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The Story of a Girl

The Story of a Girl
She like to hear music. She spent most of her time to hear music. She like to travel, travel to new places and explore new things but not with her family but with her friends and other relatives, she was alone but she has a lots of people to love and to be loved,but then also she is alone. Now we will get a short description about her family. She have a brother,Anand, he was her best friend. she discloses all of his secrets to him. Now she is studying in plus two. We can go back some years later............
She was a small student,studying in 3rd standard she doesn't known anything about this world. It was a holiday she went to one of her relatives house, there was no TV in the house she went, so she went to the neighbour house which is also a relatives house she started to watch a film. Her aunty's son was also there, only these two were there. And I think those who are reading this got an idea about this. He just came near to her and sat beside her. Just touched her in her thigh and touched there for some time,she could not do anything or she doesn't know what to do. She don't know what's all these. From school she plays with all her friends including boys but they never did like this she thought like this and forgot. She forgotten about all this incident and concentrated in her studies and playing with others. But don't think that her story is over. After 4th standard she changed her school, got new friends,a lot to study and engaged in that. Now she is studying in 8th standard. Now she know something about the world and the peoples who lives in this world. And next thing happens from a place of marriage. First of all I will explain how a marriage will be there in kerala. When the bride and groom exchange ring and chain everybody will go to eat lunch and that is also everybody will crowd in the place where the food is served,there will be a gate also,and when the gate is opened everybody will push to get the seat, it is the custom of Keralities. And I have to say that really it is a bad custom. When she was also standing like that a man came and stood back of her she didn't mind it, when the gate is opened everybody started to push and the man started to scratch on her back, she don't know how she escaped from it actually he pushed the persons in front of her and ran to inside. When she reached inside she was stuck for a moment. When she sat for eating her hands was vibrating she couldn't eat anything. She sat as a statue of thinking about the last moment happened to her. She didn't tell this to anybody she was afraid, afraid about the reaction from others. That night she cried, she doesn't know why but she cried, cried until she get mental recovery from that incident. Next year she changed her school once more. she lost all her best friends. But new best friends were waiting for her. On that year, in a Christmas vacation she went to Delhi with her family. She saw everything Tajmahal, ancient monuments like everything. On the last day they went to roadside market for shopping. I t was very crowd, some men came back of her. And repeated same happened in marriage. This also she didn't tell to anybody. Every secret lies in her mind. She tried to forget everything, tried to involve more in her studies. It was the last year in her high school years. In kerala grades are told instead of marks. There are 10 subjects to study. A+ is the first grade. And she got 7 A+ and 3 B in her exam. It means She is qualified for higher studies. There are 3 main subjects to be studied in plus two – Science,Commerce and Humanities. She took Commerce. I forgot to tell about her teachers. They was other persons who had make a very high difference in Her life. She think her favorite teachers as Gods. There are so many community in her school like Scout and guides, NSS(National Service Scheme) etc. She joined in NSS. And next incident happened on one of the occasion related to NSS. There will be a camp outside the district. And she and one of her friend was decided to go for this camp. It was the place named Trivandrum. At least 13 hours travel in bus. She was very happy to go, to see new places, new things, etc. But all things get changed when the night comes. There was TV in the bus, she was watching it. Then a teacher (who is from another school) came to her seat and told her friend to sit in front and he sat there.
It was all dark except the light from TV. Slowly the teacher raised his hand and tried to hug her. She tried to move from there, but she couldn't. And he touched her leg for sometime. And he told that “DON''T TELL THIS TO ANYBODY”. Her body was shocked. It is a teacher. That was the only reason she shocked. There is a saying in Malayalam – “MATHA PITHA GURU DAIVAM”. It means – Mother Father Teacher God. Even God comes after Teacher. Her mind was gone. She hated to live thereafter. Every body in the world becomes strange to her, she hated every body. At last when she couldn't tolerate she told to her brother. It was a tension relief for her. Anand was shocked to hear all this. He tried to make her understand that nothing had happened to her, and he almost won in that. She came to her early life slowly. She engaged in so many programs as per the instructions of her brother. Now she is happy, she remembers all things but then also is happy. Now she is courageous than any other girl. Unfortunately that unlucky girl is me. Its me who have got these many situations to go through.


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Hi Shilpa

I am very happy to see the brave girl like you who dare to speak in spite of her all the pain in life! I felt sad when i read that you were so speechless and helpless when all the things happen in ur life but you way to go girl:)

I am sure you can achieve many things in life. I also suggest you to take part in Voice of Our Future Program which will be open in some months.

About writing , the grammar has to be improved and the story sequences! But as it is your story it doesnt matter i got what you wanted to tell!

I am looking forward to read more about you and i am sure, as u have dared to speak it will encourage many to do the same!

A good beginning in world pulse:) Shilpa :)

I thought i sent you a message.anyway.........I will improve my English.And now i am hardly trying for that. And i am also a little poet. My one of the story and poem was published in my school magazine. But i am afraid to publish in this.I don't know why. And i searched for the voice of our future program.but it said that it is closed......And i will keep writing in a very good English.Thank for replying..................

with love

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