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The Possibility of Global Change Through Web 2.0 - We All Have a Voice, Use It!!!

The new Web 2.0 platform on which we can now play, communicate, inform, and get our voices and thoughts out into the world is an exhilarating and incredibly powerful set of tools with all manner of implications.

The main and most important of which is the healing of the sense of separation and unimportance that many people feel around the world. The feeling that their voices don't matter, and their wants and plights are unseen.

By allowing the individual a platform hitherto unknown, we can now as individuals make a difference.

We can can now each of us have a voice that is heard above and beyond the confines of our walls. We literally have the world at our fingertips and the multitudes to connect with at the touch of a button.

This is exciting beyond words, as it has so many implications. What was previously impossible now becomes possible, and information can be shared in seconds.

This Web 2.0 gives women a voice, gives the displaced a voice, gives anyone who wants to have a voice and be heard by the many an immediate stage from which to communicate from and be heard from.

This great surge in modern technology, which serves to connect us all, and invite each other into our homes through the use of computers is an amazing new era. We can connect to others around the globe, to unmet and never seen brothers and sisters from far-away lands.

What we can do with this power has already proven to be amazing and life-changing. What can further be accomplished through the power of the people having a voice is unlimited. It could very well be the next step in global evolution. It could even be the tool that allows for a global revision of society and humanity as we know it.

The revolutions in the Middle East are a recent and perfect example of how Web 2.0 tools can be used to unite and create change from the bottom up.

There is a certain reshaping and metamorphosis resulting from the Web 2.0 tools that will allow for the transformation that is very necessary in our world today.

If we who want to help in making a change step up and make use of this incredible possibility we can help to BE the change. We can help to create more justice, more equality. We can help for the poor and the abused to be supported and relieved. We can help for the environment and Mother Earth to be respected and preserved.

There are endless hands of assistance that we can provide, and all begin with speaking out.

They all begin with having our voices heard, our voices that speak this justice, equality, dignity, love and commitment to a better earth, a better future, a better way of living.

And the Web 2.0 can facilitate this, can actually allow this to be a reality. So I find these times incredibly exciting, incredibly important and full of potential.



Katharina's picture

Thank you!

Many thanks for sharing your thoughts, Claudia! I'm absolutely with you when it comes to the enormous potential Web 2.0 has for global change in general and women's empowerment in particular. Who would have anticipated anything like this 10 years ago? Looking forward to hearing more from you!

claudiaperalta's picture

Thanks Katherina! Indeed, I

Thanks Katherina! Indeed, I remember 15 years ago when no one had a mobile phone, now I can't imagine how we ever managed without them! The same with Web 2.0 and all of its potentials, what a fascinating new world we live in, and there is much to do to get it and all of us back to balance and harmony. Lets use all of the tools that we can!

Mila's picture

Comments on Week 1

Hi Claudia!
Thanks so much for taking part in this program. I enjoyed reading your assignment--you did a great job of clearly explaining the postiive aspects to Web 2.0. I would love to hear how Web 2.0 personally affects you and your causes.
Keep up the great work.

claudiaperalta's picture

Hi Mila** Thanks so much for

Hi Mila**

Thanks so much for your comment, I'm very much enjoying taking part in this program and exploring this great community of WorldPulse!

Diana's picture

Dear Claudia, Thank you so

Dear Claudia,

Thank you so much for sharing your thought with us. I couldn't agree with you more when you say that modern technology has already proven to be amazing and life-changing. I look forward to hearing more about how this has personally changed you and the things you believe in.


claudiaperalta's picture

Hi Diana! Thanks for your

Hi Diana! Thanks for your comment, and yes, isn't it amazing what modern technology has achieved so far? And the incredibly mind-boggling possibilities of what is yet to come? Exciting times, for sure.

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