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Web 2.0 - Arcade of Possibilities

One of Shakespeare’s most commonly used expressions is ‘All the world is a stage. All the world is a market’. Indeed, this is true considering that all over the world, people irrespective of race, religion, skin or gender live in a marketplace or open space full of diverse challenges and gaps that need to be met. Everyday, we all compete in this race for survival and put up various ‘acts’ on the stage of life to ensure that all our needs are met either at home, work or warfront. Survival and salvation are always on our minds and achieving change is the major goal.

And then the whistle goes and everyone goes to the market to get what best suits or meets his or her needs. Now in the market, we meet with different dealers or shopkeepers to obtain our goods. However, some of these products come in various shades, models and sizes, while others actually are out of stock and need to be imported before the perceived need can be met. Also, others are obsolete and new improved ones are being introduced to replace them. Indeed, there is always a choice to make – either good or bad, and sometimes some forms of bargaining to get value for money. In the long run, the ultimate aim is achieved and the whole process is adjudged worthwhile. So it is with the advent of Web 2.0 – the development marketplace.

What excites me most about this market (Web 2.0) are its various pathways and dimensions, vast opportunities, diversity, scope and leverage that citizens all over the world get for its usage over the years. The list is endless. Since I signed up on Facebook, Twitter and Skype in the course of my work as a development worker, I have seen the overwhelming volume of written and spoken words released each day, as well as the underlying influence of how the new media is transforming the way we communicate and how this is related to different aspects of social cohesion, knowledge and information sharing. While reading stories from other cultures regarding violence against women, I have seen just as in the market, how men and women approach, trade and tackle women issues differently. It took courage, set goals, hard work and belief in womanhood. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

In addition, Web.2.0 provides an opportunity to identify with and feel the pains, suffering, individual hopes, challenges and successes of brave and courageous women, all over the world in order to move the women agenda forward. Through Web 2.0, opportunities for networking for progress, individual/ collective learning and exchanges, freedom of expressions and association, cooperation and productive partnerships are also explored and established. It is such a great motivation.

For me, Web 2.0 is simply an arcade of possibilities, a platform for nurturing and sustaining sisterhood relationships and partnerships, towards advancing women empowerment. With the endless opportunities that abound with Web 2.0, I believe with a high aptitude, a great attitude and a point of view that’s different, women will be certainly be enabled to take over the world.


Stash's picture

I like how you mention that

I like how you mention that new media has brought possibilities to create enriching bonds through or sisterhood. We I read about the harsh realities my womenfolk elsewhere in world live through, it doesn't necessarily make my situation better, but it helps to know how women globally are overcoming their limitations and challenges. Online, we feel each other's pain, we hold hands virtually and also dissect the problems that commonly confront us.

great article

Beejay's picture

We are Sisters

Thanks Stash for agreeing with my stance. I cannot agree with you less. Even though tribes and tongue differ, challenges exist everywhere. So in sisterhood we stand and with that we will go far. Thanks my friend and sister

Beejay Fabamise, Nigeria

Dextra's picture


Beejay, the part of your essay that I liked the most was when you talked about the opportunity that Web 2.0 has provided you to see the courage of other women around the world and to understand some of the difficulties that they face. It is so inspiring, isn’t it? I completely agree with you and am glad that you wrote about that. Women’s natural propensity to nurture and sustain sisterhood on a local level is automatically lifted to a global level through Web 2.0 and I think you captured this well is your essay.

Beejay, you are a very good writer. The marketplace you depict at the start of your essay is explained so well. Through your words I can see all of the activity you describe.

(One thing though, be very careful with the length of your essay. I put it into the website to check the number of words and it is just over the 500 limit at 514 words – just wanted to let you know)

Beejay's picture

Thanks and Noted

Hi Dextra,

I am humbled by your great and inspiring comments. I feel encouraged already.

I guess I have to be more careful with the number of words next time.

I appreciate your comments and thank you for the check.


Beejay Fabamise, Nigeria

ck's picture


I think you are exactly right, Beejay, that reading womens' stories leads to identifying and feeling what it is like to be in their shoes. And that empathy leads to action.

Good luck in your work and in your other three assignments.



Beejay's picture

Call to Action

Thanks a lot for your comments. Identifying with women's issues all over the world inspires us to give hope and react positively to every wrong action against women.

Wish you the best too.


Beejay Fabamise, Nigeria

pheebsabroad's picture


You have a really clear voice...and paint such a strong picture with your words I can feel the passion behind them - - they are not just letters on a page they are real. I too think that the greatest strength we have is our communities, our marketplaces and our diversity! I hope that through the internet we can all continue to become interconnected!


Beejay's picture

More voice

I appreciate your stance and comments. We all are the voices of strength and hope. We can and we will conquer.
Let's keep connecting. Freedom is us..

Beejay Fabamise, Nigeria

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