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Far From Afghanistan, not Connection In Afghanistan


Internet is not just a way of connecting the people of the world but a path to see every five minute future in a slide.
And if there is not connection with people, there cannot be any relation.
When the time comes that you know, you are living in the war torn country, but still you are so sensitive to life and in love with breathing.
It is the time when you are far away from this war torn country and your family lives in it and after the news comes on the front page of BBC about the bomb blasts in Kabul city, Afghanistan. You cry; and you do not have any way to be informed that your brothers are fine, father is at home, and it was not near to your house.
This is how I live when I am at home in Kabul, Afghanistan, without net but with family. This is how I have life with net but not family in Chittagong, Bangladesh.
So, there is only a way that can easily connect me with my both lives, that is the twenty first century’s biggest invention, the world’s investor, and the human’s observer through each other’s ideas.
The spaces in the every corner of the earth are called everywhere, where humans are living. Humans learn from one another because we are capable of learning new ways of thinking and achieving. I believe that every human by nature has this ability to learn from each other, to love nature, and to link humanity to one another. However the question is that how humans can connect to each other?
A small boy, 17, lives in Kabul and has many dreams to become the Eminem of Afghanistan. He grabs a piece paper with a blue pen and sits under the dust of evening sun near the sub ways on a big rock with the risk of losing his entire life in the daily bomb blasts. He writes the songs of joy with the tone of a rocker and a voice of Afghan boy. He comes late home with the stunning smile on his face and the dark dusts on her silky hairs. He has a very small room, with a broken table, a computer, I cannot say whether it is a desktop or a laptop, but I can see that it is both. He has made his own computer by keeping a monitor and the keyboard of a laptop. He has a headphone and lots of CDs from the hip pop singers, such as Eminem, Akon, 50 Cent, and etc.
He has made more than 10 songs with the same beauty of music, voice, and tone, but it does not have the main link of beauty with an artist’s voice which can convey his voice through his songs to the world.
He asks me to create the Youtube site for him that he can become singer like his favorites, since I have access to internet. But he knows that how can he send his songs to me for putting into Youtube and how can he contact with me. He believes that there will be time that the world will listen to his heart beats through his words and music.
A small girl, 15, lives in Kabul and has many ideas and poems to write for me every day, after observing my WorldPulse blog, she has the bigger dream of having her own blog to write on it, to get comment from other people around the world in English. But she knows that it is only an vast but vivid imagination for her, which is easy, free, happiness, and hope for her.
She asks me to create Worldpulse and Wordpress blogs for her that she can write freely anything about anyone and anywhere. Once she told me, “Parwana, I do not want to live in Afghanistan, in this screams, bomb blasts, tears, and miseries, but I have to. However, besides my living here I want to have a way of imagining life for being alive not only living.” This sentence moved me so much that I could not control my tears as the words were vanished from my mind since I did not have any suggestion for her.
There is not such a way for her in Afghanistan, she believes.
If there was net for these small Afghan boys and girls, I think they could see life beyond war torn country, Afghanistan. I believe that even these fundamentalists will learn a new way of living in a life of technology and twenty first century. Most of Afghan people are still living in a very ancient time, with the idea of conquering the world with their power for making the history of Kingships and Power in the world. I want them to know and learn that history suggests something different, which is creating history through writings, negotiations, ideas, theories, and harmony. This people do listen to news every day, but they do not give feedbacks to this news and ideas, since they do not have access to any way for sharing and learning. I think, the another way to Change this people’s mentality about life and living beside other people of the world is internet, which can connect them to the world of knowledge and understanding.
There are people, who do not know what internet means. I have to explain by saying that if there would be internet at home I can talk with my family freely through computer not only mobile.
I can see the surprise on their faces; most of them say that it could be magic talking to one another by laptop.
I am living in Bangladesh, I have access to net, my parents and brothers and sisters live in Kabul Afghanistan, they do not have net. I have to recharge my mobile once or twice a month about 500 take or my parents 500 Afg for talking to each other for 10 minutes. If there was net, I could talk with my parents through GoogleTalk, and I could know easily what is going on with my brothers and sisters through Facebook. However, it is yet impossible for me to imagine a day talking with my family easily, fairly, and clearly by watching them through web.
This summer 2011, I got fund from university for the net connection about 100$, which is equal to about 4500 Afg, and I bought Phone USB. I am so much grateful of it rather having nothing, in day time from 6 am till 12 pm it is too much slow that even I cannot send a mail. However, I have to work with net which is posting on my blogs, sending mail to my friends, professors, and advisers; I am awake till 3 am for the good net connection. However a little connection is better rather than no connection in Afghanistan.


In a time when freedom of expression and equal access to knowledge and ideas has become synonymous with access to the Internet, World Pulse is asking women worldwide: What does "Universal Internet Access and Digital Freedom" mean to YOU? This month, we invite you to raise your voice by writing about the everyday obstacles you face and risks you take in accessing the Internet, or how you have used it to change lives and bring about positive change in your community. Click here to learn more about this campaign and how to participate.


Dear sister, you are a liberator. It is not a coincidence that you came across the 17 yr old boy and 15 yr old girl. You have inspired them alot. You may not have noticed.

I know sooner they will have a smiling face. Sooner, they too will comment on all global happenings and Afg news. Then, we will hear thier voices. They will speakout for themselves, very soon.

Keep up the good work, and kindly extend our friendly greetings to them. Tell them pulsewire can hear them, and we look forward to the day where, we'll be having instant conversation with them all.

Thanks, dear sister

Stay Blessed



Facebook:Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo Wondieh

Twitter | Instagram: @ZoFem

parwana fayyaz's picture

Dear Zoneziwoh:

Dear Friend:
Indeed, they do inspire me for the goodness that they have themselves. I see the light of hope and joy in their eyes, the aspire in their hearts, and the greeting ideas in their mind. There is a new method of kidnapping small kids for making them the Terrorists, the wrong warriors, I want save them from every single harm and horror. This is my ultimate aim for a better life at Home, Afghanistan.
Best regards,
Parwana Fayyaz

Sarvina's picture

Powerful letter

Dear Parwana,

Thanks so much for sharing your story with net to us! I know it is challenging for using internet as it is also in my country when I use Phone USB for connecting internet - it is too slow even send a mail, anyways it is better than nothing. I really get a point how internet help you to be connected with your family even you live a part.

I enjoy reading your article! Keep up your good work!




Sarvina from Cambodia
VOF 2011 Correspondent

parwana fayyaz's picture

Dear Sarvina:

Dear Sarvina;
Thanks for your words in your comment, I am glade that there is chance for us to share our stories. However using Phone USB is better than nothing for connecting to the Worldpulse.
Best regards,
Parwana Fayyaz

Breese's picture

Parwana, what a beautiful

Parwana, what a beautiful testimony of the power of the internet. Thank you for sharing!

parwana fayyaz's picture

Dear Breese:

Your name sounds next to the word 'Breeze' which is beautiful for its smooth and silky motion. Thanks for reading and giving comment.
Bests Parwana

Daniela I's picture

Thank you, Parwana.

Thank you for sharing your story with us. Many of us look at the internet as a way to study or do work. You have painted a picture of the internet as a window out into the world of hope. The youth you describe in your testimony have experienced such hardship, and it sounds like the internet opens a door of possibility for them--a way to connect with something beyond the day to day challenges of war. I hope that, for the sake of these youth, and for you and your family, the internet becomes more accessible--your testimony can help us get there. Thank you for sharing this testimony--it will be shared with key policy-makers and International Human Rights bodies.

Best wishes,

parwana fayyaz's picture

Thanks dear Daniela:

It has been wonderful to hear from you all through these comments. It helps us to see ourselves connected to you all. This is the power of internet, which has opened the gate of friendship between us.
Bests Parwana

Over the last month, you and other PulseWire members from around the world expressed your views on the importance of Internet access, and the barriers they face. The testimonies address real barriers—like cost—where paying fees at an Internet café can mean skipping a meal that day, or battling frequent power outages can make blogging one post, a multi-day task. Women have also shared security risks faced in connecting online—from the dangers of walking to and from Internet cafes to government censorship. Yet despite the challenges and risks women endure, what has emerged is that the benefits of Internet access outweigh these challenges, and connecting to the web has enabled friendships across oceans, access to fellowships and funding opportunities, and a venue for any woman—anywhere—to have a global voice.

Meanwhile, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Promotion and Protection of the Right to Freedom of Opinion and Expression, emphasized the vast benefits of Internet access in his report to the Human Right Council arguing that access is a universal human right, and urging governments around the world to pass laws protecting the freedom of internet access and information. "Given that the Internet has become an indispensable tool for realizing a range of human rights, combating inequality, and accelerating development and human progress, ensuring universal access to the Internet should be a priority for all states," - Frank La Rue, UN Special Rapporteur and author of the report.

This Action Blogging Campaign will not be the last of our efforts to advocate for universal access to the Internet. Here at World Pulse we hear your concerns and are committed to addressing them. As an online community of women leaders, we want to make sure that women’s voices and their specific concerns about this important issue are heard.

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