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“Where the dream goes”

“Where the dream goes”
It was neither the given up nor the taken up, but just the dream up.

It was the childhood dream that draw closer as an image through my eyes, and even in these grown up age, when I close my eyes I see it, when I open my eyes I find it faded, it remain far and far from my presence. I know it is impossible, but I still dream, I don’t know why? A big question, just don’t ask it, but I still dream, I want to perceive the world of togetherness, full with co-operation, the healthy life where everyone suppose to be equal. The street full with the disable and helpless is now full with the caring people, who are ready to lent the hand for help, is my dream; the world where there is fragment is now adhered in my dream. The lonely unfortunate and poor little girl can moves forward in my dream. The one who don’t know much more, but still have dream can reach in her aim in my dream, it’s sound someone can laugh with this word, but this is the dream I see every day when I woke up from my bed, I take a long breath, I close my eyes to remain in my dream even for a few minutes, the only reason is I want the dream, I want to make it true, but the harder is the difficulty to count it into reality. It is not the only dream that I see this time, but the ages long, from my birth. It’s just the vague for someone; it’s just the worthless, empty and insignificant for someone, but for me it’s the clearest and the most significant one. I know it’s intricate to change the dream into reality, I even know that it’s unfeasible for such unknowledgeable who is just moving to count dream with just a little knowledge. Without the full of knowledge, but I still count, the only thing is, it’s not me who count, but it’s my soul who dare to me, who count my dream. I don’t want to recall the dream, but the more I walk the step, the more it follow me, it’s shadow comes near my eyes and knock the door, but shadow stay one step back when it remain unable to find the way in me, but I still think one day it can see the way in me, I still think lucky myself, I still think I can reach my dream, how absurd it is. When someone hears this word, how foolish I might be in their eyes, how stupid I might be, they assume, how ignorant and illiterate I can be but still the same dream I have. Someone can blast into laughter, I can sometime be the subject of laugh, I can sometimes be the subject of abhorrence, and I sometimes can be the subject of no notice. It’s ok for me, I didn’t care it, but the only word my soul utter is “When you want something the entire world will be in your support”. It’s just the proverb which may have some limitation and exception but my soul spells it, my heart accepts it. Knowing that the dream of me and the way I move is just the different path, even the clear vision of my real situation is different, but always I wonder when the dream of me comes true. I lingered for a long time with a optimistic soul, with a dream to get the opportunity, to grasp the opportunity and to accomplish the task and to reach the goal, but what do I get, how will it work, how do I accomplish my task and where will my dreams goes, all are the questions which answer I didn’t get yet? Where my dream goes, how will be the time when I get chance to work to meet my dream, to see the helpless people get to know the hard work of me to make them able to move, to walk, to awake them as their new life regain. Still the same dream again, even I’m in my own reality, but my eyes catches the innocence dream where I am busy in serving, where I am thankful for all the guidance, busy in recalling the movement, the help and the support of the teacher and my senior. Busy in giving thankful for all who did a joint effort to achieve my dream, thankful for the parents who gave birth to me, thankful for the respectable who understand vision of my dream and showed me the way, gave me the right knowledge and practice, consoles me either .Oh! God it isn’t real, again dream and dream. Onwards instead of smiling with my dream, now I am serious, my heart instead of smiling, become wordless of consolation, but my soul speaks a little word, it work as my real friend who know how I feel in absence of my dream into reality. Now, no more I take the long breath, when I glimpse my dream, because there is no symptom of my dream that can change into reality. It hurts me, it gives pain to me, it makes me suffer more and more, and then I began to realize that heart can’t be hurt by only people’s behavior, but even the time and situation, even the situation that make to fell pessimistic. I know these all, but all the words that I know are worthless so my soul don’t like to put them, just it wants to try to change the dream into reality. But I wonder where the dream goes? Will it fade with the unfavorable time and situation or will it try to make the time and situation move along with it? Still I only get the sound of optimistic even there is no sign to turn my dream into reality.


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Dear Kalpana,
I want you to know that dreams come true. I once had a dream of education. From hopelessness; No one to pay my school fees, no hope of anyone to come along. After persistent prayer and pursuit of my dream (education), I found my way out. Someone stretched her hand and educated me, the next dream was a well paying job. After suffering for a while with joblessness and poor pay, now I have a better job. My next dream was to educate others..through my efforts, one of my nieces is at the university as I write this.
Dreams come true, those who laugh at you now will laugh with you! Never under estimate yourself, stand strong in that desert, your dreams will come true no-matter your age. Thank you for sharing this.



I believe everybody has the potential to live a better life. Given the Opportunity, Education and Motivation ANYONE can become someone admirable. Nobody is a NOBODY, everybody is SOMEBODY.

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