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Post -Election Violence Emerge in Nigeria


What could have been a great joy and National re-birth of Nigeria as a result of the credible, free and fair election on the 16th of April, 2011 has tuned in a National sorrow and pain in Nigeria after the annunciation of the presidential election.

The commonwealth observers, European Union observers and National Democratic Institute observers as hailed the INEC for the credibility of the election.

violence as emerged in the North because a Christian won the presidential chair against his Muslim contestant. It is happening now, my friend just recieved a call that a fellow NYSC serving corpers has been killed. over 200 lives have been killed especially the corpers who are serving their dear Nation in the North and about 25,000 displaced from their homes. 25 corpers members were in killed in minna inec office bomb blast before the election. The stories flying is that the Muslim Northerns are killed the Christians in the North.

The violence is "neither ethnic nor religious," and yet the "mobs" and the "protesters" seem to be targeting Christians specifically. "Deadly riots hit north Nigeria as results show Jonathan wins," by Aminu Abubakar for AFP, April 18 (thanks to An Infidel):

Deadly riots erupted across Nigeria's north on Monday as results from presidential elections showed incumbent Goodluck Jonathan had won the contest that reflected deep regional tensions.
Results from all of Nigeria's states announced by the electoral commission showed Jonathan had handily beaten his northern rival, ex-military ruler Muhammadu Buhari. The electoral commission was yet to officially declare him the victor....

Residents reported that a home belonging to Vice President Namadi Sambo was among those set alight in the northern city of Zaria and a mob sought to burn a Christian woman alive in another area.

Churches were also burnt and a prison was raided, with a number of inmates escaping, residents said. Mobs roamed in a number of states, armed with sticks and burning bonfires in the streets.

An unspecified number of people were killed in Kano when homes and shops were attacked, in Gombe when a home was set ablaze and in Kaduna, where mobs had stopped people on the highway.

A spokesman for the national emergency management agency, Yushau Shuaib, confirmed deaths occurred in those incidents, but declined to provide figures out of fears of reprisals....

Police said the rioting had been instigated by those unhappy with the results, saying it was "neither ethnic nor religious." The military made similar comments and warned it was ready to act....

Of course. It's purely coincidental that those unhappy with the results are all Muslims, and their victims Christian.

In Kano on Monday morning, protesters stopped cars and demanded that passengers express support for Buhari.
A mob used wooden planks to beat two people who appeared to be Christians based on their dress, an AFP correspondent said. Bonfires were burned in the streets while schools and shops closed, with smoke rising above the city.

Protests also spread to the tense central Nigerian city of Jos, hit by years of deadly clashes between Christian and Muslim ethnic groups,

In the town of Potiskum in Yobe state, a resident reported that a mob sought to pin down a Christian woman and burn her with a tyre, but residents put the fire out and took her to hospital....

Jonathan, 53 and a southern Christian, is the first president from the main oil-producing Niger Delta region.

Buhari, a 69-year-old Muslim, has built a reputation as a fighter of corruption, but his "war against indiscipline" during his regime in the 1980s was also accused of outrageous rights abuses.

Nigeria is in serious crisis and no one know the next time that will happen. it is possible that this crisis can escalate to other state because similar things have happened in the past. The Christians in the east ans west may begin to kill the Muslims within the environment. This is my greatest fear.

I have always known that the Northern determines to a large extent the peaceful stability of the Nation. Just like i have analysed in my post in the challenges of the 2011 election. Their leaders are not been friendly to the Nation. For a credible election which involves the Vice Chancellor of all universities in Nigeria as the returning officers.



Fatima Waziri's picture

Vivian my dad's hotel was

Vivian my dad's hotel was burnt down in Kaduna State.


vivian's picture

So sorry dear, i pray the

So sorry dear, i pray the president will be able to address the violence.


''Every woman have a story at every stage of Life''

warona's picture

That violence

Dear Vivian,

I never thought there is this hostility among believers, indeed i waited for the results eagerly but what turned out is unbelievable.I didnt expect this. Am so sorry Vivian for your beloved country to be going thru this.The emergence of this violence has left me without word.

I pray for all those who have lost their loved ones.May God see them through.

Thanks for sharing

Let peace reign!


"success will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time " And when confronted conquer with love

vivian's picture

finally the scheduled

finally the scheduled elections have come to an end and the result of yesterday's governorship and house of rep. is yet to be announced. I am so glad it has come to an end, the crisis in the North is the major set back of the election thought there was killing and fighting in some other areas of the country but not as it is in the North. But all Glory given to God, we thank God for everything.

it was really a nice experience been part of the election process as an observer in the field, the election was credible, free and fair.


''Every woman have a story at every stage of Life''

lanjana's picture

this is really a sad

this is really a sad situation in Nigeria, with the deadline for constitution drafting coming to an end I fear my country Nepal will be in similar situation. And though we raise voice and act I don't know what is going worng with the us and our mindset. It really is a heartbreaking situation may you have the strength to pass this situation and hope this situation ends soon. Take care and keep posting

vivian's picture

Dear lanjana I do not wish

Dear lanjana

I do not wish that any country will go through what happened in my country within few days. I situation is now under control but lives have been lost. The scheduled elections has finally come to an end and we look forward to what our leaders will do to take Nigeria to our level.


''Every woman have a story at every stage of Life''

Celine's picture

It is just a pity

Well done Vivian for this report. Fatima, so sorry that your family is a victim of the violence.
It is just so sad that a free, fair and credible election, which many of us campaigned and laboured for is thus turned to an avenue to express bitterness and acrimony. I just see it as a reminder of the dis-parity between the north and southern part of Nigeria. It reflected during the colonial times, the days of independence and post - independence era. It reflects the differences in the understanding and or exposure of the different groups in Nigeria. One can hardly attribute it to religion because most victims are muslims. Neither can it be purely viewed from ethnic sentiments. People only hide under the social construct of ethnicity to perpetuate abuse and victimization. They are bottled up and wait for any available opportunity to explode. This incessant crisis and violence on innocent people has informed reason why so many people clamor for separation of the south from the north. It is such a pity that people refuse to reason that in a contest, one out of the many contestants must emerge a winner. There were more than 15 candidates contesting for the post of president, how come it must be Buhari to rule Nigeria. He has ruled this country before. So many people found him credible and voted for him and yet majority have their reasons for not voting for him. Nuru Ribadu of Action Congress of Nigeria was a muslim, why did they not protest for his loosing the election? Protesters have refused to come to terms with the fact that days are gone when Nigerians do not care about who goes to 'Aso Rock'. People are sensitized now and want to vote in people they will in future hold responsible and accountable.
Visit: I just remembered an academic paper I had in the past on Ethnic and Religious Differences in Nigeria and the Implications on the Nation's Security and Democracy.

vivian's picture

Dear Celine, I may thank you

Dear Celine,

I may thank you for giving me the opportunity to be an observer in this election, it was also exposed me to allot of information and meeting a lot of friends. It was indeed a nice experience. I thank God there was no cases of violence in my poling center apart from disagreement between acn and pdp party agent in yesterday's election but was later resolved immediately. I want to try and write a good report of the general election. We look forward to what elected leaders will do and how they will take Nigeria to the next level.


''Every woman have a story at every stage of Life''

Celine's picture

Kudos Vivian

You are welcome Vivian and congratulations for braving it to the field. I could not stay on as observer in the polling unit around my area. But I was receiving communications from around the states we deployed grass root people as well as following up on Television, internet and our incident Centre. It was a wonderful experience using ICT tools to observe the processes, actions and reactions. The governorship contests were tough especially in places like Imo, Lagos, Kwara where a woman contested, Ogun, C/Rivers and Delta where there was ballot snatching which was put under control through intervention of security men. I congratulate Nigerians and Civil Society Groups for the awareness and spirit of commitment exhibited by all especially security officers, observers and electorates. Yes, it was burning hot yet people turned out in large numbers. The sensitization yielded perfect results. Even my mother was alert enough. She told me that despite the cups of rice given to her by one political party, that she would cast her vote to the person she knows to have human heart and feeling for the suffering masses, and this she did!
The 2011 general elections was adjudged to be free and fair compared to what obtained since 1999. We give glory to God and look up to GEJ to deliver good governance to the teeming population. The Disability Community are not too happy because INEC did not consider the various requests we made prior to the exercise.

Emie Zozobrado's picture

So sad!

Oh my, Vivian! It's unfortunate that things like this happen. But as they say, in everything ... there is always a purpose. To get what we want, we either take a risk or pay the price, or do both ... and still not get what we want. Still, we hold on and hold fast as we journey as a people, because we have only one homeland and we will be accountable for the next generation.

You have written a very informative account on your national elections, Vivian. Great job! All the best...

Emie Zozobrado

vivian's picture

Hi Emie Am glad the election

Hi Emie

Am glad the election is over and the situation of the country is under control. I am really glad i was in the field as observer and the election was credible, free and fair.


''Every woman have a story at every stage of Life''

HARMONY's picture

Hi Vivian!

I have been away for almost a week but was having you and Nigeria in mind.

Sorry that things happenned this way. You said it : the fear is that you don't know what next.

We are praying with you!

Trust your HOPES, not your fears... Harmony

vivian's picture

Hello Harmony To God be thy

Hello Harmony

To God be thy Glory, situation of the country is under control and the election has come to an end. As a domestic observer of the election, it was a wonderful experience and the whole process of free and fair, there is no reason for violence if not for selfish reasons. I believe we will over come all the wahala.


''Every woman have a story at every stage of Life''

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