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Today ...



Right now, tears are unceasingly falling down my eyes.

Gone…, for a moment I stared blankly at my inbox. No more … but what did I expect? And then sadness crept over my whole being as I resign to the fact that my amazing journey was over. For the first time since six months ago I could not find those familiar and exciting emails I’ve been so eager to read and respond to - from World Pulse, Rachael, Scott, Anna (my editorial midwife), Ruth (my mentor), and from my awe-inspiring fellow 2010 Voices of the Future correspondents as well as from the amazing Pulsewire community .

From now on there will be no more midnight and unholy hour trips to cybercafés, no more group calls, no more deadlines, no more researches, no more writing assignments for me. I realize I was not quite prepared to stop, simply because there is no way to stop now.

And I smile despite my tears because …

Today, when I think of Zimbabwe it’s not just the grandeur of Victoria Falls that makes me long to be there … but because I have a Zimbabwean sister, Fungai, whose soulful poetry I adore …

Today, when I think of Cambodia I will no longer flinch on the gory memories of Pol Pot, but rather smile with fondness of the ever amiable Sarvina whose friendship I have cherished even before we made it to the 2010 VOF training.

Today, distant and strange nations have beautiful synonyms in my heart - Amani for Kenya; Amei for Maldives; Bounce and Fungai for Zimbabwe; Farona for Saudi Arabia; Harmony for Ivory Coast; Laura for Liberia; Shekina and SAsong for Cameroon, Ruun for Somalia; Marvah and Mursal for Afghanistan; Martha for Colombia; Najwa for Morocco; Ni Ni and Insha for Burma; Nilima for Nepal; Rose for Pakistan; Rudzanimbilu for South Africa; Sahar for Yemen; Sapnashahani for India; Sarvina for Cambodia; Slaw, Emilia and Vivian for Nigeria; Thais for Brazil; Warona for Botswania; Beatrice for Uganda; and Taina, Anna, Ruth, Rachael, Cristi, Scott, William, and many more in the USA. Wow, isn’t that real amazing? I can actually name names of loving sisters all across the globe!

Today I plunge headlong into the tall order of reclaiming our birthright – woman power.

Today I merge into a stream of nameless and faceless women from all across the globe as we journey to where we are meant to be.

Today I'm immersed into the beautiful bonding of sisters holding half the sky, reaching out to the other half and touching hearts of stone.

Today I have grown into the global womanhood, working and fighting for a better world and a more compassionate humanity, through beauty, inspiration, courage and love.

Today, my voice will rise louder and clearer as I sing my song in harmony with the other half of humanity.

Today I am one with every woman on earth – because in each of us is all of us.

And so today, we will stay grounded in fierce bonding as we serve as an oasis for those of our sisters who are still stranded and groping in the desert of helplessness, hopelessness, powerlessness and voicelessness.

Today, we will walk tall with the faith and conviction that more and more women will walk the paths we pave…

Today is a tougher journey … and we are on our way, steadfast, unstoppable, unrelenting…

We are the voices of the future … and we will prevail, today, everyday, and all the days to come.

We, the women of today, are claiming our tomorrow, for whatever it takes, for all it is worth.

Today ...


Rachael Maddock-Hughes's picture


Dearest Emie,

Thank you for your beautiful words, they are--and your are--and inspiration to all of us!



"In every human heart there are a few passions that last a lifetime. They're with us from the moment we're born, and nothing can dilute their intensity." Rob Brezny

Emie Zozobrado's picture

Thanks, Rachael ... always!

Rachael, I'm really really glad I found all of you here! God brought me here. This is not just a chance ... this is destiny. We will hold on together

Emie Zozobrado

HARMONY's picture

Same here!

Hi Emie,

We all feel the sadness and remembrance of all our sisters and WorldPulse Community!

I clicked on the report of your post eager to read because such notification or mail is not flowing as in those past months. But thanks we can stay in touch!

With Love

Trust your HOPES, not your fears... Harmony

Emie Zozobrado's picture

Yes, Harmony!

We will stay in touch, Harmony ... because we are one, as we are meant to be. I will be here ...

Emie Zozobrado

vivian's picture

you spoke my mind

O my Dearest Emie

You have spoken my mind and am sure it is same with my fellow VOF. The eagerness to check my email has reduced and am not so happy about it. I wish we continue the whole process again and again. It was really fun meeting wonderful sisters on pulse wire and learning a lot of cultural and life style of others.

O dear, let us continue to stay on on life and keep in touch for good.

Permit me to give you a warm hug and kiss and to other all my fellow vof, our mentors and midwife and our lovely coordinators. Everyone of us is wonderful.



''Every woman have a story at every stage of Life''

Emie Zozobrado's picture

Yeah right, Vivian!

Yes Vivian, it may take a little while to overcome our sadness, but we have emerged to be our greater selves because of such amazing journey. What matters now is that we have each other ... and we will hold on and hold fast for always ...

Emie Zozobrado

AchiengNas's picture

Equipped equippers

Emie, you are an inspiration to us. Your voice is so powerful and I know that you are a strong vessel for world wide change.
You and We (VOF) are what the world is looking for. We are equipped to equip and mentor others. Never give-up, keep the emails going out (send!!) you will get feedback I am sure.
Gratitude once again to the management of World Pulse, Mentors and Midwives, VOFs 2010 and the past, ALL members of World Pulse. May each one achieve BIG and BIGGER each day putting in mind that we are ONE always.



I believe everybody has the potential to live a better life. Given the Opportunity, Education and Motivation ANYONE can become someone admirable. Nobody is a NOBODY, everybody is SOMEBODY.

Emie Zozobrado's picture

Beatrice!!! Thanks so much!

I draw strength from all of you, Bea! We can only be as powerful as our faith in each other. We will definitely get going. There's no giving up now. I will still be posting bits and pieces of my heart and soul every now and then at Pulsewire ... we will be here for each other ...

Emie Zozobrado

mrbeckbeck's picture

Heart-warming reminder...

Thank you Emie, my sister in the Philippines!

You've said it so well here. Today we walk together to create a better world. Thank you for standing tall and reminding us of the treasure of our shared experience!

We're all still here, ready to listen, to speak, to laugh, and to cry together. Let us never forget our journey-- and never stop creating new memories.

With love,

Scott Beck
World Pulse Online Community Volunteer

Scott, it's been so wonderful I felt a twinge of regret the journey has to end. But, yes, we will always be here for each other. There's a lot I'm missing now, but I know somehow the things I miss are safely tucked in my memories as we scale the pathway to our dreams, visions and ideals.... and, of course, continue to create great memories ...

Emie Zozobrado

nilima's picture

Same goes with me, i remember

Same goes with me, i remember my friends with the country i count!!!

Emie Zozobrado's picture

That's right, sister!

Nilima, Nepal for me now is not just another area on the world map ... because I know a beautiful and loving Nepali sister lives there. That makes a great big difference from six months ago! All the best...

Emie Zozobrado

warona's picture

God is so awesome!

My love,

This is the consuming passin that has been stored within us that we never knew what to do with it.This 2nd generation of correspondents Emie has fulfilled its purpose to illuminate our world - our sphere of contact - and unleash our responsibility and potential in our respective places.We have been so committed and so glued to our computors, so eager for new mails everyday.The same thing will come our way let not despair, as for me am the happiest woman in this world that you could ever think of because i got what i wanted.Am not playing marbles ,am so serious about everything that God has taken me through.Am so happy ladies,lets all enjoy the fruits of our labour with gladness and put our hands to work.

Thank you Emie for your post, you touched my heart though.You been an amazing friend to me. ( hugs )

I wish all the best to the outgoing correspondents in all their plans endevours and i wish i could kiss you all.



"success will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time " And when confronted conquer with love

Emie Zozobrado's picture

We were amazing!

Whew, Warona! Who could have imagined we would actually be smiling at each other from thousands of miles away! This is destiny at work! Botswania has ceased to be a country to me ... it is where someone I know so well - who has a face, a voice, and a heart that beats in harmony with my own heartbeats is living and thinking of me. Wow, it's incredibly marvelous! Now I can honestly say, "Oh, I have sister Warona in Botswania!" All the best, sister ...

Emie Zozobrado

Insha Allah's picture

Count me in!

Dear sister Emie,

Count me in! I'm here with you and believe that everyone else in this group either.
I've been truly inspired by you and your LEADERSHIP. Let's keep up all the bond we have tied together during the memorable past months. I wish that all of us were heading to another adventure for the betterment of our women and girls.

With Love,
Insha Allah

Shwe Wutt Hmon

Emie Zozobrado's picture

We are all here, Insha!

Yes, Insha! We have grown together. Something in each of us has changed because we have touched one another's life as we journeyed together. I am certain the bonding will see us through our bigger and tougher journey. We will definitely move forward to a better, more compassionate world. All the best ...

Emie Zozobrado

Fungai Machirori's picture

This is not the end Emie

This is not the end... just the beginning. If we commit ourselves to staying in touch and continuing to speak, there will never be an end to our voices. You see, I knew your voice before I heard you speak. But now I know it even more intimately. So every time I think of you now, I hear that I hear that soft and sweet voice... Just because I cannot hear it all the time does not mean that I ever forget it... So your voice - your bold voice of the future - continues to speak even when I cannot hear it. And this is what we must all strive for.

Lots of love,
And yes, I still want more hankies!

from today i live out of my imagination
i am more than my yesterday
tomorrow i plant a new seed
nothing that lies behind easy
nothing that is ahead real
my within is all i have today
*Napo Masheane*

Emie Zozobrado's picture

You will have it, Fungai!

Sure, Fungai! I have much chances to post my hankies now that there are no more deadlines and assignments! Wow, we will really have a grand exchange of breaths and heartbeats because I will continue to enjoy your soulful poetry,too! We are one voice and we will go one speaking our truths the way we want it heard! We are unstoppable ...

Emie Zozobrado

Sarvina's picture

Wonder to read your sweet

Wonder to read your sweet writing! You made cry sister Emie, I really miss all activities when we were involving in VOF. My heart is beating when I read your letter:) I miss you and all!

Thanks so much for writing this inspiring letter to us! It is awesome!




Sarvina from Cambodia
VOF 2011 Correspondent

Sister Sarvina, I guess we all feel the same. There's so much we miss but there's so much we gained, too. Now we have each other for good. I will never be gone. I'm staying with World Pulse because you are all part of me now and for life. I can never thank you enough for being there all along ... We will be together ....

Emie Zozobrado

Ruth Beedle's picture

So achingly beautiful...

..... as always.

Emie, you touch me to the center of my heart with your beautiful words of long and longing and gratitude for this amazing adventure called Voices of Our Future. Yes, you said it perfectly. I now count sisters and daughters and friends all around the globe and it makes this world feel safer and brighter and more peaceful with astonishing possibilities abounding not just for us who have been a part of this journey, but for everyone.

Because now we now how to sing our hearts to the world. Now we know who will carry our song. Now we know who will gently hold our hearts when they break or are bruised.

Now we know that we have just started.

All my love and gratitude and blessings for working with you and Anna through this process. You are a poet and an author and a gentle woman with a beautiful voice.

Keep singing!

Emie Zozobrado's picture


One moment I was just Emie, the self I have always known. Little did I realize then that I can be as big as half of humanity as I identify myself and blend with the woman specie worldwide. I do marvel at the amazing choreography of my life. Destiny unfolds into limitless wonders and I'm truly awed at how such a trivial curiosity delivered me to World Pulse - to the women across the globe. We have started ... and we will get going, together forever!

Ruth, thank you from the deepest sensitivity of my being!

Emie Zozobrado

Ruth Beedle's picture


And your sensitivity, dear Em, is some of the best on the planet! Love you so, so much!

Your sister and friend and alwaysmentor;


Tami Briggs's picture

Beautiful, Heart-felt Words

Thank you for your beautiful post - you articulate what so many of us feel about this most incredible Voices for the Future program. Thank you, thank you!

Tami Briggs
Therapeutic Harpist

Emie Zozobrado's picture

My pleasure, Tami!

Hi Tami! It's so wonderful to belong! I really feel so great being part of this amazing army of women who are now living the very lines of a great poetry "INVICTUS". Yes, we are the master of our fate, the captain of our soul!

Thanks so much and all the best ...

Emie Zozobrado

One of Many's picture

Of will not end

My dear Emie:

No surprise whatsoever to see from Ruth's email that the conversation is continuing with your unstoppable heart and voice, dear Emie. Thank you thank you thank you!!! So wonderful to read what you wrote, and even more, to see what it spawned....the renewed woman-web!

With hands and hearts spanning the globe...with the pulse of our hearts manifesting through our words, sharing, joining, smiling, comforting, caressing, understanding, and knowing worldwide community,

As one, we beat, our hearts, our passion for justice and common humanity.

The struggle of each of us is the struggle of all, as never again will one of us be alone, we have a life chord we can find sustenance from as long as we continue to read and write and respond. World Pulse has created a self-renewing network.

Ah, so many huge thanks to Jensine, Rachael, Scott, Lydia and so many more at WP.

All is one!


Speaking my Peace

Emie Zozobrado's picture


I remember the lines in a condolence card for my dear friend of long ago who died in a plane crash which goes this way ".... TINY BITS OF SALT, LITTLE SPECKS OF SAND, SMALL DROPS OF WATER .... MAKE A GREAT BIG MIGHTY OCEAN." It gave me strength and consolation through my grief and made me realize that endings always give meaning, beauty and inspiration to new beginnings. I may be a tiny bit of salt, a little speck of sand, or a small drop of water, but the amazing thing is that I am part of a great big mighty ocean. We will go on and on and on until we conquer. Yes, Anna, we are one!

Emie Zozobrado

Nusrat Ara's picture

Been there done that Emie :)

Been there done that Emie :) I understand and know hoe you feel.

Yes your world is changed forever so is that is of all the women in WP. Pledge u will stay in touch and try to keep it going :)))

Lots of love


Emie Zozobrado's picture

I am right here, Nusrat!

Yes, sister Nusrat, I am right here ... because this is where I am meant to be. It will not be long until I post more pieces at Pulsewire again. I found the community where I belong right here ... and right here I will stay ....

Emie Zozobrado

Ruun Abdi's picture

Same here!

Dearest Emie,
It seemed like we didnt want to stop the journey cuz it was so educating and inspiring. I felt the same but then always there has to be somewhere were we have to stop and take the lead that is what I convinced myself. A new adventure has emerged and we will face it boldy, I know that.

Lots of love,

Emie Zozobrado's picture

Yeah right, Ruun!

Endings are always beautiful beginnings, sister Ruun. When something stops it offers fresh starts, exciting challenges and greater chances. We will move on as bigger souls because we have already grown into each other. All the best...

Emie Zozobrado

Amei's picture

Dear Emie

I nearly completed my tasks and assignments with much support from WP staff and encouragement from friends. It is a new beginning and I am making an effort to keep in touch with my new found friends on WP.

How are you Emie? What project are you working on today! I really liked the idea of Today... it is so now and current.

For me :-) Today, I am making an extra effort to read and reconnect with WP friends. Visiting their page and thinking how my friends are doing. I have been travelling and now I am back in Sydney. Back to the routine of life. Yet hoping I want my life flexible and adventurous.... Hope all is well with you.

With love

Emie Zozobrado's picture


I'm right here ... but I don't get to be online always. We're preparing for the President's State-of-the-Nation-Address (SONA) this July and I get to travel far down south next month, too. As of now, I'm obsessed with my fun and feminine business which I have just started with my sister and a few women friends in the neighborhood, fashion accessories (mostly crystals and glitters). I'm hoping I can go back to online circulation very soon!

By the way, why are you in Sydney? Are you working there? I have many relatives and friends in Australia but I haven't been there yet ... All the best to you, sister ...

Emie Zozobrado

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