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Web 2.0: Internet revolution for a new battle

Imagine that quite the women can communicate themselves with her counterparts worldwide. Fantastic! It is Chrismine, a farmer who if interhook with internet to find a husband.

For the first time I've heard and seen the word Web 2.0 even though I use it every day.
It's really impressive and very important, because it serves as a tool for interaction, awareness, education and especially information. It’s means, publication is free.
What's exciting, it has a wide freedom of expression and thought. Comments are free. There are no boundaries and all happen instantly.

However, sites and blogs have restricted targets and are not for everyone. The Internet is still inaccessible for the majority of the world population. Exceptionally, for people in developed countries like in the United States, Japan, European countries for example. Let’s take the case of Madagascar, officially, only 10% of the population (20 millions) as Internet access and know how to use it.

Is it one of the tools that will enable women to have autonomy? The response is clear, it is insufficient because the women who can benefit the use of new media or social networks are minorities. Furthermore, almost half of women worldwide are illiterate so many actions are necessary for us to use this as a means of empowerment.
First, virtual platform is not enough, it is obliged to work with others which in direct contact with women. They introduce, teach how to operate a computer and internet use.

Secondo, it is essential to motivate women who already used the Internet to be more interested in this platform and themselves take the initiative to share experiences with other women such as creating a focal point for women most vulnerable. The center will sponsor these same women in the process necessary for them to be autonomous.
Finally, it is the same about the contents of the platform. Subjects or themes which interest and attract women are important to convince women to use these tools. The platform must provide and address issues that concern them directly.

On a personal level, Social networks and blogs are an endless source of information that allows me to develop myself in my work and enrich my knowledge. A forum and a circle of friends to express the pain, share problems and find a solution together both personally and professionally. Everybody benefits from it. It’s enough to jump fast as one smile to every opportunity appears. Especially for the women who still needs to fight even more. Together we will. Share what we have for the most vulnerable even virtually.



KathyG's picture

Some things are the same worldwide

I love your photo and the title... online dating is a worldwide phenomena. Your post was a wonderful mix of personal reflexion, internet facts, and bigger ideas. You had me thinking and interested through out. Thank you for sharing!

zacyrus's picture

thank you

Thank you for sharing your point of view. it is true that online dating is a real hope for women in poor countries. is a kind of last chance. At home, women spend a lot of money in a cyber cafe.

Hannah B's picture

sharing ideas


Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I think that you are right that we need to think about how to connect more women worldwide with technology, in order for it to be a viable platform for change and independence. There is so much great information on the web that could help women, but it doesn't help if they are illiterate or don't have access to computers. I would love to hear if you have any ideas on how we (especially in the U.S. and Europe) could help bring more opportunities & education to women to empower them to speak and to ask for what they need.

Thanks again and good luck to you!!

zacyrus's picture


that's ok. thanks for your comment. personnally, I think if you want to help women in the developping country, you have to wwork with others platforms who work directly with them. Local platforms know what women need.these platforms will be a shelter and education, why not training center. These centers need the support material such as computers Pourquié women can learn to manipulate a computer to know what internet. But above all, I think we need to provide literacy training. And this is where you intervene. Help these platforms and those against last part ensures the promotion of your missions and outreach on the Internet for example.

Lombe's picture



'Share what we have for the most vulnerable even virtually' This is such a paradox that you talk about in this post, how 'free' virtual facilities and tools are not so free and require training, access to infrastructure and skills.

I am interested, and I suppose other are too, in hearing more about your work and involvement with women's empowerment work and what role you see yourself playing.

The picture in the post is great, women with domestic duties are at times unable to go to internet cafes and other access points, so the exciting thing is this can be brought to them and they can also voice their opinions, link with others. What do you think of door to door internet service by fellow women? Is it something that could work in your community coupled with mentoring and skills support?

All the best to you and thanks for sharing!


Lombe Mwambwa
"I think a woman has two choices: either she's a feminist or a masochist." Gloria Steinem

zacyrus's picture

Am agree

thank you
I agree with you. I still think; May be; my message is not clear but All I want to say in my article that virtual support is not enough or does the need for vulnerable women. The platforms on line have to work with platforms or associations who have direct contact with those person.
about door to door, I think it could work provided you have computer equipment to teach and to convince them. Talking is not enough, we must do it with concrete

KeMadagascar's picture

So, let's start something...

Thanks for your story, it was very interesting! It's true that, in poor countries like ours, it's still very hard to initiate online development. Moreover, grassroots associations lack financial means for helping women. I sometimes feel totally hopeless when I think about Madagascar and Malagasy women, but when I read amazing stories on WorldPulse, there's a kind of rebirth inside me...

So, once again, let's start something...What? I don't know, but I'm ready :)

Good luck for the VOF contest ;)


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