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A new world, A transformed generation!

I always knew I had a voice, I always knew I could speak out, but what I did not know was how I could do that and bring change to my community.
I had a lot of concerns I always wanted to voice out, as a woman in Technology, my concern was always with empowering more women to follow in the technology gap, I wanted to scream out loud, that look, I made it, you can make it, but I needed a platform to do that.

Then I developed another passion for my community, I wanted to cause impact in my community from the bottom up, how would I empower women from the grass root with economic opportunity and air out their stigmas? I needed a platform to air out women's suppressions.

And then the era of web 2.0 came in, I watched in amusement of how this platform can create instant change, my very profound moment and what really first got me into using web 2.0 tools for social change was when the uprising in the Egypt revolution started.

I have 2 very good Egyptian friends, well known political activists and bloggers called Alaa Abd El-Fatah and his wife Manal Hassan, who run there blog here.

I followed their quest for freedom of their country Egypt and how they used web 2.0 tools to blog, tweet and facebook all proceedings of the Egyptian Revolution, I mean such things excite me about web 2.0, knowing that one by one, we can make a difference just logging onto the Internet and voicing our concerns. Watch this video of Alaa explaining the role of technology in the revolution here

Solutions that web 2.0 brings to the global women's empowerment movement are huge, now unlike the past we have a voice of our own, I prefer to call it, 'My bubble, My space, My voice' I can choose to write about anything that suppresses my voice, I can collaborate with more women out there who share the same passion as I do, we can share experiences and help each other, I think that is the biggest impact, that now we have a platform to express our views and let the whole world here us, loud and clear.

For me the web 2.0 tools are so empowering, first off, I have written about my pressing issues and someone out there is listening, I have been invited for conferences to speak, because people have read my blog and found out my passion and want me to share my passion with the rest of the women and girls. It is amazing to know that even in the secrecy of one's thinking spot, once you publish something dear to your heart, someone somewhere will be listening!

It is simply surreal what web 2.0 can do!


MaDube's picture


You are friends with Manal and Alaa too! The world is a small place for real. They are my very good friends too and if you read one of my articles on I mention them too and you will see a picture of the three of us when I went to visit them in April in South Africa this year. Great article by the way!

enamara's picture



Oh my God, those 2 are my sweethearts, I have always said I haven't met a couple as cute as they are.
I first met them in 2006 at a Source camp in Uganda, Kalangala - called Africa Source II.. and then later
last year in South Africa at a Digital Natives conference,

I love them a lot, partly because they are techies, and advocate for FOSS, which I do too, and also because they are great people.

Love love them, small world indeed. Thank you dear for the compliments. Am going to read your blog now.

MaDube's picture

I also met them at

I also met them at Info-Activism camp in India 2009 and we have been friends since. See the beauty of web 2.0...

enamara's picture

I know

Yeah I know, and I worked with Tactical tech too for a long time, so you must have met Marek, Steph, and the TTC crew of Tactical tech in India, not forgetting Alan Stanley.
The power of web 2.0 is just phenomenal, wow! I love your blog, you are a pretty good writer, I have bookmarked your blog, you are my new fav must read blogs!

Keep it up!

zoneziwoh's picture

Thank you

Hello, this is beautiful. I must admit that I got a little distracted with the links of the women freedom fighters, blogs and also with the manner in which you managed to insert their links without pasting the long blog links but only their names. I have always tried to understand how i can insert a URL to its Title here on PW.
I understand there are some html codes below each box (like nw, below this comment box) but i am afriad i cant figure out the logic to use this html code.
I will be glad if you could briefly enlighten me on how to use the html code. truly i get so bored coping and pasting very long URL, which would just be shorten by linking it to the Title.

Stay Blessed



Facebook:Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo Wondieh

Twitter | Instagram: @ZoFem

enamara's picture


Hey dear,
Oh how sweet, thank you so much for the compliments,
Yes now for inserting links like that, you need some basic html lines,

Here is an example,

< a href =""> This is a Google site link < /a >

Note; there is no space between the first opening bracket so it should be < a href= ..... and the last bracket should be I did it that way so that you could see what I typed, otherwise if I do the real code, it will just bring the output.

and the above would appear as "This is a Google site link" without the quotes but highlighted, and if someone clicks it,
it would go to the site - - so you can use that for pretty much all other links, to youtube, sites, etc.

Hope this clarifies it, if not, be sure to ping me again for more help.

Kind regards.

zoneziwoh's picture

Thank you dear sister - let me try

Hi dear sister, i am going to try the example now in this comment i am about to submit to you. I do hope i understand the logic presented. I know sometimes, i can really be very dump and find very easy/simple things difficult. let see --ok I want to link my blog and my website - let see--

Women Under 30


Stay Blessed



Facebook:Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo Wondieh

Twitter | Instagram: @ZoFem

Nezed's picture

You write, people listen.

You write, people listen. Power of Web 2.0....

I do not aim for Perfection; Just excellence!

enamara's picture


True true, people are always out there listening and that is the power that we have.

zacyrus's picture


web 2.0 is really important now because we can break rules of the game in some country where there is not democracy. The cases of Egypt or Tunusia are the proof that we can make unbelief thing with internet.
Great your article
thank you

enamara's picture


I totally agree, it really plays a huge deal in the world today and am glad many people are embracing it.
Am glad you liked the article :-)

YAOtieno's picture

Say it again!

"...One by one, we can make a difference just logging onto the Internet and voicing our concerns ..." - You can say that gain!

A candle looses nothing my lighting another

gittlemana's picture

Your enthusiasm is contagious!

I agree - web 2.0 unites activists from all over the world. I'm inspired not only by your ability to connect with others, but by your sheer enthusiasm for what new technology can do. I understand what you mean about having the raw ingredients and needing a platform to share them. I think there are so many emerging opportunities for all of us to get our ideas out there!

Iffat Gill's picture

Greetings from your Listener!

Dear Evelyn,

My name is Iffat and I am one of the Listeners for VOF program 2011. I will do my best to help you if you need it. You have a very strong and powerful voice and you feel strongly about certain issues. Good work!

I do feel that instead of relying on links that you posted, you might consider mentioning a little bit what the link is about. For example, where you mention: "because people have read my blog and found out my passion and want me to share my passion." You could have shared a bit more about what kind of issues you started to address in your writing through your blog after being inspired by your Egyptian friends and their activism online.

I look forward to reading more of your work. Let me know if you have any questions.

Best wishes.

Iffat Gill

enamara's picture


Wow! Thank you so much my listener, totally makes sense, and I will put that into account the next time I write a post with a lot of links in it.

This is very helpful and more so to know that someone our there is listening and reading our entries is great.

Keep up the good work :-)

Heather Shepp's picture

Hello Friend!

Thank you for such an enlightening assignment Evelyn!!

After reading your entry I found myself very optimistic; if women worldwide begin to realize the capabilities they maintain (through modern day technologies) for voicing their stories, so many things could change!

I really appreciate the links you provided within your entry, they provide first hand examples for all Listeners to see two out of the probable many that have influenced and inspired you. My favorite part was, "My bubble, My space, My voice." Thank you for sharing!

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