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House of imagination!

When I was a kid, I remember thinking the world around, has been solely evolved for me - I am the protagonist of the show. Students attend school for me, teachers teach for me, school bus runs for me; the world sleeps and wakes with me. I had my own world. My naive thoughts would take me off-far away in clouds, in my house of imagination. As a kid I would allow entrance to my house to only those whom I liked. Usually, I would play with my house of imagination when my mood refused to live with people around me; when I would get upset and when I needed to soothe my mood and to refresh myself. My house of imagination has every kind of facilities. I never would have to come down to the world to meet any necessities. Moreover, going to one world never restricted me to return back to another. There weren’t any borders, nor any passport needed and no visa fee to pay. I could fly in my house from one end of sky to the other freely without any restrictions. In my world, there was no black and no white. Everyone has same colour, religion and race. These issues were off-substance since I would see the whole single world as mine.

I crossed each phase of human life step by step. From naive childhood, I reached adolescent. I became overburdened with books and - my gender. My fantasised world was different from my real world. The books taught me the skills needed to survive the world, my gender taught me even books cannot make me free as I’d fantasised through my house of imagination. The most critical realisation was that I was a slave of my body. All my adolescence I tried to gain control over my body. I entered adulthood with a grave attempt to have modest access to resources. Survival was difficult. I saw the unequal world and the empirical facts about the theory of ‘survival of the fittest’ became apparent. I recognise the age old game of power, followed the paradigm of gender and comprehend the essence and emergence of ‘the theory of entitlement’. My mind would wonder then about the blurred difference between man and beast. I saw I was a part of inhumane world and I’d no options rather than to struggle and obtain my subsistence. I was caught in a web of stamped pieces of paper which would buy me food, respect and status: I saw everyone running - everyone desired to lead ahead; everyone wants to be at the top; everyone wants to exploit the weakest. So, I struggled hard. I crossed the international boundary and learned the rigidness of citizenship card, the complexities of being a national of a pact of land and the tangled issue of identity. The more I crossed the borders, the more I realised the inbuilt intricacies of race, religion, colour and creed. I saw the killings, riots, the massacre, and the violence. And one day my fantasized freedom was smashed in the name of race, culture, caste, and gender. With conscious and adult mind my house of imagination was a fake. It couldn’t help to re-make my mood, to refresh my energies, to reshape my dreams.

I wish those youthful fantasies would have lasted forever. I wish if the house of imagination would turn real. I wish I could permeate into the floating house again to escape indelible traumatic thoughts. I wish I would have been able to select people to build the world around. I wish I could turn people into one skin, one caste and one religion. I wish I could expunge borders, establish equality and freedom for everyone. I wish I could take every starving being to my house of imagination so that no one has to face deprivation. I wish all the people would get similar space of dignity, respect and status. I wish I could build a world devoid of bloodshed, massacre and inhumane slaughter. I wish all humans to liberate themselves from hatred, and refill hearts with love. I wish everyone could have equal access to the infinite open blue sky and the vast stretches of green, splendour, serene earth beyond imagination. I wonder how it would have been to be as free as unrestrained thoughts.



usha kc's picture

Gitta you remind my

Gitta you remind my childhood imagination too. But reality is the what we are living today,what we are experiencing at present.
anyway ,, thank you for sahring here and keep writting more.

gitta's picture

Thank you!

Indeed a bitter reality. Thank you for going through the text :-) Thumb-ups to your motto ' live and let live'.


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