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An in brief SYNOPSIS of REMOLD

REMOLD a Catalyst of Equity:

A group of development practitioners decided to initiate a Non Government Organization for the people who are living in the state of violation of their rights. The key idea of REMOLD reflected certain uneasiness with the current patterns of development initiatives of Bangladesh that all too often benefits the development agencies rather than the victims. In the year 1993, REMOLD (Resource Mobilization for Development) has established in the countryside neither affiliated to a political party nor religious denomination. REMOLD is an idealistic organization and accept as true that
“small is beautiful and change is possible”.

Values of REMOLD:

As social catalyst, the REMOLD actively work against discrimination and social injustice to transform better lives to the people which implies more humane and equal access of men-women to socio-cultural, political and economic opportunities. REMOLD deemed that the nonstop over-consumption and excessive life-style of a small number of peoples leads to increase intolerable sufferings of greater part peoples of one world. The REMOLD thus an act according to the code of partnership while the cooperation is not only stand for focus on transfer of money, but also on exchange of common values and deliver services for a better world.

REMOLD believes that one knows one’s needs and their solution better than anybody else. One can only develop oneself by own efforts and others may lend a hand in course of facilitation the collaborate action of one’s. Appropriate functional knowledge and institutional support behind the action process increase the required capabilities of an independent actor where lack of money is less important. Hence, the work of REMOLD is deeming to deepening the process of transforming to an equal and unprejudiced society where a human being would have the right to be oneself and not at all discriminated for gender based violence.

Priority of work:

Bangladesh being a deltoid country is one of the most densely populated in the world. About 50% of total population is woman. Women have participated in the great Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971 and contributed a lot for finding a free, fair and equal opportunities in the society. Unfortunately, women’s human rights are quite vulnerable instead of their dream of liberation war. Overall the status of women is in danger at present due to increasing number of rape, domestic violence, trafficking of women, eave teasing/sexual harassment, dowry, acid violence etc across the country.
Every body should have the right to decide their sexual preference, have a freedom of private life, and freely choose a partner without being subject to discrimination. It is also a basic human right that not be subjected to torture–including marital rape of women. But the hyper sexualized culture of men of the country exposes to badly chosen behaviors to women that extremely hamper the process of achieving women’s human rights. Sexually charged images to women, men may feel humiliated pressure to sexually torture the women and the number of horrible incidents is increased intolerably. Incessant heckling and sexual harassment to teenaged school girls and college going young women by stalker youths appeared a leading tragedy of suicide of many talented girls/women only to have a respite from the agony of harassment and or sex violent behavior of men.

Together with, in the society, women become a personal commodity with every part of her body including her womb subject to the husband’s control where reproductive freedom is a matter of social justice not individual choice. Women have ever not enjoyed the right to choose whether, when, how one will have children without favoritism of boy or girl.

Thus, women’s lives since childhoods turn into a complete threat as they see such images are getting more and more provocative in the society. Changes often come to power cycle but sustainable change rare come to women and girls' lives in Bangladesh.

Due to above reasons, the REMOLD more effectively tries to work with full concentration on the women’s issues in Bangladesh in order to bring sustainable transformation indeed. Rights Based Approach (RBA) is the key strategy of work of REMOLD through establishing strong partnerships with Community Based Organizations (CBOs), like-minded Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Academic Institutions and Youth. REMOLD work with them for strengthen the leadership capacity and effective participation of women, gaining and sharing of learning, engender youth forces, positive interaction between serviceable government institutions and people, make community people obligatory to alleviate the existing discriminations, lobbing and advocacy with present power, good Governance and anti-corruption, exchange know-how in country and abroad, broaden solidarity globally on the women’s issues.

Gist of Logo:

“Human beings along with all living beings living in one world in harmony with each other.”


“Make people aware of the causes of their suffering and their own resources aiming to facilitate their planning of the uses of the resources and arrival at solutions through an instance process of social and human development”.


“Serve those who are suffering the most, not only to remove their suffering but also to abolish the causes of their hardships”.


“Meet people with Love, Cooperate with people with Regard for their Dignity and Serve people with the best of our Abilities”.

Worked with partners:

The REMOLD obtained the vote of confidence to work together with the development partners based on the programme of women’s issues for an equitable social practice of men-women and achieved experience and competence since the years.

1. SWALLOWS- Denmark
2. Solidarity Across the Boarder-Denmark
3. SWALLOWS- Sweden
4. CONCERN-worldwide
5. UCEP-Bangladesh /Manusher Jonna
6. BRAC-Bangladesh

Please feel free to Contact:

Monu Gupta, Authorized Official, REMOLD, Maijdee Court, Main Road, Post Box # 45, Noakhali-3800, Bangladesh.
Telephone: +88 0321 71108, + 88 0321 62785, Cell: +88 01712524825

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