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Community through DVDs and talk radio.

I was thrilled to receive the most recent edition of Pulse, beautiful.
I'm hoping there are plenty of extra copies so that interested people can buy additional copies to share.
Maybe when subscriptions become available, Pulse will offer the opportunity to purchase gift subscriptions for libraries, women's shelters, women in prison and others who may not know of Pulse or don't have the extra money to spend for a subscription.

I'm hoping to find people on PulseWire who are interested in receiving some free progressive DVDs on issues like the environment, human rights and justice.
I've found DVDs from independent filmmakers to be great outreach tools, and some of the documentaries have Spanish subtitles.

I'd also be thrilled to see people from the Pulse community utilizing progressive talk radio. There are big commercial forums like the programs of Air America Radio (Thom Hartmann is especially good and has a global perspective); but there are also internet efforts with wide-open forums and hosts who would love to hear from women making change.
I don't know of any current female hosts doing internet talk, but Bob Kincaid of and are doing all sorts of important work and would welcome the calls of Pulse people.
Maybe some of the radio projects of the Global South can even collaborate with U.S. based grassroots radio someday. We need more cross-border communication.



Corine Milano's picture


Preston, so wonderful to meet you on PulseWire! I am so glad that you enjoyed the latest edition of the magazine—it is very exciting for us that it is out and in people's hands!

We at World Pulse would love to receive copies of the dvds you speak of for potential coverage in the next edition's art section, or for review on the new (soon to be launched!) World Pulse website. If possible, please do send copies to us at 4223A NE Fremont St, Portland Or, 97213.

Thank you so much, Preston, and great to meet you!

Preston Enright's picture

A DVD care package for Pulse

Hi Corine,
Thanks for dropping me a line.
I'd be happy to send you some DVDs!

Your magazine guided me toward purchasing a couple DVDs I hadn't heard of, "Strong Coffee," and "The Enemies of Happiness."
A friend of mine who organizes a weekly film fest will likely be showing them. So, Pulse will be contributing to increased awareness in all sorts of ways.

I'm wondering, are there extra copies of Pulse available for purchase?
Do you have a bulk rate for resale? I know of a cooperative bookstore that would like to carry it
Otherwise, I'd be interested in buying more copies at the cover price for friends of mine as Christmas presents.
Who should I contact about that?

I'll have a DVD care package in the mail to you shortly.

Kind Regards,

Auma's picture


That means 'welcome' in Kiswahili.

I am excited to hear and about your work,and would like to watch and learn from the DVDs.

I would love to watch the DVDs too,and share with my community in the rural area that i live in here in Kenya.

My heart thrils to know that someone has been positively reached by World Pulse,and on this eve of the World Aids Day,i am reminded of how it touched me more than two years ago after learning that i was HIV+,and how my life,that of my familiy and many others in my community has changed since.

Welcome Preston.I'd love to hear more of your work,and to link with you here!

Leah Auma Okeyo.(Africa Outreach Specialist-PulseWire)

Preston Enright's picture

Hello Leah!

Thanks for the invitation to be your Friend!
It was inspiring to read of the work you do, in spite of your personal struggles.
I'd be happy to send you some DVDs. That would be cool if they could be viewed by folks in rural Kenya. I hope the DVDs I have work on the DVD players you have in Africa. Sometimes, different countries have diffently "coded" DVDs, but maybe you have access to a DVD player that will work with them. Some people have "region free" DVD players.
I'll send some DVDs and we'll see what happens. I'll also include some printed material that maybe you'll find interesting as well.

Sending "care packages" of progressive political material is a big part of my work. I also call into "talk radio" stations and speak about issues that concern me, and share news of people working for a better world. Sometimes the programs I call are small internet radio programs like , othertimes I get through to national radio programs like the Ed Schultz Show at
There need to be more women hosting talk radio shows. There is a woman named Laura Flanders who hosts a program on She actually travelled to Kenya a couple years ago for the World Social Forum.
Do you have "talk radio" in Kenya, where listeners can call into the programs and share their thoughts?

Anyway, just email me a mailing address, and I'll have something in the mail to you shortly.


Corine Milano's picture

Oh, how wonderful that you

Oh, how wonderful that you purchased Strong Coffee and Enemies of Happiness—both are wonderful films, and I'm glad Cafe Femenino and Malalai Joya will receive additional visibility in your friend's weekly film night.

The person to talk to re: distribution and additional copies is Ila Asplund. You can also find her on PulseWire here—, if you prefer.

I will tell her to be on the lookout for your request!

Lisa's picture

Care packages

Film does have incredible powers to spread ideas! Would you mind posting your offer of dvd care packages on Resource Exchange? I think many people would be excited to have such an opportunity and Resource Exchange would increase the visibility of your thoughtful gifts.

A warm welcome to PulseWire,


Preston Enright's picture

Thanks Corine & Lisa

Hi Corine, thanks for Ila's contact info. I just sent her an email and am hoping to have a big box of Pulse magazines to pass around at Christmas time.

Hi Lisa, thanks for welcome and the Resource Exchange suggestion.
I actually posted the DVD offer under the category "Information Sharing."
I hope people take advantage of it, and aren't concerned that they'll receive a bill down the road or be put on some annoying mailing list. The care packages I send are totally free, and I don't maintain mailing lists.


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