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Women Hero In my opinion

Women Hero In my opinion is who;
Wake up every morning to bring water and food for her children from afar
Walking barefoot and starving children to wear and go to school
know from the comfort and pleasure just the name
She is women in Africa and in each country forget its poor


usha kc's picture

Dear Tatawar,, I agree with

Dear Tatawar,, I agree with your views,, thankx for sharing here among us.

keep sharing.

tatawar's picture


That's right
We must look for this heroine to improve their performance to make her life better and easier.

usha kc's picture

sure dear fren,, let's make

sure dear fren,, let's make hand together for change!!

usha kc's picture

sure dear fren,, let's make

sure dear fren,, let's make hand together for change!!

evan.darraji's picture

Hero Women

Women who are fighting for a better life & do not yield to the reality of never

tatawar's picture


We must look for this heroine to improve their performance to make her life better and easier.

spidercalf's picture


women heroes are great perseveres,
endures pain that comes their way,
keep on keeping on despite heartaches
and tribulations,
fights for their life and that of others in their surrounding,
does not look on the negatives but the positives,
their arms and toes get rough,
their hair could be shaggy, but move on through it all,
well, in my opinion as you,
women heroes are above norm,


Asmaa's picture

Dear Tatawar, I like your

Dear Tatawar,
I like your words and i agree with you.

I belive in the real religion of the world comes from women much more than from men - from mothers most of all, who carry the key of our souls in their bosoms. ~

Diane Dillon's picture

Hero in women

It is true it is in the nature of women to portect and provide and to sacrifice. we become mothers and that makes it even stronger. I raised 3 sons alone from the time they wer 3 years old and walked all my life so they could have what they needed. I worked and put myself thorugh school so they could have a home and a mother they would be proud of. I do this day walk for the same reason. I walk for all children . I would like to know if anyone has a list or could get a list of agencies that get people into somalia to help. I will get that list to those who can and I would like to go and help to.
I could create a resource list of goods and services needed and sent it to all my groups I am connected to.

Okeny-Lucia's picture

Hello Diane

I know of Advance Africa ,check on their website,they do connect volunteers across the world to work in those vulnerable areas.I will keep you updated of the other agencies.

Lucia Buyanza
Reproductive Health

Okeny-Lucia's picture

Women are great Heroes

Thank Tatawar,
Women are great,not because am one.It is the resilience,the great powers to bring families together and help men build strong territories.Women can wait longer at the well for their turn to draw,water,men will be impatient and result to a conflict.For women will see past the need of water,and therefore just be patient for her turn,because without it,a child will cry of thrist,a husband will result to violence and the house will be empty without food.So those unheard hero women have made up this world.Men are a great company,women are greater partners in life.

Lucia Buyanza
Reproductive Health

Rosie PIOTH's picture

Tatawar, Your text reminds


Your text reminds me of a biblical text which speaks of the virtuous woman,31 Proverbs ! She gets up early to tackle the housework, looking after her home and her children, and especially it has an inner strength and beauty extremely rare.

Thank you for these beautiful words that remind us every day that comes and goes our ideals of life!


Hin Kunthea's picture

Simple women could be heroine,

You remind me to find out who is the really hero. The nature of women is really struggling and devoting, however most of the time she face with discourage and her initiative was consider useless. To bring up the value of women, we need to help her to see her strength.


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