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New to the PulseWire

Hello!! This is our first journal entry, and we still might be making mistakes. But who doesn't makes mistakes at the very beginning? How to say in a few words who we are, what we want? Ups. But we just started. And yes, we want to say to the world that we are feminist activist, that we are women, daughters, mothers, sisters, friends. We want to share our stories. Each of us has a unique story that can help another woman share her own. We believe in women's words, we believe that each woman and girl has something to say, has something to share. Our stories can be heard by other women and girls, and we can find so much in common. Imagine that maybe yesterday we all felt alone and forgotten. And today - somebody has read our story - and said - Yes - I am just like you!! don't feel lonely, don't feel forgotten. Amazing!!

Working the women's magic!!

We look forward to learn more about the fantastic women and women's group gathered around this amazing initiative!!

Love and warm regards from the INFOTEKA activists!!


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Welcome to PulseWire!

Welcome INFOTEKA activists!

We are thrilled to have a vocal group of women activists in our global online community from Bosnia and Herzegovina! Am looking forward to reading more about your work, women's issues in your region, and how this community can support your projects and initiatives.

I hope that some women from INFOTEKA will consider applying for Voices of Our Future citizen journalism and empowerment training program. The deadline to sign-up for the application is on Sept. 5.

In friendship,

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most appreciated

Dear Jade,

thank you for your warm welcome!!

We sincerely hope that we will be able to share some of the main issues faced by women in our local community.

Regarding the Voices of our future citizens - we actually found one young women, 15, who has already her own show on a local radio station, but she is now focused on sport and school - and hopefully will be joining the initiative later. We have been supporting her to apply - but it takes time :-)

Warm regards,


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Welcome. Look forward to spirited interactions, though I can't call myself a feminist.


Dear Jency,

thank you for your welcome. We also love spirited interactions, especially among women. We have so much to share and to speak up our minds.

We read your comment regarding farmers in India. I do not think that any of us can realize what is the burden of a man raised to become the family breeder when he realizes that he cannot fulfill his role anymore. None of us can really take the role of his spouse, neither understand how big their pain has become. Yes - there are bills to pay, there is food to cook, and there are children left that need life.

What we can share with you, is a life story of one of our colleagues. As you know, during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, many women have suddenly become widows. Many of them displaced at the same time, facing not only the horror of the war, but also the fact that they have been left alone without husbands, and often with small children. One of our colleague was a 4 years old child when he father was killed. Her mom has gathered all the strengths she had left in herself, and worked more then hard over those last 19 years to raise and keep her family intact, and to provide future for her daughters, aged 4, while the youngest one was only 8 months old.
Today our colleague is a graduated economist who works here with us in INFOTEKA on the improvement of lives of women and girls. She is a smart young woman, honest and hard working. She believes in all. She believes in the future, and she knows she can do it.
Her Mom has learned that life is not easy, neither women friendly. But she managed. I am sure that we will never know the extent of her pain, of her loneliness, of her fears. But there is one thing that we know for sure: she is a strong woman, who made it. Today, her daughters are strong women as well.

Is that a feminism? Maybe. Maybe not. But we do have to recognize the struggle of that woman and to recognize all what she has managed to achieve, and to learn from her.

Another thing that we should all know, is that we have to support each other. Maybe we do not have the money to share, but the support can be in other ways too: we can pay visits to each other, we can bring lunch, we can bring coffee or tea and simply sit in silence.


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Gender Issues?


Thanks. I am sure there are many such stories of courage and grit and there are many women who need a nudge to get on with their lives after suffering so much. And I am glad you are providing that emotional and physical support. And I feel it is a lot more difficult and worthwhile than financial support (which should also be provided, but secondary)

Feminism as such is being used in a very different connotation these days and I personally find it superficial. However I do believe in equal rights of women and women's empowerment.

Let the voices be heard.


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