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What I find most exciting about web 2.0 is the fact that I can easily make my voice and opinion on serious gender issues and experiences in Africa heard around the world at an amazing speed and I do not need anyone's approval or disapproval to air my views and also women from around the world and different cultures have the freedom to read and post comments on my articles and likewise. Web 2.0 is like a melting pot of cultural knowledge and experiences for me as I find it very interesting when I see the similarities in many of the problems women have in different societies around the world. Through the stories shared by other women, it gives me the understanding that PAIN is the same irrespective of skin colour, religion or geographical location.When you marry off a twelve year old girl and she is put through the harrowing task of having a child when she is also a child, the damage and trauma can be felt and understood by many.

With regards to solutions for global women's empowerement movement, it is a cheaper and more secure way to reach out to a global community of like minded people who share similar passions and goals as long as they have internet access.It is an easy way to put heads together for positive results with long term effects.For example, if it is my desire to start a counselling centre for reproductive health, I can easily create a group or blog on any of the social networks as a way of reaching out and through this medium, I can get most of the help I need.

WEB 2.0 Empowerment for me is the fact that I do not need anybody's approval or judgement to think aloud in words and pictures, of my choice. It is also the baby to gaint steps I need towards a world where my views and opinions are not judged because I am a woman.


Hi sister, in Sisterhood!! You are absolutely right. This is a space for us (women), in sisterhood, to discuss our issues and seek for solutions by ourselves without any form of dominance or authority. It is truly a quiet space-menat for the sisters alone and letting no intruder to tresspass and intoxicate the minds of the sisters.
This is a powerful view and i believe that is essentially what we satnd for.

beautiful!! thank you

Stay Blessed



Facebook:Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo Wondieh

Twitter | Instagram: @ZoFem

usha kc's picture

OOLUSS dear, you spoke it

OOLUSS dear, you spoke it from my heart too, reall felt like it's my own voice.

OOLUSS's picture


Thanks a million Zoneziwoh and Usha, i cant tell you how excited i am about web 2.0. i am looking forward to this experience with you all. God bless. :)

Nezed's picture

Lol.. Global Sisterhood! I

Lol.. Global Sisterhood! I immediately feel connected... Well done girlfriend.. Great piece.

I do not aim for Perfection; Just excellence!

OOLUSS's picture

imperfection ..

Thanks alot dear, our excellence can be found in our imperfectionwhich only makes ur human ! thanks. :)

Hummingbird's picture

Beautifully written

this is a beautiful piece of writing and I agree with you, it is more secure and free way to communicate were not one can tell you what to say or how you can put your thoughts into words. I lived the title, global sisterhood.

A drop of rain can revive the earth, be the drop.


OOLUSS's picture


Thanks.. ;)

Rebecca Lerner's picture

Insightful entry


You are insightful to point out the amazing speed at which Web 2.0 tools can amplify our voices. We can say something on YouTube or Twitter and it can be viewed or read by thousands of people instantly. I like also that you noted that Web 2.0 tools are free -- this is an astute observation because people have to purchase newspapers and magazines if they want to read the voices in them, and they have to pay money to get the equipment to produce newspapers and magazines, but with Web 2.0 anyone can speak regardless of the amount of money they have, and anyone with internet access can hear them.

You are right, also, that the internet allows anyone to speak without needing approval from a group of editors, or from anyone at all.

Great work.

I would like to have read also about how you might be using specific Web 2.0 tools like Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter to get your ideas out there, and I would like to know also what ideas you are most excited to express, or what specific vision you might have for women across the world.

Keep up the wonderful work you are doing!

My Blog:
Twitter: @urbanforager

OOLUSS's picture


Thanks alot for the pointers Rebecca will keep them in mind as I write on. :)

bmcqueen's picture

Many relevant observations

Kudos! Great start! But I would also have liked to have seen you develop this a little more with some specifics on the many issues you want to write on and when you have felt you had no voice. Specific personal examples would really flesh out the relevant general observations you make.

laurabstull's picture

OOLUSS, I can sense how


I can sense how passionate you feel about expression and empowerment through your words. I'd love to hear more specifics in the future, I'm certain you have an abundance of great ideas!

Great work, keep it up!


OOLUSS's picture


thank you very much Queen and laura. Point noted. :)

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