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This City

This city.

With its concrete veins and toxic breath.

I stand on this hill and watch as it slowly sprawls towards me, one structure at a time.

I scream into the wind, with a voice that splits my body in two:

Crawl back into the depths of the human mind from which you came.

Take this rubbish, from my eyes.

Let me see myself once again.

Let my waters flow unhindered and uncontaminated.

Take these shrieks of hatred and greed and let them be drowned out by the beat of the universe.

Let me hear the sound of my own breath again,

the sigh of the flowers as they soak up the sun,

the moan of the trees as they stretch their arms towards the sky.

Let me feel the wild horse’s thunderous gallop and the coyote's prowling sprint.

I will restore myself; I will replenish what you have taken.

You who take what never belonged to you, disrupting the balance.

My mutilated forests will once again tower, and serve the creatures that they were meant to serve.

My oceans will be reclaimed by the giants, the giants whom you have tortured and diminished, whom you have leaked your cancer to.

You shall reap the injustices you have sowed.

Humanity! You have rebelled against the role which you were given in this great cycle.

I no longer recognize these creatures that trample upon me.

The uniqueness which I have given you has been your downfall.

Your intelligence which was meant to enable you to thrive amongst each other has mutated into stupidity. Foolish men who destroy all which they are given to survive on.

As I prepare for the day that I cleanse myself of all your debris, think on this;

What does it mean to be a member of the human species?

Where have you gone wrong?

Where has this blanket of sorrow and despair come from?

Why have you allowed yourselves to be smothered by it?

Why do you believe that you could bend my direction and amuse yourselves with roles which you were not designed to play?

Your world as you know it is about to be ripped apart. I will no longer provide for the systems of opression which you have created.

For those that weep for me, listen! Watch!

You are the seeds of the next era.

Learn to love. Learn to work the role you were meant to work in behalf of the universe less you be removed from me like those who selfishly work and weep only for themselves.

Remember the pain that humankind is feeling and the pain that humankind has inflicted. Let the knowledge of my cycle be spread.

The cycle

I can feel the bitterness in my spirit. Bitterness for the way the world operates. I feel animosity towards the people who refuse to change, those who refuse to think outside of their own needs. I have built a case thick with bitterness against the hatred I see in the world. I feel as much a contributor to the cycle of hatred as those whom I blame for the hatred in the world. I can feel the bitterness inside of me being pulled from my spirit and gravitating towards the cycle and it hurts.

“We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”

~Martin Luther King Jr.

Humanity has still not learned to live by the meaning of these words. We are still perishing like fools.

I stand here and pose a question for all to hear. I invite all who understand. Lets grow and live together as family, lets disengage from the fools as they parish. Walk with me past those who work futilely to salvage that which cannot be saved. Let’s untangle ourselves from the tentacles of senselessness.

Together we can find the line of logic; together we can begin to understand and act out the concept of love, together we can learn the meaning of ourselves, the meaning of humanity.

To all who identify the word humanity with kindness, compassion and unity, I urge you to lead by example. Walk away from the systems which imprison us. The insatiable financial system which our society feeds on cannot exist without us. It will only end when we stop funding it. We must learn to live modestly. If there is no one who is willing to buy that sixty inch big screen T.V. then the industry will be forced to go under. Same goes for the luxury car and SUV industry, the clothing and accessory industries, and the credit card industry that is used to pay for all this senseless waste. They will all go under. This is what our country needs. Do not let the media play upon your fears. Our world will not end without these industries. Our economy may fall, but so what. Those who prepare themselves and group together will spare themselves the suffering that this fall will bring. Those who ignore the warnings, fight change and continue to fund the sick economy will suffer from their own choices, and they will suffer rightfully so, as fools.

In order to get to a place where we can begin to shape a new world and a new way of living, we must allow our economy to fall. Through its demise is the only way we can start from scratch. Until our economy is completely ripped to shreds, our government will continue to try and fix it with band-aids and stimulus packages. Anything to keep the system going, anything to keep us working our asses off for a meager wage so we can pay for all of our crap, anything to keep filling pockets of the wealthy.

To all who can envision a new world, let your voice be heard, let your actions be seen. Stand up and remove yourself from the cycle of foolishness. Refuse to support those who do not work to promote change and those who try to force our dependency upon their institution. Pull your money from corporations that manipulate your choices by saturating your senses with their products.

Walk with me into a community content to live within its means. Help me create a life where you and yours flourish from my achievements, a place where your growth nourishes me and enables me to grow as well.

Stand with me while we create a world where we understand the balance of relationships. Person to person, person to community, community to community, community to resources, resources to the earth, we are all linked and dependent upon the health of each relationship. If there is an imbalance in any of these relationships, we are all affected and our ability to fulfill our purpose in the universe is disrupted, and as we know, the universe won’t stand to be disrupted. The universe will always continue in its timeless rhythm, with humanity, or without.

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