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Welcome to the PulseWire & UN Group!

Dear Sisters,

Thank you for your interest in this group, and your commitment to raising your voice for change, for being a spokesperson for your community, for joining global sisters in the march towards equality, and for joining us here on PulseWire to form a global delegation of grassroots women leadership.

Thank you to those who wrote letters in our UN Women campaign. Your letters are a powerful testimony of your wisdom, experience, and commitment to advising the new UN agency on how it can truly affect change on the ground to promote gender equality and uphold the rights and needs of women both on a local and global scale.

The response we received from this campaign was astounding, demonstrating the desire for grassroots women to have a voice within the new entity and highlighting the need for a mechanism for participation. It was a privilege to share your 65 letters representing women from 27 countries, including regions where women have little representation like Burma, Afghanistan and Somalia, with UN Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of UN Women, Michelle Bachelet. Your letters were delivered and your voices heard. We will keep you updated on the progress of this partnership!

In reading and organizing the letters, we noted the most prevalent themes, which include the urgent need to address violence against women; the need for a participatory mechanism for women within the UN system; and an emphasis on creating economic, educational, and leadership opportunities for women at the grassroots level.

Over these last few years, we’ve watched this community harness the power of interactive media to rise out of the shadows and drive change. We believe World Pulse is uniquely positioned to enable the individual process of women using new technologies in creative ways to support movements for democratic transformation. World Pulse is committed to leveraging our platform to support your participation, and that of your community, at the highest level of decision-making in furthering the women’s agenda and the participation of civil society, particularly grassroots women, who are often voiceless at the United Nations.

We will look to this group for future participation, support and leadership in this initiative. On Monday, we will be posting an opportunity, asking for your support is advising the UN Human Rights Council on the rights of people to peace. Stay tuned!

In friendship, solidarity and gratitude,

Jade and the World Pulse team


usha kc's picture

Dear Jade, Thank you for your

Dear Jade, Thank you for your welcomming words . WP is really amazing forum which always inspires and provides many golden opportunities which gives the inner strengts and strong desires to do something for society/country/world.
I always feel proud to be connected in WP.

Thank you for thinking this up! We really need this space and I am happy to be here! We look forward to adding our voices to the discussions and debates and can't wait to get started! Yes, as Usha says, World Pulse is an amazing place to be!

from today i live out of my imagination
i am more than my yesterday
tomorrow i plant a new seed
nothing that lies behind easy
nothing that is ahead real
my within is all i have today
*Napo Masheane*

jadefrank's picture


Dearest Fungai,

I agree - this space is greatly needed, and this first campaign in writing letters to Michelle Bachelet was just the first step for our community to have a voice and influence at the UN. We have learned from you, and other sisters here, that our community is ready to take the next step in working together - as a global community of grassroots women leaders - to make a change.

Thank you for your commitment and leadership my sister!


jadefrank's picture

Thank YOU!

Dear Usha,

We are proud to have your leadership in the community! And to have your support in this initiative - as a voice for women on Nepal - is so vital.


NI NI AYE's picture

Thanks for showering grassroots!

Dear Jade , the World Pulse and the UN Group

I am so delighted to see you again and so grateful for your warm welcome to this remarkable place. I believe this place is a forum for the people who are hunger of the rights not only for oneself but also for all communities among fear , needs and injustice . I also thank you all for showering grassroots to grow with light for seeing truth and grabbing rights. I would like to insist that our collaborations will play the key role for the achievement , I promise you all I will commit to maximum with you all for the better future of the civil societies.

With honor and thanks


Congratulations on Very Happy Teachers Day through ten years journey!

jadefrank's picture

Seeking truth and rights

Dear sister Ni Ni,

What a beautiful message you have sent - I am going to print this and put it on my wall in the World Pulse office, because it reminds me of why we are all here together. Your commitment and leadership is vital to the success of this initiative, as well as the people of Burma, whose voices are often edged out of the UN. You are a beacon of light for women in Burma, women in regions of conflict, and women around the world who are courageously poised to lead their communities towards peace and justice. Let's take this leap together. We stand with you Ni Ni!


NI NI AYE's picture

We have started!

Dear sister

I am glad that we have started and we will step forward together. I feel the light is closer Jade.See you soon sister.

Love and hugs


Congratulations on Very Happy Teachers Day through ten years journey!

Farona's picture

I am really excited to be a

I am really excited to be a part of this group !

Who would have thought ten years ago that a UN sis org would be listening to grass-root women!
People perceived the UN as an org that make policies and program for communities without listening to voices within each community – now it’s the time to turn the tables around and truly turn UN-Women an org all women can relate with.

Issues faced by women and children in my country are no stranger to the world, what is unknown is how we as women living in our community understand and interpret this issues.

I have had an amazingly interactive experience with UN-Women on a session earlier about Arab women via social media.

I enthusiastically look forward to this group!

jadefrank's picture

YES! It's time to turn the tables!

Dear Farona,

Thank you for joining us in this group, and for extending your commitment to working with global sisters on ensuring the inclusion of grassroots women's voices at the UN.

I love what you wrote:

"Issues faced by women and children in my country are no stranger to the world, what is unknown is how we as women living in our community understand and interpret this issues. "

I think it is time to make this known!

I invite you to post a journal here in the group, to share your experience at the session on Arab women and social media. We are so privileged to have your voice and leadership here among us!


Carrie Lee's picture

Can you feel the groundswell?

I sense so much power in reading everyone's messages here. I feel a groundswell of change already happening! I am so grateful to everyone at World Pulse and for everyone here contributing their voice, because we are each gaining inner strength through our uniting. And collectively, what we are capable of doing...I think it is beyond what we can even envision!

Thank you for this opportunity to join together; to show how we women change the world.


jadefrank's picture

I feel it!

Hi Carrie,

I feel it! And feel so privileged to be a part of this community of incredible women from around the world who are shaking the earth with your voices and actions.

As you said, collectively, we are going to change the world! Thank you for your commitment and leadership!


Nusrat Ara's picture

It's really great to be a

It's really great to be a part of this group. Thanks Jade for the invitation and thanks WP for bringing up this platform.



jadefrank's picture


Dearest Nursat,

I am so thrilled to see you here in this group - as it wouldn't feel complete with your leadership, voice and passion. It's a real privilege to have you here, to represent women in Kashmir, a region that is often not represented at the UN level. Let's change that!


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