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Project Expansion- Trust in Trust, Faith in Faith

Huacaria's water committee harrowing the slow sand filter.

I am in the midst of getting ready to return to Peru after three month here in the US raising funds for our project expansion in 8 indigenous rainforest communities throughout the southeastern Peru Amazon.

Its been an interesting time, with deep transformation all around. A new president elect, and a world economy in a major spin, with its direction still ultimately unknown.

When I initially began fund raising for HOTC in 2001 the attack on 9/11 occurred in NYC. Several people that promised us money reneged. Most everyone told me that no one would give to projects outside the US because there was great need in our own country. I forged ahead and raised close 1/2 million dollars over 5 years. I would be lying if I said every now and again I drop into worry about the future --about how I will finance a 3.5 million dollar expansion, but most days, I forge ahead as I have done through the years leading the organization, trusting in trust and having faith in faith that something greater than myself brought me to the middle of the rainforest and to the children, and something far greater than me WILL provide.

If the mean time, I continue to network with global health agencies such as UNICEF and the UN, as well as grant write and hold the highest for the indigenous of Manu. Clean water, sanitation and health education is the birth right of every human beings on this earth. We are confident our expansion funding will arrive!

We also continue to monitor our pilot community Huacaria with tri-yearly technical and health supervision visits. The community is sustaining their water and sanitation system. They have had a few falls, but their recovery each time they fall, gets quicker and quicker. Native cultures are nomadic by nature so becoming accustomed to permanent settlements and fixtures such as water and sanitation systems is taking some time to fully integrate.

The WATER flows clean in Huacaria, and the bathrooms hygienic from the daily maintenance duties of the children. Daily hygiene practices continues (basic hand washing and teeth brushing) by the children continues under the leadership of the teachers throughout the school year and of course by the mothers at home. The water committee monitors chlorine levels in the community every other day, and maintains their gravity flow water system /slow sand filters regularly. Each family continues to meet their monthly quota of $1.00 / 3 soles for maintenance of the infrastructure.

Both children and adults, are moving ahead BEAUTIFULLY. We continue to be so proud of their progress, reminding them, --it not that you fall, its how quickly you fall, realize and get back up that matters!

Huacaria holds the energy for the entire region to shift, so as they arrive at long term sustainability -- there in essence swing the door open wide for the future of the indigenous of Manu. Their results they are achieving now that the project is in their hands fully for two years is EXTREMELY encouraging. However we continue to monitor the effects of our integral health programming upon indigenous rainforest cultures, carefully not making any claims until the people have a few more years of sustainability and project integration!

More to come!

Love and blessings to all!


Our technical team embarking on a 3 day boat trip to conduct a topography study in one of our expansion communities. Huacaria water committee now earns income from the technical knowledge they learned building their own water and sanitation systems.
Children from the new expansion community await safe drinking water, sanitation; bathrooms at the schoolhouse, and health education!


Wendy's picture

Good Work!

It's always good news to see children receive safe, sanitary drinking water. It's also great, that you are helping the people of Huarcaria, achieve long-term sustainability.

I'm quite envious of your adventure; however, I'm sure it was not always smooth sailing! Thanks for sharing your story, and please keep us updated!

In Friendship,


nancysantullo's picture

Not always smooth

Thanks Wendy, I am glad that you enjoyed our work. It was not always smooth sailing, but it seems anything worth while always pushes at one to gown beyond all they know themselves to be! Project Huacaria did that to us all! Blessings and love, Nan

jadefrank's picture

Trust in Trust

Hi Nan,

Thank you for your update on the incredible work you do with HOTC to benefit the children and people of the southeastern Peru Amazon. It's people like you who were effected so deeply by an experience, change your lives to pursue enabling better lives for others, and that are leading others in the world to be passionate in creating sustainable change.

Unfortunately funding is what sometimes holds these dreams back, but I admire your determination to keep moving forward with your goals and eventually secure the funds that you need to help the Manu people. While fundraising after Sept 11, 2001 proved difficult, I assume you are having difficulties again as the United States has fallen on an economic crisis. But there is still money out there and people who want to do good with it. I too will trust in trust and have faith in faith that you can find those people to help fund your project.

Please keep us updated on your journey and experiences with HOTC.

Warm regards,

Felistah's picture

What a great work. My God

What a great work.
My God bless you and the people you are working with.Never give up.Im inspired by your work.
Keep it up.

nancysantullo's picture

Sorry for the delay in

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I have been in the field. Just made a visit to our pilot community of Huacaria. It was a great trip and the flows safe, the bathrooms clean and daily health practices transformed. The community now 5 years into the new health infrastructure! I am inspired by the people and the children. Thanks for your kinds words.
Blessing to you and your work!

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