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World Pulse wants to hear YOUR testimony on Access to the Internet!

Dear sisters,

Today, freedom of expression and equal access to knowledge and ideas has become synonymous with access to the Internet. As we witness on PulseWire every day, the Web has opened a new frontier for the free exchange of ideas, exposure to new markets, and global forums for building movements. Yet hundreds of thousands of people are excluded from participating—due to cost and infrastructure, threats to safety, government censorship, etc.

I want to invite you to participate in a new campaign on PulseWire on the topic of Universal Internet Access and Digital Freedom. We are asking PulseWire sisters to share your personal testimonies on obstacles faced and risks taken in accessing the Internet to seek information, speak freely, and connect globally. As well as innovative ways you're utilizing the Internet to accelerate change in your life, your community, or globally. How has the Internet made a difference in your life? What will it take to improve access in your community, and what does Universal Internet Access and Digital Freedom mean to you?

World Pulse was built on the principle that every woman deserves the freedom and forum to speak for herself and build a global network of support. Over the last three years, we have witnessed an uprising of grassroots women leaders from 185 countries, harnessing the power of web 2.0 through our online community platform, PulseWire, to connect across borders and accelerate change.

In October 2010, World Pulse conducted a PulseWire community survey, soliciting insight on how you're utilizing our platform for personal and community empowerment, and how we can improve our technology to further facilitate your potential for success. In analyzing the results, the issue of access emerged as a key concern for our community, with cost, access to a computer or smart phone, consistent electricity, and censorship reported as main barriers to connecting online.

Raise your voice and speak your truth to bring awareness to this rising, global human rights issue. Together, let's lead the conversation and ensure a gender lens on global advocacy efforts to bridge the digital divide and demand our right to access!

Your testimonies will be leveraged to advocate for Universal Internet Access and Digital Freedom at the highest levels of policy-makers and International Human Rights bodies.


1. Write your Testimony
In your PulseWire journal, share your personal testimony on the every day obstacles you face and risks you take in accessing the Internet. How has the Internet made a difference in your life, what will it take to improve access in your community, and what does Universal Internet Access and Digital Freedom mean to you?

2. Tag your Journal
In the tag field of your journal, type Access Now to be sure your post is included in our campaign and advocacy work.

3. Be Heard!
World Pulse is committed to leveraging your voices for global change. We will compile your testimonies and share them with key policy-makers and International Human Rights bodies. Submit your testimony on PulseWire by June 17, 2011 to ensure your voice is included in our advocacy campaign.

4. Be Published!
Throughout the campaign World Pulse will select and publish the most powerful testimonies in the Community Voices column of our online Magazine.

5. Invite your Friends
Post a link to your testimony on your Facebook or Twitter account, and encourage your friends to join us. Together, we are stronger!


In solidarity,
Jade and the World Pulse team


AJWA's picture

i realy think that plusewire

i realy think that plusewire is a powerfull community of voice.internet made a difference in my life.first time in my life i m shere persnol matter of plusewire team.i think its best for women wish my voice is included in advocacy campaign.its my testimony,internet change my life ,now i m shere every thing with online women friend of differnt countrys.i m frm azadkashmir so i m very happy becuse i m the member of plusewire.its cradit gose to internet becuse internet throw i m make online frnds.internet communicated with one another.the advent of emailfor fast and direct transfer of information n fils.internet browsing on smart phone has amplifiedour ability to work from literally any where.the impact of global communication n culture.internet improve our community.internt throw i freely talk.. with others.

Victoria Filipinas's picture


In this era of rapid modernization and techological advancement, a significant section of communities still don't have access to the web. With your invitation, i yearn to post to my journal my views on the topic Universal Internet Access and Digital Freedom.

Thanks, Jade!

Onward for Victory!

Through these forums and platforms we can share knowledge and ideas and help each other .Internet if used in the most positive ways is got the power to change lives . It makes difference in the way we can communicate and also reach out to people .

Thanks ,

Kavita's picture

Yes, its true that by getting

Yes, its true that by getting to know view of others on the concepts which you have in mind is very useful for future actions. And thats what we get to do here with Pulsewire.

RE: Sharing innovative ways of utilizing the Internet to accelerate change in your life, your community, or globally. How has the Internet made a difference in your life? What will it take to improve access in your community, and what does Universal Internet Access and Digital Freedom mean to you?
This is a significant topic that should be discussed and I browsed with the hope of gaining some insight into the reality face by individuals and communities.

My conclusion are presently an assumption that we are too involved in the struggles and implementing of programmes to reflect and relate on "paper"..I mean in writing the barriers and challenges face in pursuit of the Access to information Age, equipment and internet service.

I want to make the time to mobilize the computer literate women in the support groups to do some documenting to inform the campaign...and will try...accepting the difficulty face in accessing a computer and internet service...Yes this is the first barrier to getting more women respond to the topic

more later...

Margi's picture

Internet in Lusaka, Zambia

I'm sitting right now with two dear friends, Maureen and Gertrude. We've been working together for the last four weeks to introduce computer literacy and internet access to our community of widows, orphans and at-risk-youth in Ng'ombe, a poor neighborhood in the capital city of Zambia. I've also been teaching youth here how to access and share information through video...will be posting the videos soon when I get to faster internet! For now, here are some thoughts from my friends:

"Access to the internet is important because the internet is wide so if we go on it we will learn more of the things of which we have never heard and which we don't know." -Maureen

"It brings us close together although we are on different continents" -Gertrude

If you're interested in learning more about what these powerful community leaders are up to check us out at, more from us soon :)


Dookwase's picture

Lack of resource

for me , I have knowledge of use of the internet and accesss but the difficulty is getting access to a computer or PC with which to use.

maombi's picture


i'm so glade to be in is community.i have the knowledge of use of internet,before that i couldn't rwite english or speak but now i'm able to rwite and to speak a few.i 'm a teacher of school sunday, i help the children to grow up with God.i like so much a network computer.

swabhiman's picture

manual scavengers women and girls

Think puls wire is powerful community for stranthing to women in development in there right,rehabilitation livelihood and leadership i like it and encourage my will to working with women


swabhiman's picture


"Manual Scavenging" - One of the thousands years old inhuman practices of Caste based Slavery / Apartheid / Untouchability, against 300 million downtrodden marginalized castes (Dalits or Untouchables) of Asia/India, ...... treated by upper castes as inferior than animals under 3000 years old evil Caste System (social heirarchy system), hence called "Untouchables" --- This evil practice of cleaning human excreta out of dry latrines, sewers and septic tanks by their hands, and carrying the filth of people over their heads, is still going on unabated, against the dalit/untouchable "Bhangi" Caste (scavenger caste also called Balmiki caste) people. Despite passage of 65 years after Indian independence (in 1947), there is wide spread use of wet latrines in rural India from where the people of this downtrodden Untouchable caste (Bhangi caste) are engaged to remove the human excreta manually. This helpless weak dumb "Bhangi" caste through thousands years of slavery, have been forced to believe, this inhuman profession as their fate & destined duty (where they are compelled to enter sewers/man holes without safety measures loosing their lives often, which is always ignored by the caste based discrimination system just like the death of animals) ; ........who have been forced into such an extent of darkness, unawareness & backwardness, that even they do not know the systematic injustice & inhuman slavery forced upon them ; who only know to undergo the slavery & humiliation silently ; who even do not know to raise a voice for their rights & justice ; and who are used by selfish corrupt politicians only for the Votes in their elections and are always misguided & exploited by these politicians to keep them under slavery & denial of their human rights always .......... Even if some of the members of this downtrodden caste (Scavenger/Bhangi/Valmiki caste), manage to acquire high qualification & good job, fighting the tremendous economic & social odds, they are not tolerated at their high position by the upper caste dominated system; and are subject to severe harassment & humilation to make the life difficult to them and to push them into indirect slavery & destruction.
For last some time recently, world community has been giving the attention to this pathetic situation of Bhangi caste people engaged in this inhuman work ; And therefore politicians of India are now talking the elimination of manual scavenging & removal of wet latrines (from where these poor scavengers are made to remove the human excreta manually) ; And also some laws have been made recently to treat the use of manual scavengers as crime (but, these laws can not be expected to prevent the exploitation & slavery of this downtrodden class having no voice, as this is a hard truth that long existing caste atrocities prevention laws i.e. SC/ST Prevention Of Atrocities Act has already proved to be a failure in preventing the caste based atrocities over Untouchables/Dalits). But sadly these politicians/leaders are making no program to ensure the real & necessary rehabilitation needs for scavenger caste / bhangi caste. ........... In fact, a 3 Tier Rehabilitation program is required for Bhangi people engaged in Scavengers jobs i.e. three basic welfare measures are required to be ensured after removing them from thie manual scavenging jobs :--- (1) Provision of government jobs to scavengers after leaving scavenging work, so that they can comfortably earn their daily bread. In the absence of government job, they would only keep struggling to survive, because private jobs or any other private occupation would give them extremely insufficient income, in the Indian economic environment where poor people find themselve compelled to suicide due to extreme poverty & extremely low income/wages ; (2) Ensuring high education to their children, who otherwise would keep struggling for education, due to weak financial resources of Bhangi caste people and non-availability of adequate education for poors ; (3) Guarantee of permanent good income jobs for their children (in government as well as in well established private companies) if they acquire good qualification ; or otherwise, proper jobs according to their qualifications whatsoever ; as the caste based discrimination affected social environment of India would make it extremely difficult for these children to get good jobs even after acquiring good qualifications. The deep rooted caste bias & caste hatred in dominating Indian upper caste people's minds against Untouchabes (Dalits), would pose all roadblocks in the path of qualified Bhangi caste (scavenger caste) people's children in acquiring the appropriate jobs. The Bhangi caste (scavenger caste) youth, after acquiring qualification can not be left to the mercy of private companies or to the mercy of too restricted (limited) number of reserved jobs for dalits in government sector. In the polluted Indian economic environment, private companies can not be expected to give the proper jobs to capable & qualified dalit/scavenger caste youth, without reservation provisions.
............ Sadly no body is worried about these real needs, so far. Any rehabilitation/upliftment program would result a failure, and in fact, result in further loss & further downfall in the already miserable condition of these downtrodden Untouchable people if it does not take care of these basic needs. If these basic rehabilitation needs are ignored by politicians/leaders, then their talks of elimination of manual scavenging & rehabilitation of scavengers, have no meaning & no honesty


nades2208's picture

Access to the Internet

Nowadays, internet access has become part of our daily routine. It has indeed opened so many opportunities around the world. For one, it has empowered women across the globe in which it serves as a very vital medium for women to express their views and opinions. Through the years, it has been become an effective means of promoting gender equality around the world. As a working mother, internet access has greatly helped me in my pursuit to further my studies thru distance education. Indeed, internet access has continuously making all things possible wherever, whenever.

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