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What Web 2.0 means to me

I think the most exciting thing about Web 2.0 is the opportunity to share stories and knowledge with a worldwide community, just knowing you are not alone in facing difficulties and problems gives me strength to speak out and make a difference to not only my life but others around me. With Web 2.0 those around me are not just the people I see everyday but a community of people from every part of the world who share a vision of a better place where women can, and do, have real equality.
It brings the opportunity to hear untold stories, written and filmed first hand and free from the censorship of governments and media organisations. Being part of global movement brings strength and solidarity, reading and seeing the stories not only adds to my knowledge but allows me to be a part of the movement for change. I am able to see how other people have found solutions and information to address difficulties and dilemmas in ways I have never imagined.
Some of the problems faced by women are horrendous and often are suppressed by a culture that forbids women to speak out against them. For the first time women are able to use global networks to tell their stories. The joys and successes enjoyed by women, breaking down barriers imposed by isolation, poverty, discrimination and suppression to achieve great things should have access to an audience of the world. Equally the reality for many of the misery of abuse and degradation faced by women who are otherwise denied a voice needs to be heard. The culture of shame imposed on women and girls to perpetuate abuses against them needs to be exposed for the cruel and inhumane practice that it is and not covered up by silence.
The lack of access to the internet is a significant barrier to the empowerment of women whether this is due to physical or financial constraints it will restrict opportunities to interact with others, find information, solutions, solidarity and self development that this connection with the world through links including World Pulse can offer.
For me, being able to use Web 2.0 tools like facebook and blogs enables me to be in contact with friends and colleagues wherever they are, to keep up to date with new opportunities and developments that can enhance my work and personal life and to empower the women I work with to look beyond their current circumstances to see there are other ways of looking at things or other ways of living than the status quo. I hope that as I become more familiar with all of the opportunities offered by using new media including developing networks and posting video I will be able to share my knowledge with emerging civil society organisations in my work and address the isolation experienced by people living on one of the most isolated communities in the world.


zoneziwoh's picture

Global Re-Union for Women

Thank you dear sister. In deed, for the first time again after the Mexico City International Women's conference, 1975, women are able once more to re-unite in one voice, as one family to speak for themselves. Isnt that incredible?
Change is already happening. This is a wonderful piece. Thanks for sharing.

Stay Blessed



Facebook:Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo Wondieh

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lizjohnson-idan's picture

Global Re-Union for Women

Things are changing and it is indeed increadible but it is not time to relax there is still a long journey ahead before all women are included in the global conversation

wishing you all blessings


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And our stories we must tell!

And our stories we must tell! Irrespective of whatever barriers that continually faces and tries to limit us... I like your piece. Great work..

I do not aim for Perfection; Just excellence!

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Response to Assignment 1

Wonderful post Liz,

With Web 2.0 we shall have the power of information at our hands!!

Dr.Noriah Ismail
Senior Lecturer
Academy of Language Studies
UiTM Segamat Johor

Azaria's picture

Breaking barriers

I enjoyed reading your post Liz,

Your insights on the benefits of Web 2.0 for women to have a platform to speak out was defined well.
Keep on writing looking forward to hearing more from you.


Azaria Ulmer, CHC, CPCC
Wellness & Empowerment Coach

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Sacred Woman
Empowering women and girls around the world

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Writing from isolation

Hello Liz,

The place that you live is on I know so little about, and reading this post makes me very curious to know more!

What is St. Helena like? What drew you to working there as a volunteer? What is internet access like on your island? What issues do you and other women face there each day? How are you are addressing these issues with Web 2.0.?

I will look forward to reading more, and am already looking up your next post.

In friendship,


*resolved this year to think twice and to smile twice before doing anything*

lizjohnson-idan's picture

St Helena

St Helena is a very small island in the middle of the South Atlantic. Everything comes here by ship and we are 5 days from Cape Town, South Africa and 2 days from Ascension Island (another tiny island but with an airport. There are around 3,500 people living here and it is a British Overseas Territory which means no-one knows how to classify it - not really part of the EU or the commonwealth or African continent. There is a chance of an airport being built here and we should get a decision by the end of the year but this has been going on for so long no-one will believe it until the first plane lands. Internet access is very slow, probably the most expensive place in the world but people do use it to keep in touch with family and friends who have left to find work elsewhere. Post is very slow and we have to send all Christmas post on the ship leaving today!
I love being here and volunteered to help strengthen civil society and establish the youth parliament. Using Web 2.0 will address the isolation and keep people included in a global community. It is so easy to become insular and think there is no way to solve problems here but using these links can make a huge difference to life here!

With friendship and blessings


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