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Women's life as beer promotion women

I am working as beer promotion women for over 7 years, I want to talk about the real story of my life as beer promotion women, Life as beer promotion like me is hard to life and always get suffering from male clients and social environment. Beer promotion Women is stigmatized in Cambodia society, and women are selling beer are often viewed as sexually available. Then I promised to myself not living with hopeless,
I had been trained in training of trainer that organized by CARE, I had learnt a lot from the training and I could share what I had learnt to other beer promotion women, After working as a peer facilitators for some time, I knew other beer promotion women are facing a lot of problems like me, I thought that my case was most difficult and pitiful, but actually it was not, I sell beer is not for fun, but this job helps me to generate more money than working in the factory. I have challenged with my neighbors and relatives, they don’t like my job because it tends to soil their honor and family’s reputation.
We do not steal or rob somebody, We work to earn a living and to support our family, which is the same as other workers do, I and other beer promotion women are inspired and motivated by CARE programme intervention, now we’re leaving with hope, We . Beer promotion women, were recognized and we are very proud of ourselves I participated in this group as understand clearly the importance of association such as to more information on how to prevent ourselves from sexual harassment and where we can get support if problem occurs in working hours, More important, we knew that there is a women place ( solidarity group of beer promotion women), that usually we have a meeting every month, Before, I didn’t know what to do while having problem- I was not confident to challenges with local authorities but now, am better as I have met with polices several times and linkage has been made.
What is wish to see is increasing self esteem of beer promotion women themselves, I wanted to leave some message for all beers promotion women, we have to change the way of thinking that there is always hope in life, We are not just beer promotion women but we also contribute to make positive change for ourselves, our family, and lastly for our society.


Sarvina's picture

Dear Ratanak, Thanks so much

Dear Ratanak,

Thanks so much for sharing this inspiring story to us! I have been so moved after reading this articles, eps. the message "We are not just beer promotion women but we also contribute to make positive change for ourselves, our family, and lastly for our society."

I also encourage you to post this article on Mystory Standing Up. Click thus link to learn more

I am very proud of you! Keep up your good work to bring change!




Sarvina from Cambodia
VOF 2011 Correspondent

Dear. Sarvina

I am really impression that you are moved after reading my article. This is a real life of women's life and women's business in working as beer promotion women in Cambodia job context, I really wish to make change for beer promotion women life.

This is my committed to make a world heard about women's issues related to women in working as selling beers in Cambodia

Anyway, could you please tell me, how is the way that i can post my article on Mystory Standing Up? because i have been viewed through the website you guild me but i still can not find where should i post my article in? Please help me, how can i do it?

I am waiting for your respond as soon as possible

Ratanak, Cambodia

Sarvina's picture

Dear Ratanak,I was wondering

Dear Ratanak,

I was wondering if you knew this amazing lady on your article or not. Coz it is really important if you could spread this opportunity to her to participate on World Pulse. As me, I got many chances and opportunities to bring my life better after I have joined World Pulse. I won an award of Voices of Our Future Program for the US Media and Speaking tour and I will go to the US this October to share my experience to the audiences in the US. Also, I got a chance to attend One Young World Conference in Zurich, Switzerland and this is coming soon, in September. So I also encourage you to spread this program on World Pulse to all women you have known.

Regarding to the Submit your story:

Post your 400 words or less story to your personal journal.

Go to "My Pulse" on the top navigation bar. Select "Post to Journal."
Choose a creative title for your post.
In the "Tags" field, enter MyStoryStandingUp
Write your submission in the journal entry field.
Click "Submit" and you're done!

Or another way, log in to your worldpulse account then you can go to your article that you have posted "Women's life as beer promotion women", click on the Edit on the left side above and you will be able to edit your articles then just enter MyStoryStandingUp on the Tag box above of Title Box. It is done!

Hope it makes sense! Any further questions, kindly ask me.



Sarvina from Cambodia
VOF 2011 Correspondent

Ou Ratanak's picture

I have following your ideas

Dear. Sarvina

I have followed your ideas and comments, so could you please checking my journal again if i have something to change any more. Anyway, Please give any comments if i still in gaps

Thanks you before hand and always waiting for your comments and improving my journal



Jan K Askin's picture

women helping women

Dear Ratanak,

I am inspired by your effort to find dignity in your work. It is impressive that you found a support group through CARE and as a result are working to support other Beer Promotion women. There will be progress as long as women like you stand up for themselves, then serve as examples for other women.

Your are to be commended!

Your Sister in the US,


Jan Askin

Ou Ratanak's picture

Really Appreciated to you

Dear. Jan Askin

I really impression with your comments and be positive to encourage myself, I really critical to support and find for social justice for women working in beer promotion job, If we look though to the situation of beer promotion women in theirs daily life it seem so different from other selling beers in your country, Do you know from the study of CARE International in Cambodia it was showed that The working conditions for a Beer Promotion Women (BPW) are precarious. They work at night, there are few protection avenues offered by police or venue outlet security, they are not directly employed by the outlet owners in their workplace (rather by the breweries), so responsibility for BPW safety lies in the hands of those without enforceable legal obligation. Studies have shown alarmingly high rates of harassment in the work place including unwanted sexual touching (83%), physical abuse (54%), threat or intimidation (60%) and coerced sex (38%). The same study revealed that harassment is so pervasive among BPW that it is viewed by the women as an occupational hazard rather than an abuse of their human rights. BPW also report that outlet owners hold great power over them with threats of loss of employment if BPW refuse to comply with customer’s demands

This is a real situation of women in working beer selling in Cambodia


Best Wishes

Ratanak, Cambodia

sallysmithr's picture

Thank you!

Thank you for sharing your story. I think you are very correct in the changes that need to be made by society and issues that many employees in all areas face. I think the resources are great and if it is able to assist you and your co-workers that is fantastic. I'm sure there are more issues to address, however you seem very motivated and determined to make changes! Good luck!

Thanks again for sharing!

Sally Smith

Frances Faulkner's picture

Coming together


Thank you for this great story about women coming together in solidarity. It's amazing how much strength women can gather in a group when they stay positive and focused and believe in themselves. I love your attitude and leadership. I am curious if you could transfer your skills to another job, if you ever wanted to, or would the "beer women" job be a stigma that would prevent you from getting other work? I am also curious about the beer industry in Cambodia since it seems different than what we have here -- do only women sell it or do men sell it too? do you sell it to stores or to individuals? do lots of people drink beer? Could women ever start their own brewery? Thanks for your patience with all my questions! I'm trying to understand the whole situation better. A longer article on "The Beer Women of Cambodia" would be fascinating.


Hin Kunthea's picture

How amazing you are,

Hi Ratanak,

You so amazing, I really admire your work, I feel I habe been away from t world pulse since I really tough with my job. My name Kunthea, now I work for Women Media Center of Cambodia (WMC), I really glade to know you on world pules. Read your writing I feel really empower to make life more hopeful and struggle.

Have a nice day

Kunthea, Cambodia

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