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Mercy in the Face of a Woman

Ameneh Barhrami

I've read in a forum about islamic issues, a hot discussion about Faith. Yes. What a big and important subject! the core of the conversation was trying to establish as clear as possible: Who is a good muslim and who is not? and How we can know that? In my humble opinion, this spicy discussion is not necessary, cause the answer to that question is just one: ALLAH

Only Allah is Al-Baseer, The All-Seeing, The All-Knowing. He knows what we try to hide from the sight of people, but we never could from Allah cause "He is fully aware of what the eyes cannot see, and everything that the minds conceal" (40:19).

Of all I've read in the forum, there are two intervention that paid my attention: In one hand for its contents, and in the other, cause both people who sustained them, called themselves time after time "good muslims". The first person, said "About to accept people who don't agree with me, well, I follow what Allah said to Muhammad: ' Go against what they say if is not consistent with the belief of islam. The Quran says in 2-191: Kill them wherever you find them"(sic).

The other, made a huge defense of Talion Law (eye for an eye...) and didn't forget to mention how good muslim was :" As a Muslim who obeys Allah, I am faithful applicant to the law of "eye for an eye", and anyone who thinks otherwise, must to read about in the Sura of the Cow and this is the right Din" (sic)

I'm sure that these "defenders of the faith" to whom the Holy Qur'an has given them, they say, "A view to a kill", think that the decision of the Iranian Ameneh Bahrami -who asked the justice no to apply the law of "eye for an eye" to her offender Movahedi Majid and, instead of that, forgave him- is a sign of ignorance of the laws of Islam and especially of Sura of the Cow.I wonder what those people think knowing Ameneh was able to forgive her boyfriend, who disfigured her face with acid when she refused his request for marriage .

They are right to call themselves "Muslim stuck on law ". Like the pharisees in Jesus' time, they memorize the laws and apply them stuck to the letter, while their stubborn discipline forget the law without mercy is tyranny. They know, of course, a thousand hadiths and the correct pronunciation of words in reciting the Quran in Arabic but: Do they know the deep meaning of the expression Bismi-Lahir-rahmanir-rahim?

Ameneh Bahrami knows. She lost her sight as a result of the attack. She has passed for 17 surgeries to try to restore the vision with no results. It's an everlasting damage she will have to suffer for a lifetime. Blind and disfigured, will not be easy for her to study or work. Getting married and raising children are dreams the acid took away from her life. Even, crossing the street on her own or housekeeping will be daily struggles to face, regardless social isolation imposed by her physical condition.

Yet, against all expectations, she forgave. At the last moment, she gave her offender the opportunity to renew his life and do something good with it. With forgiveness, prevented the "eye for an eye" to be applied for the first time in Iran. Now, Movahedi has the rest of his life to repent. He won't be free from guilt. He will pay an equivalent punishment, but he can raise his hands and eyes to heaven to give thanks to Allah, to put in the heart of Ameneh a little drop of His Blessed Mercy.

The act of Ameneh is also a Pure Faith one. Faith we are passengers in this life, and the things we can find joy and satisfaction here also are; faith in another place were happiness is everlasting; faith in Allah's reward for the deeds done for love of Him; faith in eternal life,where suffering and disease don't exist; faith there is a paradise where all is peace and rest. She knows happiness comes without hatred.

Those "good muslims" Could be able to forgive in this huge way, when they even cannot accept a different opinion? How they expect their faith to be proved to be called "Believers"? It's or not forgiveness a matter of Faith? It's or not the same Allah is willing to give us? Is Allah "Forgiver of sins, acceptor of repentance.." (40:2).

We are humans full of options. We can chose between hate and love, haram and halal, violence and forgiveness. Allah gave us our intelect, to learn His Word; Will, to practice it day by day and Heart, to understand. But humans "... have minds with which they do not understand, eyes with which they do not see, and ears with which they do not hear. They are like animals; no, they are far worse - they are totally unaware.(7:179).

Forgiveness is a gift of mercy. It's a present given without request. Not even for good reasons or justice. Forgiveness is a gift, even if who receives it doesn't deserve it. That's why is so difficult to give and find. There is nothing outside don't have to grow within us first. To find Allah, must be sought in all acts of life. To receive mercy, we must be willing to be merciful. To accomplish His Forgiveness, we must open ourselves to forgive, recognizing who hurt us, an extension of God's creation, to which we also belong.

Ameneh Bahrami will never be able to read the Quran or a volume of Fiqh. But her act shows up better than any book, the greatness of Allah's love for humanity. This compassionate Iranian woman forgot to memorize the Sura of the Cow. However, by renouncing the law of "eye for an eye" for the life of her offender, she proves that it's spiritual blindness, which sticks to the ritual without filling content, the most dangerous, which can really disable people.

Her attitude is clear proof of a compassionate and merciful God ,and depends on us to be under His protection, no matter how terrible are the trials of life. Is Ameneh, blind eyes but not blind soul, a good muslim? Only Allah knows, but it is clear through saving the life of who left her in the dark, one light she has shown us to follow the path back to Allah.



Amei's picture

Thank you Nasreenamina

A beautiful and insightful post. A great lesson to raise during the holy month of Ramadan. I will share this post on my facebook page too.

Have a blessed day.

With love

nasreenamina's picture

Thank you

Oh thank you for your kind comment! of course you can share ti! Blessings

One's life has value so long as one attributes value to the life of others, by means of love, friendship, indignation and compassion

Follow me @DivinaFeminista

Rosie PIOTH's picture

Oh good !

Hello Vanessa!
Merci de m'avoir accepté comme amie.
Je viens de lire ton article, et vraiment , je dis good, good, good:!
Tu as raison ,le pardon estun don, savoir pardonner ausi est un don, quand bien même celui ou celle à qui l'on pardonne ne le mérite pas.
Dieu lui-même nous pardonne chaque jour nos égarements alors que nous ne le méritons pas!
Je peux ainsi résumer tes propos:"le pardon est un don que l'on accorde même au plus grand des meurtriers qui ne lemérite pas, mais à condition que moi qui accorde ce pardon me sente libre, dégagée et en paix avec mon être intérieur et mon Créateur.
Grand merci pour cette leçon!


nasreenamina's picture

Hi Rosie

merci pour tes comments, J'ai bien aime ton resume. c'est vrai le pardon c'est en premier etage pour nous meme pour notre propre liberté et paix. Salut et merci pour m'adjounter

One's life has value so long as one attributes value to the life of others, by means of love, friendship, indignation and compassion

Follow me @DivinaFeminista

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