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Sharing Each One Teach Five Experience


Dear All,

I’m very glad to report you about the Each One Teach Five training which I organized and conducted last Sunday. I was so sorry that I couldn’t send you my preparations prior to the training day for two reasons; the internet connection problem and having a pile of works at the end of one of our projects.

Although I had to do it out of my busy schedule, I was very pleased for the program as I did try my best.
That’s really awesome experience for me having a chance to share what I gained from the VOF journey. Although I am currently mainly responsible for the training team in my organization and have been facilitating many events, this time still excited me since the preparation to the morning of the training day. What I learned in VOF is really rooted in my heart vividly but I carefully reviewed all the materials so I think I could present in a calm and confident manner and answer the responses and questions fairly.

The training participants are from a variety of background and all of them are who I’m working with in some ways. One is from a teaching background and one is a nurse and the rest are my students in CEDeN (Community Education Development Network), a working group under the umbrella of British Council, Burma. They all don’t have any background of journalism but they are very interested to join the program. They are really inspiring women who are dedicated to the development of their community here, in Myanmar. They all are volunteering in a variety of organizations as educators and community outreach workers. What I necessarily aim is the sense of exactly training but just a knowledge sharing program. Obviously, one day is not enough to tell all about VOF experiences so my intention is to let them know about what citizen journalism and Web 2.0 briefly and familiar with World Pulse and Pulse Wire community. I made it a beautiful power point slide show. The presentation is for my reference and their visual aid and I also used flip chart, group discussion and presentation, games and participant questionnaire for the sake of attraction, good understanding and creativity. All the cost of training such as handout photocopies, lunch, coffee and snacks are my contribution. One of my colleagues assisted for the logistics.

At the planning and preparation, I didn’t have any challenges. But in the training, I found some issues. Although I aimed my Each One Teach Five as knowledge sharing program, the participants were very eager to learn for the in-depth gain, they saw my training is great but too short. I could manage well in terms of timing but when their interest level is raised, it is very challenging to handle answering all they want to get into in a period of a day. And honestly, it is pretty exhausting for a single trainer to talk and answer for the whole day.

Hence, for the future, it’s my willingness to organize a variety of in-depth trainings related to my VOF experiences in both urban and rural communities in particular settings. First, I’ll engage and share my knowledge and skills to my closet society such as my colleagues, by this way; I can have support from them. I would like to have such trainings and community events in organizational level collaborating with my friends and the organizations I am working for (Metta Moe Myanmar and SalusWorld) rather than doing personnel level.

It’s my pleasure to hear your comments and feedback for the training and suggestions for the future plan. And I am very happy to answer if you still have some questions.

Wow! I am about to forget. Two of my participants have already joined to Pulse Wire and they are Ororo Logan and Zalat Phyu. I’ll follow up to the rest three and encourage them to raise their VOICES. I wish we could have Myanmar language in your translation tool very soon.

Thanks again for all your encouragement and support. Without you all, I could not have done such a great work.

With Love,
Insha Allah



vivian's picture


O Dear,

You have done so well by carrying the each one teach five assignment. Great to hear that two of them have joined world pulse. what i wonderful job you have done. well done and keep it up.

All the best


''Every woman have a story at every stage of Life''

Insha Allah's picture


Dear sister Vivian,

I'm very glad to hear your encouraging feedback. That's really a praise for what I have done and a motivator for my ways forward. I'm also listening to the powerful VOICES of my fellow sisters. Congrats again for your success to be able to join next critical stage to the Empower Institute training prize.

With love,
Insha Allah

Shwe Wutt Hmon

Sarvina's picture

Congratulations dearest!

You have done a wonderful job with Each One Teach Five training, it is awesome indeed! Congratulations with your hard work to raise Burmese women' s voices.




Sarvina from Cambodia
VOF 2011 Correspondent

Insha Allah's picture

Thank you so much

Dear Sarvina,

Thank you so much for your congratulations. I'm very glad to receive it and also listening to the voices of my sisters here. Congrats again for your achievement to the journey to the US.

with love,
Insha Allah

Shwe Wutt Hmon

mrbeckbeck's picture

Well done!

This is so great! Congratulations to you for getting this project started!

I think it is a wonderful idea to start with a small group of people that you work with... and then, once they're more trained, have them help you train EVEN MORE women in Myanmar, because like you say, it's a lot for one person.

Thank you for reporting back to us, and I am so excited to see where this goes from here


Scott Beck
World Pulse Online Community Volunteer

Insha Allah's picture

Detail Report!

Dear Scott,

I'm very glad to hear that you have the same view as with me. I have more confident to tell the new topics I not used to in front of small group of interested people rather than in a large setting. Although we have some challenges such as language and risky, those women I worked with are very eager to participate in World Pulse and Pulse Wire and I'll try my best to support their concern.

And I have also reported the more detail of my activity to your Email.

Thanks again for everything you have been supporting to me (to all of us).

Best regards,
Insha Allah

Shwe Wutt Hmon

Rachael Maddock-Hughes's picture

Great Job!

Dear Insha Allah,

This is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! I am so grateful for all your hard work, dedication and passion. I couldn't have asked for a better first Each One Teach Five report--and you are the first one to turn this in. And thank you for sharing your experience with the group-I know it will be an inspiration.

I will also check with my team to see if we can get the translation tool for the Myanmar language soon.

Please keep us up to date with any other trainings you're going to do (it sounds like you will be doing a lot!), and if you need any assistance. I would also recommend you to suggest to your friends who have more in-depth questions, to apply to the program again next year of course.

Kindest regards and best of luck,


"In every human heart there are a few passions that last a lifetime. They're with us from the moment we're born, and nothing can dilute their intensity." Rob Brezny

Farona's picture

Insha ! Thanks for sharing

Insha !
Thanks for sharing such a great review! Loved reading about it ;- )
You’ll be perfect in no time and will be advising the rest of us ;- )
Excellent work! Look forward to more updates

Insha Allah's picture

Thank you so much

Dear Sister Farona,

Thank you so much for your very positive and supportive feedback. We’ll are going forward to another great journey after working vigorously in the inspiring and empowering journey.

With Love,

Shwe Wutt Hmon

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