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The Mole Who Helped the Garden

I think of myself as a mole, blind, living underground but not too far, making tunnels in the dirt, doing what I am supposed to do whether I know what I'm doing or whether other people like it or not.
For all my life I've worked helping people who want to be spiritually healthy and fit. I have worked with people who are very very religious and people who are not religious at all and people in between. Many of these people feel trapped inside their lives.
I'm a little mole who hears them crying. "I am so sorry you are sad," I say. "They say, "Oh, it looks like there is no way I can stop being sad." I say,"Well, why don't we see; what is your story."
I have heard lots of sad stories. But these sad stories are told by people who have big hearts though sometimes they don't know it. These big hearts are hurt - by political and social disaster, by illness physical and/or mental, by relationships that work wrong or don't work at all, and other things.
When you listen to the crying and the lost way and the sadness, you hear also some things that are helpful. You hear hearts that can use a little healing and you say, "how about a little healing," and talk some healing touch. You hear hearts that need to let some bad things go, and you say, "how about a little forgiving of this and that." You hear hearts that are all tied up with anger, fear and doom, and you say, "how about we unstrap some of that and set it on the curb for the hspiritual garbage truck." Slowly things happen and the sadness is joined with a smile.
Together you and the sad person burrow through the ground to a good fertile place to stop and grow; one with good water like joy, good air like peace and good food like love. When they reach a place that is safe for them, nurturing and empowering, you stay till they are good and planted. You check on them from time to time. You burrow onward.
Sometimes traditional gardeners don't like the tunnels you make in their yard. That's ok. They can have their view. Your tunnels are to the hidden sad and it is good you make them. Helpful moles. That's what I am, a helpful mole. An old one, but the nice thing about being in the work of spiritual health and fitness, is that it is work that improves with experience and age.


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Aloha, Jane! First of all,

Aloha, Jane! First of all, I want to welcome you to World Pulse, a fascinating network of amazing women. I enjoyed reading your article - I like the way you help people to reframe their problems and empower them. We need more of you!

Given all the people you have helped and all the challenges you have undoubtedly encountered, I would love to hear a story about how you stood up to someone or something that was morally or ethically wrong. Till then, keep on burrowing!


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