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Thinking of tomorrow


Girls should dance of happiness with the most funny news they hear every day. Women should be proud of such progress in getting their own basic right as a humans as a luxury or privilege. Every woman and girl Must be wise enough to be quit and never make a noise because "Good Girls" don't raise their voices and never get Angry.

Girls should be patient when they request justice and for sure they must rethink and rephrase how they express themselves if they have the chance to do that. A Girl should find a husband to be respected if Not she will be facing "why she's not married!".

When any girl achieves her success, she will be described as "a hard working girl" but not a smart one because in such back word society women equal stupidity and as men say "ask them and do the opposite right away!"

Many things girls and women should be happy for or "Acting happy" and maybe the sense of humor will help.

Thinking of tomorrow .. until when we will act happy and be silent?



usha kc's picture

Hanan sis, Thank you so much

Hanan sis, Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful views,, really good to read.

Hanan's picture

Most welcome

You are most welcome Usha

NMEZI SYBIL's picture


Thank you for sharing .An empowered girl is a vioceless girl while an empowered has a vioce

Sexual and Reproductive Rights of Women is progress to the Nation

Hanan's picture

Sybil Nmezi

Its my pleasure to express this fairly and shockingly sometimes women are the enemy with their male Mind sites.


Celine's picture

No to Silence

Dear Hanan,
I think that good girls should raise their voices to condemn practices that do not enable their empowerment, development and upliftment. Through the activities of the world pulse, I have learnt that a voiceless woman is a powerless woman. For instance, If the good girls in Cameroun did not raise their voices against breast ironing, there should have been no intervention, their lifes should have been ruined forever in silence.

We will keep raising up our voices for good.

Hanan's picture

Yes.. No to silence

Dear Celine,

Thank you for commenting and for sure i agree with you but sometimes I feel that i need to be sarcastic about the reality that i see and "Good girls" is the girls who pursue change and give voice to the voiceless one.
I am convinced its a long Journey because we do have a voice but its the mind sites that hurt women!

Yes for sure we will keep raising our voices For Justice.

usha kc's picture

very good commnets Celine.

very good commnets Celine.

Diana Dola's picture

You are Right

Nothing good comes easy; that is for sure. Patience is a virtue. I totally agree with you that though we should be patient doesn't mean we just pretend to save face either.

Hanan's picture

100% agree

Thank you and I do agree with you

Thuwaraha's picture


Being silence of a woman has so many voiceless story. That is true.


Hanan's picture

Yes.. No silence any more

Thank you

NMEZI SYBIL's picture

Hi all

A little correction on my reply. An un-empowered girl is a voiceless girl while an empowered girl has a voice. .

Sexual and Reproductive Rights of Women is progress to the Nation

BlueSky's picture

You are FRESH!

Hanan, this is fresh. You make me laugh about things that stir us to anger. You speak the plain truth, but your sarcastic delivery causes us to sidestep non-productive attitudes and gather round in solidarity to stand against these UNNATURAL and UNACCEPTABLE cultural norms. Say it again and say it LOUDER!

As I say, YOU ARE FRESH, my sister!

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