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Help needed

I breathed in air; she breathed in the air. She walked over a bridge; I walked over the bridge. We walked together over the bridge to catch up our Math class at 7am. It has been a long year – 5 years(!) that she only feels this world – before that, she used to see. My friend, Sristi. Please stop a while if you are feeling sympathy for her, for she has enough of sympathy already in her life.

Yes, she lost her vision completely around 5 years ago due to continuous medication for the chronic eye allergy. However, the real Sristi arises then. She did not stop studying; and she did not stop dancing which she is extremely talented at. She does not study Braille; she is admitted to a general school and she competes with the ones who are not visually impaired. Taking help from others to record her course-book and notes and with her active listening in class, she prepares for her exam. This way of studying proves to be great for her as she became the University topper. On top of all the “tch-tch” of people and their extreme sympathy emerges Sristi with a challenge not to loose faith in herself and to be "independent". She dances very well and she has occupied outstanding position in her academia.

Currently she is studying Bachelor second year with Major in Sociology in Nepal. She wants to continue her further studies abroad; she wants to do Master's in Sociology. I am trying to help her find some universities online but it is not that easy when it comes to the admission for a visually impaired. Do any of you know of a University that offers Master’s program in Sociology for visually impaired? If you know, please write to me. It will be a great help for her.


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Deepti ! I am stunned by her

Deepti !
I am stunned by her spirit! I only have admiration for her and exhibiting my empathy ;- )
Does she want to study abroad or via distance?
There’s an amazing university UOL which offers sociology. It’s an online program but you don’t get a distance degree but UOL degree. It’s relatively inexpensive in comparison to high quality of the course material. No mention of ‘distance or online’ on your final certificate. They do have a course on sociology but I guess it’s not masters but post-grad diploma. As far as I am concerned, they do provide special material for certain disabilities. Here’s the link you can mail them, ask and describe her condition or I can do that as well.

All my best wishes for her! She’s a national asset.

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Dear Farona,

Thank you for this comment. It really means a lot to me and my friend. For some reason, the link you sent is not working. Do you have the University email address? I would like to email them.

Best wishes,

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Ah the link doesn’t work ? I

Ah the link doesn’t work ? I clicked and it worked, strange. You can check out their FB page and click the link from there – you can post queries on the FB page as well, they reply there quickly. Here’s the official email ID handling sociology courses (undergrad and post-grad diploma) they don’t offer masters in arts for socio but they do have a post grad diploma. Sociology is offered under the college of London School of Economics and Political Science.

Keep me posted ;- )

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