobel prize is not important. Is what happen when information is conditioned to the purpose of selling and patriarchy estructure. News currently have more the objective of selling than informing. About violence in particular, media stream inform but they dont have the chance to educate. Women are in the news but always as victims and objects, not subjects.
The freedom we have in 2.0 world give us the chance to be connected and also have bigger and wider options to turn communication a process of education. We can gather effort and people to move on communication and education initiatives, go further than only share information. 2.0 environment also are a space to bring back to people the power to talk, set topics and focus in what is really important to them. Warms Regards.

One's life has value so long as one attributes value to the life of others, by means of love, friendship, indignation and compassion

Follow me @DivinaFeminista

meena-megha's picture

well said

You are so very right Nasreen. Web 2.0 gives the world freedom of expression and to use it wisely and to its full extent is the best education possible.

nasreenamina's picture

As is not enough

Thank you for your feed back ladies,I am happy to know the topic about gender communication is interesting for you. Of course the issue about how women are used in news is something to put in the spotlight. But my concern is not only about information. Even in media stream enterprises, women don’t have the same opportunities than a man to develop a carreer. Even when there are more women than men graduated from journalist and carreers related to communication area, there are just a few women in position of power in media companies.Media and comunication environment are changing thanks to the everyday easier access to technology. Now we can have the world in our hand with a mobile phone. The issue about women in media is not only about how many women are working nor how much the newspapers talk about women, the core of the subject is ¿How are they talking about us and about what? Now, the right to information is not a privilege of the Directors of newspapers and radios nor a prerrogative of journalists. It's a right for the people and belongs to them.New media are a reason and a chance to empowerment.

One's life has value so long as one attributes value to the life of others, by means of love, friendship, indignation and compassion

Follow me @DivinaFeminista

atwahirwa's picture

demonstrate the extent of violence

Hi Nasreen... I do agree with you on that that web 2.0 is about networking but it also important to mention that this tool can serve as another way to demonstrate the extent of violence whereby victims can express their wish and need to see judicial competent institutions in responding to complaints, in proportion to the suffering.. I know these kinds of online networking are being slowly established in several countries around the World such as in Asia and Latin America...


kati.mayfield's picture

Community Radio

Dear Nasreen,

It is very interesting to read how gender discrimination is impacting your community, and to learn about the positive solutions that are being brought about by the web and
local media.
What type of work are you doing with the community radio station? I look forward to reading more about that.


*resolved this year to think twice and to smile twice before doing anything*

nasreenamina's picture


Dear Kati, sorry for be late,maybe this post could answer your question

One's life has value so long as one attributes value to the life of others, by means of love, friendship, indignation and compassion

Follow me @DivinaFeminista

kati.mayfield's picture


That is a great answer to my question, thank you! I will look forward to reading about the events! I like the idea of the Saturday work day on October 1. I will think about what I can do in my community that day to raise awareness about gender issues.



*resolved this year to think twice and to smile twice before doing anything*

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Dear Nasreen, Thank you for

Dear Nasreen,

Thank you for sharing your story with us.

As much as I was moved by your enthusiasm I was saddened and shocked by some of the facts you referred to in your post.

I hope I see tangible solutions and action-oriented ideas to eradicate all violence in this world in the very near future!

Thanks again,

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