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What are your ideas for bringing women together globally to start movements using internet communications and media?

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blandina sembu's picture

Big Idea.

my big idear for bringing women together globally using media and comunication is that by being a role model for media awareness activities that advocates womens issues eg, am a woman with disability and a television presenter programme that is aired every week in an independent television ITV in Tanzania which is a special programme women to empower the women socially, economically and financially also the programme is to educate and entartain .With this is certain that it takes place in Tanzania and the East African countries also i will make more advocate for other media houses have big dishes and setlites that will make their tv media houses access many channells that even my womens journal programme in kiswahili called JARIDA LA WANAWAKE BE AIRED.
Advocacy for women net work on a grobally need is a ket goal for making a change to bring the women together.The power of movement is seen and propagation for spreading it follows with a great zeal for acquaring seccess
Thankyou for now
Blandina Sembu.

aissekeita's picture

My big idea

les femmes dans la communication est une grande malgre les bonnes idees que les femmes ont pour bouger le monde si elles ne le partagent pas avec les autres cest lehec .la communication permet datteindre un maximum de publique et de mieux faire passer les messages pour faire evoluer le mouvement dse femmes
Aisse keita Mali

NMEZI SYBIL's picture

my big idea for women

To strengthen the women,s voice and movement for positive change.To disseminate information to all women in a split second. To let the feminists network with one another.

Thank you.

Sophie's picture

My Big idea for women

Women media and Movements!! these need to be bed fellows. Women's issues have been kept private for so long, yet they are not, women need to bring out those 'personal and private" issues into the open and confront the world with this reality. Media is a great tool and especially in the IT era where different modes can be used to reach the world as well as connect more and more women for a strong movement. To make this a reality women need to communicate each and every day of their lives, let others know what is happening where they are, share their lives and their stories of courage and bravery as well as of tears and helplessness. The world need to know the reality of matters and use of media and IT in communicating this will make sure that even if the world tries to turn a blind eye, THEY KNOW.
Sophie Ngugi

The YWCA is a global NGO that has a membership of 2.2m women as such it has a great opportunity to connect its women through the media, communicating messages and stories of empowerment of women whether through radio,tv, or the internet.The Papua New Guinea YWCA has itself decided that connecting its members and women in the community through radio programmes and access to the internet is a powerful tool for change and empowerment.
We know that we are reaching thousands of women through the nationally broadcast programmes with women calling in to the programmes to find out much needed information and communicating their own personal stories.
This is the BIG IDEA that we have in PNG to being our women ogether nationally this can only translate globally throuhg organisations like the World YWCA that can transmit the goals of empowerment through media & technology.

Barbara Young's picture

my big idea for women

My big idea for women is to use mass media communications by email blogs and text to pass information around from one group to another,strengthening and sharing the work around the globe.

Thank you.

women need to focus energy and take responsibility for making their/new/proactive/holistic/economically innovative and independent media (structures).

yes, it seems very hard, maybe almost impossible, but it should be regarded as an ultimate challenge and transformative force.

that is mine, very, very very strong opinion on it.
and i'm trying to find a way for 2 years now. will be happy to share ideas and thoughts on that.

and also, i see pulsewire as very good and different / new initiative, and am looking forward to contributing, monitoring and helping the growth.

Helena Dora Tlhabanello Lebereki's picture

Big Idea.

To learn and share ideas from other women
To exchange ideas and build a strong linkages
To ensure effective solutions, strategising between different women groups
To empower women to fight against any discrimination
To network globally as to bring changes in different setups.

The role of media and communications is very crucial in bringing together women globally to engage directly with stakeholders and also facilitate greater synergy between role-players and higher institutions at various stages for effective service delivery.
This rationale is based in part on the experience for setting up one globe (
This will ensure Stakeholders giving voice to the women – particularly poor and marginalized women who suffer from extreme poverty – this will help ensure that their views are factored into policy and legislative decisions across the globe.
I also plan using media and communications to bring aboard men from globally to support women movements and initiatives. (
This will also ensure other men to emulate and start supporting women’s movement
My big idea in using media and communications for bringing women globally will be to spearhead a group of Social Entrepreneurs, ICT specialists, Graphic Designers, Media / Marketers, Teachers, Service Providers, Donors , Role Players, Stakeholders, Public-Private Sector, Government, NGO’s, Existing and aspiring Women Entrepreneurs to create the necessary cohesive group that will form the core staff of developing and campaigning entrepreneurship activities in our communities.
In addition to these, I will also bring on board a team of highly qualified mentors, coachers and Role Models.
Their role will be to ensure that the entrepreneurship message and content are easily understood by aspiring women entrepreneurs and all the members in the network.
I aim to break the mould of poverty, by offering a website and TV show (National and Global Television) specifically dedicated to Women in Business, providing them with a platform where they can find a wealth of useful information and professional advice regarding businesses.
This will ensure specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound (SMART) strategies for effective service delivery.
Moreover, this will create partnerships with government, private sector and women to ensure skills, advice, mentorship and funding at the forum are available to women at all times. Demand-driven skills will be highlighted to encourage competition between job training providers, which will increase the probability and better quality of services. Set up internships at the forum to provide on-the-job training for women.
Women leadership and dignity programmes will be offered at the forum.
Knowledge will be shared and strategies to how to offer Technical Assistance to underserved women in developing countries and solving complex problems of marginalized communities at the network.

My big idea of bringing women together globally using media and communications is through music packed with messages and translated into various languages to be played all over the globe. Also language barrier is a big problem for women to communicate all over, a woman who speaks french cannot share ideas with a woman who speaks spanish because of language barrier but with the FREE online translation on the internet women can use the tool to type messages for example in french and paste it on free online translation and translate to spanish then she can send to another woman who only speaks and understand spanish.

Am sure this will suggestions will be great.

betty mugo's picture

Betty's BIG IDEA

My big idea is to make the best use of the available mobile phones which have allowed people from all walks of life to own a mobile phone. Women all over the world now have access to mobile phones, are able o own and hence control the mobile phones in their possession.
By enabling women to access information and necessary updates through their mobile phones, we ensure that they are able to remain current and informed. Similarly through short message services, women from across the globe can share both information and skills including advice and tools on how to tackle their biggest issues.
Women are also able to send and receive money through mobile phones both for business and subsistence.

prisgee's picture

My BIG IDEA for bringing women together

My biggest idea of bringing women together, globally using media and communications is by making sure all women are reached to using the different forms of means of communication and media respective to them, that is making use of the internet, email, mobile phone, telephones, instant message posting, chat programms, sms, letters, television, radio, road shows, plays, posters, wall boards, newspaper, flyers, pamphlets, physical meeting, conferences, satelite meetings, displays through television in public places etc.

In order to include everywomen, even in the grassroots, it is important to investigate the most accessible form of media transmission and communication to all women, upgrade and educate the women where possible about the upgrading. Although most countries are now developed and priveledged to access internet, have mobile phones or telephones, it is important to include even those who do not have the access. We may make use of the Internet and email services which is more global, be networked as per region, to distribute the information simultaniously by using mobile phones, telephones, instant message posting, broadcasting on the television, radios or any means of airway.

We should highlight the information tree of distributing information, such that who ever receives the information must make it her responsibility to distribute to the next person using the respective form of communication, down up to the use of sending someone to go and finish up sending the message. This should also be the otherway round where information from the grassroot level also reaches all women in the more advanced or developed technical ares.

It would be importatnt to inform and advise women about the objectives of the network and make sure they know about it. The network will help reach out to everywomen, empower the women with knowledge, skills and updates about anything being posted. Having this network, will also help document and have an effective resources centre that is collective, uniform, and that is based on the same goal to empower and develop women. It will also help make anouncements and updates to keep women informed, and allow for feedback from all levels of the communication network. The network may also help by including self directed trainings to accomodate the women's long schedules and empower them with self directed skills learning.

I am positive, this would bring women together.

Developing a global partnership for development (UNDP MDG #8) which include providing access to ICT have now been recognized as a basic human rights especially among marginalized sector in least developed countries like the Philippines. I shared the same vision in exploring the potentials of these ICT tools for participatory education and community action through pioneering efforts in participatory video development.
Currently I am a Participatory Video (PV) Trainer/facilitator. PV as a development tool is design to build the capabilities of social development practitioners, marginalized sectors, individual advocates and other organized groups who wish to explore the use of PV method in gaining visibility and voice, and to facilitate information sharing and advocacy work to other stakeholders in civil society, government units, and other organizations.
As a PV practitioner, I have coordinated and produced PV projects which are currently being mainstreamed as a program in our research and extension unit. I continue to conduct PV training to grassroots communities including informal workers, women, youth, fisher folks and the Deaf community.
These PV outputs that the people produced are now used as teaching and training materials in our College. The PV process of making people write their own stories and making them realize the possibility of learning to use the video camera and the computer to complete a video production is always a remarkable experience to the grassroots communities. This has given the people more confidence and pride in appreciating and pursuing their development struggles
Being a participant at the AWID and FTX program, I gained more practical knowledge and other skills that can be used in exploring ICT as a powerful tool to accelerate women’s equal participation in this digital age. I do not have enough opportunity to experience sharing of experiences about ICT4D efforts for women empowerment so this opportunity has been very helpful in my advocacy in bridging the digital divide and creating meaningful opportunities where grassroots communities can make use of technology as a tool for their advocacy and organizing work.
This new learning and insights can also enhance our institution's continuing education program in providing training to community leaders and social development workers; conducting researches on development issues; and pioneering a combination of strategies to improve the socio-economic condition of the marginalized sectors of our society.
As a former media practitioner currently engage in social development work, it is important to study and understand the potential risks and gains of various ICT tools. This will help in building an alternative media that will also represent the marginalized sectors meaning for cultural identity, ideology, social and political interaction.
I also hope to explore potential networks that can partner with similar endeavour in pursuing a common goal for creating a better society.

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