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Welcome to the Voices of Our Future Applicants Group 2011


Welcome to the Voices of Our Future 2011 Applicants Group!

Your voice is important to us and we are so excited to see women from around the globe joining our group. Even though there are only 30 spaces in the full, five-month long program starting this November, we value all the efforts you will put into the application process.

You are part of a the gathering force of women who are using their voices to change the world, one person, one community and one nation at a time. World Pulse is here because we believe women will transform our world--YOU are the change leaders who will ensure a more just and peaceful future. By providing you with tools and knowledge in new media and citizen journalism through Voices of Our Future, we hope you will drive global conversations.

Starting on September 6th, you will receive a link to our Application Classroom where you will receive four, weekly sets of learning materials introducing you to the concepts of women and media, new media and citizen journalism, and the World Pulse voice. You will then be asked to complete a short writing assignment and post this to your PulseWire journal. These assignments will be our view into your world, your voice and your vision for the future. During this process, don't hesitate to ask your fellow applicants for help! Post questions in this group, ask for feedback on drafts and connect with one another!

Our staff are also here to assist you with questions you may have. Here is a short introduction to staff:

Rachael Maddock-Hughes, Program Manager for Voices of Our Future: I have been working with World Pulse since December 2009. I have 9 years experience in the humanitarian aid and international community development sector. Prior to World Pulse, I worked in Burma, Thailand, Afghanistan, and India. I bring my passion for gender and development and community centered solutions to World Pulse.

Scott Beck, Program Coordinator for Voices of Our Future: Scott has been working with World Pulse since September 2008. He was key in supporting the inaugural year of Voices of Our Future 2009. Before joining World Pulse, he worked in Nicaragua and Namibia on community development projects. He brings his passion and enthusiasm to help promote women's voices to our team.

Emily Garcia, Volunteer for Voices of Our Future: Emily has volunteered for World Pulse off and on since 2009. She recently returned from a year of studying in Germany, South Africa and India, and is currently working on finishing her Master's thesis project in Women and the Media.

Please don't hesitate to post your questions to the group journal. Our staff will reply as soon as we can.

With gratitude,



mrbeckbeck's picture

Glad you're here!

Hello Ruth,

I'm so glad you are here! The application process officially begins on September 6th, when we will post the first of four weekly learning materials and assignments.

Since you have filled out the survey and joined the group, you now have a month to explore our community, practice your blogging and social media skills, and connect with other inspiring women on PulseWire who are joining us from around the world.

I look forward to hearing your voice and learning more about life on the Solomon Islands. Thank you for joining us to tell your story!

In partnership,

Scott Beck
World Pulse Online Community Volunteer

Ruthana's picture

Glad to be here too!!!

Tagio tumas Scott for settling my question. I'm so very glad to be here as well. And excited. And a bit nervous.

I am very much looking forward to participating in the VOF application process and to meeting the many other women on Pulsewire. I can't wait to learn of and from them and of this all!!!

Again, tagio tumas for responding.

Truly inspired,


~ Ruthana ~

JoeyChopra's picture

Thank you for the opportunity

Hi everyone,
I heard about this opportunity through twitter. (I'm @joeychopra there). Although I'm an avid twitter user personally, I'm really looking forward to the opportunity to developing my social media skills to advance conversations on various development-related subjects more effectively. Thank you for the opportunity and I look forward to all that I can learn from you all :)


Mahsa Nouri Zonuz's picture

I like it, I joined the

I like it, I joined the group and I'm so excited and waiting for the beginning of program :)

With the Arab movement now, and i will not say revolutions and spring as many have decided to label them, women are at heart and marginalized at the same time.

Women are there on the squares, From Jasmin Tunisia to Tahrir Egypt, to Manama pearl square and Sanaa streets, to Benghazi and Hamma, but women issues are still not there on the agenda of the post tyranny era.

We witness the raise of Islamist political parties, Salafist groups tried to hijack the Egyptian movement last week, and women are the most vulnerable and at high risk. A new tyranny is in the air, and the fight is still in its first steps; Arab women needs more than just toppling a tyranny to attain their rights, to be citizens, to participate and practice their full and equal rights; women need to talk, write and express in every possible medium so that others listen.

I am an activist, originally from Lebanon but lived and worked in numerous Arab countries; Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Yemen, Egypt and for few months in Khartoum, Sudan. Currently I work for an international peace movement on a project of social media and youth activism, where by we try to support youth activists in their quest for change, real change in politics, society, culture...

Am very excited about this opportunity, though am currently expecting my second baby who is a girl (my first is a girl too) and should be delivering during this month, I am looking forward to be able to respond to all the assignments and be part of the course.

For Women around the world, and especially in the Arab countries, I say: Silence never protects.


Victoria Filipinas's picture

This is my chance!

This is such a very wonderful opportunity for individuals like me who desire to make a difference in writing. I hope i could be a part of the VOF

Onward for Victory!

Rosie PIOTH's picture



Suis contente de faire partie de ce groupe et j'espères être sélectionnée afin de bénéficier de cette formation, chose qui apportera un grand plus dans ma profession.
Grand merci pour ce programme,




Dear World Pulse team.

First of all, would just like to say how awesome a platform this is that you're providing to thought leaders from different parts of the world.

I have joined the Pulsewire community and this group as is visible. However, I'm just as interested in playing the role of an editorial midwife to any of the future correspondents.

Can I still apply for the Editorial Midwife position or am I disqualified from that process now that I have formally registered myself as a hopeful future correspondent?

Its a strange dilemma. Would really appreciate helpful feedback. I'm very keen on keeping an active association with World Pulse.

Is it okay if I emailed to discuss this in some detail?



Makepeace Sitlhou

@makeysitlhou on Twitter

Emily Garcia's picture

Dear Makepeace, Thank you for

Dear Makepeace,

Thank you for your message. It's wonderful that you would like to take part in the program as an applicant as well as in the supportive role of Editorial Midwife! Such enthusiasm for VOF is music to our ears!!! However, please hold off on the Midwife application in light of the following: If you are selected to become a correspondent and will participate in the VOF full training program, you are not able to be an Editorial Midwife as well. On the other hand, if you go through the application process and are not selected as a correspondent, then you would have the opportunity to apply to be a Midwife. Also, there will always be opportunities to volunteer with VOF as a Midwife in the future. If this year you intend to apply to become a correspondent, you can always help your fellow sister applicants by sending them encouraging messages and posting positive and constructive feedback on their assignments.

If you have questions still, please don't hesistate to contact me. And thanks in advance, Makepeace, for your active engagement with the PulseWire community!

Best wishes,


Emily Garcia
World Pulse Online Community Lead

Dear Emily.

Thank you so much for your comprehensive response. It was very helpful in deciding on how I plan to pursue along this path.

I'd definitely go through the full application process of the Future Voices Correspondent with the assignments and if I'm accepted, well that's great. And its good to know I do have the option to also apply as an Editorial Midwife in case that doesn't work out.

Either way, I look forward to being a pro-active member with the Pulsewire communities and improve my understanding of human rights issues as well as my analysis and coverage of it in my writings.

I look forward to it all!

Makepeace Sitlhou

@makeysitlhou on Twitter

Okeny-Lucia's picture

Hello Makepeace

I am quite impressed by the piece of information you have given on midwifery journalism.Am a nurse-midwife in Kenya,and currently in the office of the National Nurses Association.I would appreciate to learn from you about midwifery in your country.Have you currently gone through the State of Midwifery in the world,at the same we are collecting signatures around the world for nextmonth,s UN General Assembly in New York.
Hope to get share more with you.
Thank you and goodnight.

Lucia Buyanza
Reproductive Health

Dear Lucia.

Thank you for writing to me.

I think you may have been slightly confused or misled by the term 'midwife' used in this context. I had posted about my confusion to become an application to the voices of the future correspondent or an 'editorial' midwife volunteer, who's role is to guide and feedback the work of the correspondents.

Unfortunately, I don't have much expertise in the field of midwifery although i do have a general interest in sexual and reproductive health rights of women in my country and hope to pursue it further in my journalistic career.

Best of luck with your signature campaign.

Happy to have connected with you.



Makepeace Sitlhou

@makeysitlhou on Twitter

Greengirl's picture

Hello VOF 2011 Team

I have been away from worldpulse for quite a while, however, I am elated to come on board the VOF Train at last. It's something I've always wanted to be part of; but couldn't especially due to time constraints. I am determined to be committed to the whole process, which for me will be a a notable achievement. I look forward to events as they unfold!



colline's picture

Happy to be part

I am glad that I found out this site, at least I have found a platform where to share ideas and some of the pressing issues in the world.

Colline Atala
Radio Communicator
Straight Talk Foundation

araoameny's picture

This is great...

I look forward to learning from you all...thanks.

Erin0000's picture



Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

I look forward to interacting with you all:)

faridaY's picture

Thank you

I just discovered this website today and it made me so glad. Thank you.

aanurot's picture

Throb of the Unheard

Hello VOF,

Greeting from the Nigeria.

Everyday I wake up with a vision, to attain the purpose of my living. I utilize every second to attain my dream, as I walk, this day in the past, I saw a path, but the hundles of life distracted me from proceeding the path. Again, am on that path.... an opportunity that scarely comes in a life time. This time, am going all the way to the end of path that brings smiles to those who lost them to corruption, peace to children in conflict and war zones, voice to women the victims of world's unspeakable actions, justice and protection to those who have felt the pains of all forms of abuses. Today, I rise up to the challenge by taking action in fillfilment of my vision, to journey with VOF in ensuring that tears turns to joy and darkness becomes light for women whose throbs have not been heard.

My pledge:
I stand up for justice,
I make noise for freedom,
Gender equality and equity is a dream come true.

Aanu' Rotimi (Angel),
Abuja - Nigeria

SylviaThounaojam's picture

Train me to train my peers,,,

I am glad that I am in a platform where the conventional voice of majority is not always right.



Homa Zafer's picture

Your mission is noble!

Dear Rachael,

Thanks for World Pulse,
It is so important to give women around the globe such an opportunity to call their voices. In particularly to those who have the miseries of a nation in their voices, those who can call the pain of thousands others. Your mission is noble. Congratulation. I am honored to be enrolled in your classroom, and I have many stories from the most voiceless women from Afghanistan that I can raise their voices through your best magazine World Pulse. I appreciate your mission.


Homa Zafer

Homa R. Zafer

Jency's picture


It's amazing to see so many here. I look forward to the learning and interaction. Looks like we are going to learn a lot from each other.



South India

When my friend told me about world pulse magazine and sent me the link, I was so excited to see a platform gathering women leaders and change makers all around the globe.I'm so happy to come across world pulse and I hope I can be a part of voices of our future group.

Greetings from Egypt!


Imelda Lulu's picture

Together we can

I am very much interested in the initiative and i cant wait to start and get a chance to share our experiences and challenges. This is an excellent way to learn on how one can better their initiatives and strategies for better results for the protection of women's rights.

Good Job!

polite switness's picture


Am grateful to the VOF community,this is the best opportunity for young women across the globe to share and learn form each others stories,experiences.Personally i volunteer for an LBTI women movement in Nyanza and Western Kenya,In our midst we have issues that affect us just as well as they affect other women in hetero relations.We as Lesbians,Bisexuals,Transgenders and Intersexes also need to be heard and this is a very good channel and i hope to share alot with the VOF community,since i believe we have so many differences and so many similarities all over the world.
I came across VOF in a server list that i had subcribed to,and when somebody shared this link,it was like a blessing.

Voices of Women In Western Kenya

lillymensah's picture


Last year i was not able to complete my task.
I hope to do better this time around.

"a song in your heart puts a smile on your face"'

OOLUSS's picture

Yippee !

Looking foward to connecting with everyone :)

zacyrus's picture


Hi, I'm really interested about this vision. Sharing experiences with others women will be rewardind for us.

mange'ra's picture

i hope i will make a positive

i hope i will make a positive trasformation from the programme. thanks

Aveseh Asough's picture

Great Community

This is really a great opportunity. And i am very proud to be a part of this great women's group

sana arzak's picture

wonderful opportunity

I have recently done my masters in media and journalism and i haven't even written a single article yet.I am from a very primitive city of Pakistan,there are very less number of female journalist in Quetta, Pakistan.It will be a great opportunity for me to breaking up the ice and using this forum for my developing journalistic abilities.

Sana Arzak
Quetta Pakistan

THIOUMBE's picture

So happy

I'm so happy to you join the group. I m looking forward to take this opportiny to communicate with the world.

parwana fayyaz's picture

Dear VOF:

Dear those who care about women's voice, change in their lives, their future, and women as humans.
I have seen women of my family, relatives, neighbors, and country suffering from the 'old thoughts,' women of this corner have become rocks, senseless and numb. Their heart and mind have turned to stones, they do not know the meaning of hope, joy, happiness, and future. They do not know about their own voices, they just hear voices, shouting, screaming, and abusing them.
To bring about a change even in my own little family, I want to become a writer, a journalist, a correspondent. I want to look back to those women, who have suffered today but can change their way of living tomorrow for their daughters.
Thanks for giving us voice to get ready and become others voices.
Best regards,
Parwana Fayyaz

Osai's picture

Great Opportunity - Not to be missed


I am glad to have the opportunity to join this vibrant group. Two years ago, I was exposed to the impact citizen media can have on promoting and protecting human rights. After that, Facebook became a tool for social inclusion and not merely a friends site. I opened my first twitter account: @livingtruely and while it took me a while to understand it, I now tweet regularly.

My attempts at blogging, however, have not been so successful. In the last few months, I have been thinking about what to blog about and whether I can do so with passion and elicit responses. I have not started one yet. I hope that my experience as a 'Voice of our Future' participant would inspire me to do so and more.

I am a lawyer by training and currently work as a programmes officer with an African led NGO in Lagos, Nigeria: Alliances for Africa ( I co-ordinate the Africa Court project and the Gender justice in Africa initiative. I tend to travel often within Nigeria and around Africa. I know that committing to this program would be tasking, but I have decided to take the plunge and pursue my childhood dream of being a writer.

I am looking forward to it and interacting with everyone.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Twitter: @livingtruely

COMFORT's picture

I have heard much about the

I have heard much about the VOY program from last year's participant Schekina and i can't wait to be part of it this year.
Looking forward to it.


sunbo55's picture


I look forward to this programme. This is an opportunity to achieve one of my life time dream if my application sales through. It is my hope to continue to write news before and after retirement.

Titilola Aisa

md's picture

MD is grateful!

O World pulse,truly fulfilled.At last I will be living the live of my dream;to be a world class and professional broadcaster.You are doing a good job.Kudos

radha's picture

Keen to be an applicant

Dear Rachael and Team,
Greetings from Action Works Nepal !

Indeed, I have been working around the rights, empowerment of women and girls specially for the most remote, conflict affected region and the poorest part in Nepal called Karnali, associated with Mid-west and far west of Nepal.

Instead of working as a founder/President in Action Works Nepal, working as an Advisor in OUTLINE media. I also keep on posting in new spotlight english Magazine about women, girls and marginalized who are excluded always.

Indeed, I have already member of this network. Due to my personal problem, I unable to be connected for about a year.

Now, I would like to be participant for empowering women and girls of that place and keen to connect to global to local.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Regards, Radha
(any friends who are in this network, please visit this website and we can work together for the noble cause).

faciaharris's picture

One of the safe places to interact

I am delighted to be part of this opportunity to share the issues of women and help engender the change we need.

I am so excited about this. I have been writing lots of articles and feature stories but i just thought they were not good enough. Infact, i think this is my opportunity to be what i have always wanted to be - a great journalist!


Young People=Change

cowgirlimuk's picture


I look forward to learing how to express myself with other participants and leaning about others.
Thank you for the oppotunity.

chibairo's picture


At last I am a member! I take it as an honour, and will commit my time to writing, which is my passsion and life-blood. Thank you for providing this rare opportunity. I am a women's rights activist, researcher with a local NGO that fights politically motivated violence, avid reader and upcoming writer. I love capturing women's stories and lives, especially in the market where I spend most of my time during weekends. I am of late engaging women in spiritual healing methods, heart-mind-body. I like the holostic approach to healing and self discovery because it is participatory in nature, and mostl because it empowers media. I hope to learn a lot from other women on Pulse-wire, and hope for a time when I will flag the activities of grassroots women that I work with on this space. lol!

Dudziro Nhengu

Hummingbird's picture

I am in

looking forward to talk to you all, I joined too, best of luck to everyone. I just love reading and knowing and communicating.

Thank you

A drop of rain can revive the earth, be the drop.


Asmaa's picture

I look forward to

I look forward to participant with VOF.
I'm a culture reporter and I have experience in social media and blogging . and iam Team member of joint-project HijabSkirt Info for cross-cultural reporting competition organized by International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) and supported by the United Nations’ Alliance of Civilizations (UNAoC).
and i love to have new experince with you

Best regards
Asmaa Fathy

Artemis's picture


I am so proud to have the opportunity to be part of this project, to give my contribution to the global effort in solving the "gender issues".

It is quite sad that, in the era of enlightenment, we have not yet completely overcome the gender clashes, and/or all the grave problems women face in their lives, from mobbing, domestic violence, misunderstanding and economic dependence.

It is my humble mission to leave a trace in the community, and help as much as I can. I do hope that joining World Pulse will make it easier to exchange experience, information and networking. Maybe someone would be willing to participate in some project? Why not?

Yours sincerely,


Zvezdana Miskovic

Belgrade, Serbia

spidercalf's picture


in this world of today, it is never easy to find a place to fit in, mostly we roam around wondering and hoping that we may find a pleasnt status and have a community, am rest sure that wherever i used to be, fit me not, am glad to be part of this community for it will not only empower me, but strenghten me as i spread my wings to fly with you. thank you for this opportunity.
with regards.


emelia kuleke's picture


I am looking forward to the experience. I know it will be fun and educative.

Emelia Kuleke

Funke Arogundade's picture

Next Level

This indeed is creating the next level for women. we have been on one level for too long, its time to move forward.

RenKiss's picture

Very Excited

I'm glad I signed up for this wonderful opportunity. I'm also excited to be apart of this community of like minded individuals. As someone who is passionate about human rights I can't wait until we're given assignments, even if I'm not selected the experience will be very valuable.

gugibabu's picture

Hi Everyone!

Hi Everyone!

I'm excited to apply for the training!

I am an artist, musician, dancer and activist that actively use social media, blogging, facebook to influence young people to examine their actions, thoughts and critically think about their lives to impact others. I also encourage people to use creativity to make and transform culture- especially to re-create social constructs that suppress women. I seek to empower people to create culture that empowers other women!

I really hope to become an applicant and journalist in training!


Sofia BPW's picture

Great to know that I could be

Great to know that I could be part of this fantastic group of study. It will be a pleasure to share my experience of work in Argentine.

Warm Regards,


Skype: sofia.torroba

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