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Launching a womens and girls communication network and empowering women globally ... Chamaca Arts

Greetings ....

Proud to announce that the Chamaca Arts site is coming together. A creative network to inspire women on a global level. What would you like to see or share with Chamaca Arts? visit us on and tell us. We will be adding creative pages showcasing poets, musicians, dancers, visual artists, videos, tutorials and so much more to get the Chica up and running!!! Leave us a Chica love message on our guest book and share the site with your favorite Chamacas....

Chamaca[chah-mah’-cah] ~ noun 1. Girl;
Chamaca Chicas [ Sister-hood ] [ The House of Sisters]

Chamaca Arts is a global communication network dedicated to bringing women a global voice while covering issues women and girls face every day. Chamaca Arts mission is to use Creative Arts and Crafts, History, Culture, Healing Modalities and Current events as a catalyst to unite women’s voices from around the world… A safe place to share, grow and heal creatively. With our local and cyber workshops, lectures, festivals, scholarships and various events we inspire, empower and encourage the advancement of women and girls. At Chamaca Arts we say FAREWELL to SILENCE and HELLO to VOICE.

Chamaca Arts is a Sisterhood without Borders… Chamaca Arts ONE TRIBE ~ ONE VOICE!

Our company is based on the belief that our Chamaca Chicas needs and future are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. We are looking to collaborate with artists from around the owrld to promote and sell fair trade hand made items and empower women around the world. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

Join the Revolution of Investing in Women and Girls!

Love and Light,
Chamca Arts Founder and CEO, Mia


evan.darraji's picture

so nice

Dear ArtbyMia..
I'm an artist..painting ,writing & directing plays.. ART is my life.. ART is a noble message I'm in

ArtByMia's picture

Thank you

Thank you Evan for your reply and support. Please visit the site at and leave a comment in the guest book and join the traveling journal project by leaving a comment on the post in the blog.

I am so excited to meet other artists and like minded people on the network of wonderful and powerful women from around the world. looking forward to sharing with you!!

Love and light, Mia

Diane Dillon's picture

love it

HI do not paint or draw but I write and love to dance. I have a creative spirit and ideas but it is in different ways.

I am from New York originally I hope to move to the desert of the southwest new mexico or arizona. I live in BC now but will see what I can do to move back to states

ArtByMia's picture

Hello Diane

Thank you for your kind words and support. The site is for all creative wonderful spirits as yourself... no formal arts or formal creative training required for Chamaca Arts. I believe everyone is born an artis with a creative spirit and soul. It is when someone or something awakens the dormant feature that we start to express it... this is when we must nurture and share the craft with the world.

Stay in touch and home to hear from you soon. Share the website with your friends and family.

Love and light, Mia

Diane Dillon's picture

works of art

Hello I have some writing I could email you and also an artist in New york who sent me her art my eamil is Diane

Diane Dillon's picture

how do we contact your group

Hi I would love to call and write what is the contact information

Hello Diane,

We would love to have you join this adventure that will be traveling the world. You can go onto the website and read the Traveling journal blog post and follow the instructions or send your full name, email and mailing address to with traveling journal as the subject. Just add that you would like to partake in the project and promise to adhere to the rules.

Have a blessed day and tell your friends... the more the merrier.

Love and light, Mia

batool's picture


dear women
i love painting so much here in iraq a lot of women dont ewar what they like because islam make us wear espesial dress
of course we accept that unform but inside were we are at home we wear what we like we love colorful dresses while many women wear in black when they get out
i would like to put a picture represent a beautiful iraqi woman but i dont know how to add apicture here
please if you can teach me i would be very happy to make all the women see what i wnt to say to them
with my regard

ArtByMia's picture

Blessing Batool

Thank you for your wonderful message. I would love for you to join us and send as many pictures and messages as you like. This project will be traveling around the world to educate people about other cultures and for all women to share their ideas, art and voices. How is the mail in Iraq? would you be able to mail me something? a beautiful colorful drawing and letter about Iraqui women and your dreams? If this is not possible do you have a digital camera? or have access to scanning a copy of your art and emailing it to me? I want to help you share your voice and art with us here. Please let me know what is easiest for you.

You can teach us many things about women in Iraq, tell us about your dreams, your country, your feelings about being Islam. I would love to hear your story and put it in the traveling journal for people to hear your voice.

Let me know if you would like to do this.

Blessings, Mia

joycem's picture

Women in business - "Say no to Poverty"

Dear Women

I live in South Africa in the Free State Region - I belong to a group of women whereby we would like to empower
unemployed women to make a difference in their lives. We started only four months back but we can see that
we are going to make it. Neither of us is an artist but we are prepared to do anything that can help unpriviledged
children and women. I hope Chamaca Arts can help us to make our voice heard our area is a very dull area.

Please let me hear from you again I have already noted your company in my group.

ArtByMia's picture

Say no to peverty


Thank you for contacting us. This is a wonderful start by sharing your story and reaching out to work together. I am very happy to hear that in such a short amount of time you have made some great steps. Chamaca Arts would love to hsare the stories and voices of the women in your group. This is exactly what Chamaca Arts is all about working together for the empowerment and advancement of women and girls. Our stongest tool is our voice and what better way to bring awareness and educate people than to share our stories and advocate for women and girls globally.

Chamaca Arts is not just about visual arts is a network for women to share on a creative format and bring awareness to current issues and conditions around the world. whether we do this through writing, painting, singing, dancing or playing an instrument this is all the same. Its a way for us to express ourselves freely, openly and share.

Have the women share their stories, experiences, dreams and wishes with us. Tell us how you got started, why and where you are going from here. We would love to hear from these women via letter, poetry, drawing or any other way. I can post it on the website and add it to our global project. I would like to send you a blank writing book for your women to write in, draw, paint, add photos or anything they would like to to share with us. You will them send it back to me and i will share it with my group and network. I can post your website or link on my websites and write a story on you and your women. Please send pictures if you can. Let me know if this is possible and how you would like to proceed.

Blessings sister, Mia

sibongile zgambo's picture


I love music and dancing even though am not an artist, how can i contact your group ?

ArtByMia's picture

Thank you

Hello Sibongile,

I would love for you to partake and be a part of this wonderful journey of women from around the world. There is no need to be a professional artist to share your voice and dreams with us. We are currently asking for women to join us in an effort to share their dreams, voices and current news about their country and how women are treated their and what they wish for the future. Do you have access to mail? is it easier for you to do email and internet? Let me know where exactly you are located and how it is best to connect and share with you.

Thank you and blessings to you, Mia

emelia kuleke's picture


I love writing poetry and would love to be part of this.

ArtByMia's picture

Thank you for the poetry

Hello Emelia,

Thank you for reaching out to us. We would love to have you join us and share your words, dreams and future plans. Tell us about your country, family, how women are treated and what you wish for in the future. Where exactly are you located? do you have access to mail? is it easier to do email? can you send photos?

We will wait for your reply and look forward to you joining us!!

Blessings, Mia

Efe Idehen's picture


I love painting and teaching art,Art is in me and I In art.I would be very glad to be a part of the workshop where I can teach a group of women and girls some art and craft works; creating beautiful and functional works of art.The finished art works will be showcase for an exhibition.Cheers Efe Idehen

E Idehen

John Akpus's picture

Lovely Daine

I love art to a fault. As an art critic,I have been reporting, and discuss art in different fora. Art is in me! I some times organise art competition among secondary school students on areas such as Art and HIV/AIDS, which usually involves boys and girls. The place of art in women emancipation/development etc At the end of such competition, winners works and the winners are reported in the media.Therefore I would want to be part of the process, Daine . Cheers. Akpus John

erica's picture

A dream come true

I am the CEO of NDOPCRAFT a Fair Trade organisation based in Cameroon.The main objective of NDOPCRAFT is to improve the welbeing and safeguard the livelihood of marginalized artisans and farmers in rural communities of Cameroon were poverty is mostly felt especially women.

Thanks for keeping your promise and a dream come true

We are offering exotic and unique fair trade products for you to sell through your online store and website.
Under fair trade we produce unique Beads, Dolls ,baskets, Music instruments, Textile dresses,Hats and Blouses crocheted produced by our women producers that you will find very marketable through your website. See the unique works of some of our women crafters from Cameroon, which represent all of Africa, at our flickr albums:

You will be moved by what we offer.
Erica Gabe

islam's picture

thank u

thank u am ready to any activity and very axcetied

best wishes,


islam Abu Algassim

Pearl Bamfo's picture

Hello there,I have only just

Hello there,I have only just joined this site and fortunately and I'm an artist and interesting enough most of my paintings I did 2 years back were centered on the progress of women .How do I join your group.I'm based in the UK ?
Please let me know.
Wish you all the best.



Judy Samwel's picture

I love it!

Dear Mia,
Thank you very much for such network, i have just currently joined this program but am real falling into it! I feel like this is of my dream, DARE & SPEAK IT OUT!
I like to join your network on women empowerment, am interested much in the part of lecturing and conducting workshops. Currently am at Beijing studying for my master degree, and after finishing i will go back to my country where am expecting to deal with women empowerment activities, including teaching and doing some research on women social, cultural and economic life.
So how do i join your group?
Please let me know.

Wish u goodlucky,


Dear Mia,
I am interested in joining the group. I love writing. How can i contribute?
Funmi Akerele

Pink Ambition
Blogger,Author, Coach,Speaker.

Dalbaddawi's picture

I would love to join...

Hello Mia , this Dalia from Jordan, to tell you the truth I was so inspired when I read about your group and what plans you for empowering women. Anyways, I am not an artist but I would love to join and contribute in anyway , would you send me back more info on how I could join and contribute ??

Best wishes,

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