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This is the story of a woman , every woman
Story of A Girl , every girl , the story of a teen
Her story , each and every Mother's narration
These are Her words spoken , and unspoken
As understood by me and by my pen written
Her thoughts by me understood as an expression
I am privileged for the revelation , my inspiration
Which resulted as a narration by me Athrison
Now listen to Her story and bestow your approbation : -

" I am A Woman , The Woman , A Sthree , Prakruthi
I am The Primordial Mother , Me Aadi Paraa Sakthi
I am the compendium of Original Energy , The Sakthi
Without me even Siva , The Purush is a Sava , inert matter
Me Prakruthi energized Purush into a Cosmic Dance of ecstatic Nature
A creative force that resulted in The Universe in all It's grandeur
Every non - living , living , static as well dynamic nature
Beast that walks , winged one that flies , human and every creature
I am That First Woman on Earth , Satharoopa , Lucy of anthropology
Mother of Saptha Maathrukas , Seven Sisters
Mothers of all humans , spread all over hither and thither .
Having said that much , I am now a woman , to all of you so familiar.

I am a Woman through eons , times and ages , a daughter , a sister , a
partner , and A Mother
From being a sweet baby girl to a toothless great grand mother
A small daughter so timid and shy , hiding behind my Mother
A Baby girl , afraid , respectful and so obedient to my father
I am so eager to learn from mother , father , teacher , and every elder
Years rolled by , now I am a teen ager trained in music , arts and culture
Slowly becoming an expert in all matters of culinary nature
All this in addition to formal education and excelling and a pet of my teacher.

Now I am A Woman , may appear timid , but inherently bold
May seem innocent and ignorant , yet wiser for my age than any else so told
Fully equipped to be a house wife -- no no no don't use that word ,
I would like to be referred as A Home Maker of which I am proud
A in-house manager , a home-made CEO , a domestic engineer , A Home Minister
I am so conciliatory in nature , every one takes me for granted
That is my nature to remain in the back ground .

When the parents are away from home I am ever ready to take care
Always yielding to the precedence of brothers , be younger or elder
A role model to my younger sisters , who one day would be same as me
As my parents wished , I am ready to enter into a for life partnership
I know I can depend upon their judgement , so I am assured
Not worried of entering into a strange household
Strangers now may be , but one day I shall be the head .

Oh how the times have gone by , Now I am A Mother and A Grand mother
My teen agers , my flesh and blood think I am old fashioned
They are not aware that I am That Original Mother Carrying within me Her DNA
Yet I am compassionate , so tolerant , and let them say what they wish
When they tell me they have to be able to stand on their own feet ,
educated and financially secure
They assure that their parents can trust them and rely on their judgement
They are not in a hurry into a life partnership as yet , I stay cool ,
calm and remain a spectator
I shall be from now only a friend and again reminded of my own childhood
Speak only when spoken to , only be a mute presence , seen not heard .

Now my parents have left me to a distant place and are my own memories
All my children have grown wings and flown away to live their own lives
My grand children are strangers and when I ask them when shall I
become a great grand mother
I was told grandma - times have changed , I know they have really
changed probably for better
At last I am all alone , full time companion of my life long time life partner
Now that he has retired , he is so obedient , a true friend , we now
knew we are made for each other
We are always at home , mutually tolerant of each other's presence ,
me for him , he for me
An intellectual companionship , a life long friendship through thick
and thin , till death do us part .
We look back with satisfaction , life well spent , mission
accomplished - My Primordial Mother Any Time Now Ready To Receive Me
Into HER Bosom .
dr.bala krishna murthy ramaraju




Ommm Anasooya Devi - Athrison I am
With my obeisance to SeshaAnjaneyam
From my pen a note about Aayushya Homam
A Sacred Sanaathana Ritual for Healthy Freedom
Agni - Fire Worship based upon Sanaathan Dharm
An Eternal Everlasting Vedic Sanaathana Custom
For Physical and Mental Health , Spiritual Wealth wholesome
For Happy and Healthy Longevity for all both abroad and at home
For Sisters & Brothers , Nieces & Nephews , Daughters & Sons
For Granddaughters & Grandsons , at home and faraway some of them
Family & Friends in all my social networks , some silent and some warm
Irrespective of who , what , and wherever they are with a hearty welcome
For all people of Bhaarath Desh , my natural birth home
For all persons in United States Of America , my adopted home
For Citizens of South Asian Subcontinent one entity once upon a time
Finally , last but not least for one and all in the whole world in fulsome
Peace , Prosperity , Longevity , Health , Happiness , Saanthi Ommmm
This is BalaKrishna Murthy Ramaraju Aathreyoham , my nom de plume
With reverence to all elders , Men & Women of Knowledge and Wisdom
Ommmmm Thath Sath - So Be It - So It Will Be As Written By Me .

aathreya-dr.bala krishna murthy ramaraju
dr.bala krishna murthy ramaraju



Sojina Awale

My life is at a cross road
Year 2011 could be a threshold
Now that I am 76 year old
Soon it will be 77 year odd
Time to confess before God
Born into a Telugu Braahmin household
A strict upbringing was my childhood
That befits an orthodox family fold
As a son I behaved as I was told
My education and my life decided
An arranged marriage in 1956 was fixed
I have no regrets and I obeyed
My life has been good , thank God
My wife from a boastful household
Yet Vijaya , as a life partner has been good
As a Mother to my 5 children was very good
Now Vijaya is 67 year , sick in bed
My 2 sons and 3 daughters , by us they stood
My children , for us are doing their best as they could
Vijaya Lakshmi Kameswari with liver not so good
My heart is also trying in it's own way to act bad
We are lucky that our 5 children are at their best as they would
I am not a saint , neither a sinner , part good , part bad
But our 55 years married lives were very good
Me at almost 77 , Vijaya at 67 are happy -Thank God
Me , my wife , our 2 sons , 3 daughters , 7 grand children , my
extended family , friends and well wishers . BLESS ALL O' GOD.
aathreya-dr.bala krishna murthy ramaraju


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