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I’m so fascinated about the Web 2.0, in that as a health educator, I don’t need a degree in Journalism to tell my story and have people listen. So far reading the materials for week one and the live stories linked, the voices heard from women all over the world in VOF has been life changing. There is no other fast and interesting way to hear the voices of millions of down trodden women around the world better than through Web 2.0. Interestingly, Web 2.0 bridges the gap between literacy and illiteracy, race and religion, rich and poor, it encourages all women to speak.

The Web 2.0, in-fact has been a solution to the long silenced voices of women around the Globe. Those sorrowing voices that have long wished to be heard, praying to have an opportunity to be heard so that such things causing pain, bitterness and shame around their communities can be stopped and other younger generations of women delivered. The major solution that Web 2.0 has brought to the women folk is releasing of our voices from the shackles of Speechlessness to an avenue where we speak out, socialize, share ideas and achieve sustainable development in our rural communities.

The Web 2.0 has affected the global women's empowerment movement positively as it has given opportunities for more women to be heard and as more women are heard, their stories brings solutions to social ills, the international communities supports their voices and change happen. As this change happens, more women are empowered and encouraged to speak up. The VOF of World Pulse has been one of such strong tools which have empowered more women to share information, speak up on social ills in their various communities.

Coming to learn about World Pulse have been live changing for me, sometime earlier last year, I registered on World Pulse but didn’t understand much about it but later I went to the site and took time to go through the voices of women on the site I wept and wept and it made me remembered what women in my community go through in gender based violence and widowhood and I went sore. Web 2.0 has personally given me the opportunity and the empowerment to speak out here in a rural community in Nigeria and be heard globally. I have used Web 2.0 to create online forums & discussions & got meaningful contributions. I have also participated in series of life changing video conferences and have posted over 42 videos on YouTube that helped in projecting my developmental activities. Since I came know about Web 2.0 & the empowerment it gives to women, I have vowed to use Web 2.0 to drive change especially for women & have so far trained over 10,000 community women and girls on how to use the computer and internet, helped them signup on different new media so that they can also make the voices heard.

Watch Angela Anaba’s Testimony:


Paulina Lawsin's picture

Web 2.0

Very articulately written. You have the advantage of knowing how to produce videos. You will be able to reach more women. Good luck in your work and family.

treasureland's picture

Thank U Paulina

Thank you Paulina, I have to learn to use videos because I need more women needs to know and also empowered to do same.

Best Wishes

Ifesinachi Sam-Emuwa

usha kc's picture

hi sister,,, i agree with

hi sister,,, i agree with you, it's really a dirver to make social change. loved it .

treasureland's picture

Yaa, Usha

Yaa Usha, Web 2.0 is really a wonderful tool we all can use to make change happen.

KathyG's picture

On your way to making changes

Wow, you are already on your way to making changes and using the Web. I am interested by what you mean when you say, "Web 2.0 bridges the gap between literacy and illiteracy, race and religion, rich and poor". It seems there is still a gap in who uses the internet, but changing that gap is an important one, because as you say, "it encourages all women to speak."

It would be interesting to hear from your experiences an example of a single story where you felt your work and the use of the web made a specific impact.

Thank you for a great piece.

Thank you KathyG, the innovation of Word Pulse is indeed a great one. Women globally using Web 2.0 to speak on issues relating not just on women but issues that matters globally.

When I say web 2.0 bridges the gap between literacy and illiteracy, race and religion, rich and poor, It is basically true, in my region, it takes only the rich and educated ones to call on the media (Print and electronic) and they listen, it is as if the media is only interested in what happens to the rich or educated, they are always around them to blow up their stories, no one cares about what happens to the poor or illiterate people and they do not even have the means with which they can tell their stories but with Web 2.0 the situation is better because you don't have to be rich to tell your story or to have people listen, whether you are rich or poor, Web 2.0 is for you and it bridges that gap. Another gap Web 2.0 bridges is that of religion and race for example on World Pulse community we are from different background, religion and race yet we share a common interest which is "A better community for all" especially for the women and girls, we contribute to each others opinion and suggest best practice to one another and the World Pulse have given all women an opportunity to speak.

I have been doing a lot about Web 2.0 but never knew, that is what it is called. Among my experiences concerning what I know about Web 2.0, I have help over 3,000 women sign up on Facebook and other online community like Taking IT Global and one of the things I tell them is, it can help you market your product, air your views and make your points and have millions of people have a buy-in to what you are saying or advertising.

Using the platform of the organization I founded "Treasureland Health Builders", I have empowered more than 10,000 people on the use of ICT of which 75% are women and girls and this has helped them secure jobs and even start up their own businesses.

There was a case of a girl child of 9 years old who lived in the community I worked, the Oga (Master) always uses hot pressing iron to iron the girls skin and all manner of atrocities each time they feel she did something wrong, a good Samaritan came to our office to report because the girl is always indoors that she is afraid may die if not treated, before I could think of what to do, I went to Facebook, posted the situation on our organizations page and was amazed at the responses I got, I immediately applied and they worked. one of the suggestions I got was to go and interview the girl and also fix a meeting with the girls guardian and record it without them knowing it, then later, tell them what the law says about child abuse and its penalty, give them an utometum to treat the girl's injuries and reunite her with her family or else the law will take it cause and when they saw I was serious returned the girl and after 10 months brought a bigger boy and was kind to the boy because they were afraid, they do not know who is watching.

I am still doing a lot on my own to ensure that women are empowered and abuse for the girl child is curbed.

KathyG's picture

Equal playing field

Thank you for helping me understand better. It is true that with the internet one only needs access to tell their story. Of course there is a whole chain of other things, but assuming education, capacity, etc if they can get their message on the web it is likely someone else will read it. The internet is blind to race, religion, wealth, etc.

You've taken a powerful tool and put it to valuable use. Great work.


treasureland's picture

Thank you KathyG

Thank you KathyG for your comment. Web 2.0 and the internet is indeed an equal Playing field for all women. I am indeed happy with this development and I've mapped out my own strategies to use it to reach more women.

Ifesinachi Sam-Emuwa

Debra Engle's picture

You're doing great work

I'm so impressed by the ways you've used Web 2.0! You are making a real difference in the lives of women around the world, and I congratulate you on your commitment and your energy!

I agree with Kathy's comment...I, too, would love to read specific stories about some of the women you've taught. I'm sure you have many to tell! I'm looking forward to reading your future postings.

Deb Engle

treasureland's picture

Thank U Debra

Thank you Debra for your comment, it is not by my power, it is my calling and I know together we will achieve REAL DIFFERENCE in the lives of women globally.

Watch one of the women's testimony and see what training on the use of I.C.T has done to her business, now she can feed herself and her family. She is presently planning to organize her community women to also build their capacities.

I also replied KathyG, read posting.

Ifesinachi Sam-Emuwa

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