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The Definition of 'Security,' 'Lack of accountability,' 'Transparency,' 'Fairness,' ' Social injustice,' and 'Corruption' by An Afghan Being.

Please define the word “security” and how it applies to your life?

In Afghanistan, whenever I hear the word, ‘security’ the first definition that peeps in my mind as an Afghan woman is Chadari, Long and huge Veil that can cover your head to toe. The Chadari is the definition of security because it protects us from the Fundamentalists’ violence, it covers our whole body with its blue color wrinkles and the made of net slit near our eyes. On the huge and rush roads of Kabul and other provinces wearing the Chadari give women the confident of not being afraid of beat and insult of the men members. Still now, security for Afghan women on Afghan land is the Chadari not any weapon or magical stick.
In my second world, AUW, Asian University for Women, the word, ‘security’ has taken a different meaning, now I can define security as Freedom of Speech and Expression. Now, security, for me, means saying the words of my mind, sharing my experiences, and letting people know about my story and other women’s lives in Afghanistan. These words are based on inspiration because protection and shelter of human beings is inspiration. These are the definition that I find at AUW.

Please define the phrase “lack of accountability” and how it applies to your life?

To be honest, I cannot define the meaning of the phrase, ‘lack of accountability,’ in a very logical way. However, I can say that when you have security, and you do not know how to preserve it this is called, ‘lack of accountability.’ For example, during the Taliban’s regime, even today, as I said before that the Chadari is the security and safekeeping of Afghan women in Afghanistan. In the beginning, women were forced to wear the Chadari, if they would not obey them, they would probably be beaten by the Taliban on the streets near to the coward men’s eyes and beside the covered women’s head with the Chadari. After this harassed period, Afghan women found out that the Chadari is part of their souls. They might say that if the heart is beating inside for blood circulation, the Chadari is preserving the heart to live for longer time. Therefore still women are wearing it. For a moment imagine that if women would throw their Chadaris on the streets and deny wearing them on that harsh period, would the Afghan grandmothers, mothers, aunts, and other old aged and middle aged women live nearby us today? So the phrase, ‘lack of accountability,’ for me, means that you know that you are secure but you do not preserve it.
However for me, as a self-administered Afghan woman at AUW, who is working, talking, writing, and thinking about a brighter future for Afghan women, the phrase, ‘lack of accountability,’ means that if I ignore those depressed women’s situation and live my life with joy and peace.
Every moment, I fell that I am not any more among those women, who are suffering miseries in every moments of their lives, I am so lucky. So I have to help them and talk on behalf of them to the world because they cannot do in a place like Afghanistan, which is a semi- breathed bird in a wooden cage.
Also, I have freed from the cage of violence and discrimination, and if I fly everywhere with my open wings to enjoy life for myself and find grain to eat by myself without sharing it with my sisters and mothers, then it will be called ‘lack of accountability.’

Please define the word “transparency” and how it applies to your life?

For me, the word, ‘transparency,’ means purity, honesty, and writing.
Transparency means purity and cleanliness, doing something with true potential and heart, this ability has hidden in everyone’s wisdom. Some people do not recognize themselves; thus for them it is hard to reach to their true potentials. If they remain transparent or clear and explicit then they can success in their paths.
The other meaning of transparency is honesty; it is honestly because Honesty is nature’s law, nature belongs to human beings; so every person in the world has the abilities to be honest and transparent.
For me and in my life, transparency is writing, it is writing because its words talk to people, and people are hungry of words. People identify others by the words of their writings. The words in writing do not need to be cheated or copied by others at the end it will end up with your name as the author of the piece. Writing introduces us to the world of knowledge, art, literature, policy, honesty, and imagination which is the most beautiful world. So the word, ‘transparency,’ can be applied in my daily life as I write my daily journals, and I am the writer of my life’s history by this ‘transparency’ or purity, honesty, and writing.

Please define the word “fairness” and how it applies to your life?

Fairness means that both women and men are respecting the same way and approaching the same position in politics, society, economics, and other fields of life. Fairness means that you know that someone is qualified but needs inspiration to go ahead, and if you offer a life of brightness for him or her by your inspiring words and actions then it is ‘fairness.’
For me, fairness means free from fear: means that you listen to your people, help them, and talk to them without any fear. There are lots of Afghan people, who do not like my idea of changing their minds and waking them up from the death dreams of violence and discrimination, but I am talking to them through my writings without any fear. This is the term of ‘fairness,’ which can be applied on my life.

Please define the phrase “social injustice” and how it applies to your life?

When your own people do not talk to you and do not listen to you properly for being a woman, it is called ‘social injustice.’ When people say out loud that being as a weak woman, I cannot do anything, only the men can do it because they are born men by nature.
And if the people do not listen to me and behave with me in a disrespect way, I response them in the same then again it is called, ‘social injustice.’ It is ‘social injustice,’ because it is my responsibilities to make them understand otherwise the society will remain in an injustice way forever.
In my life, the term of ‘Social injustice,’ means that if I write something which is against one ethic of Afghan people for some particular personal matters, and in favor of my own ethic, this is called ‘social injustice.’ So, ‘social injustice’ means bias and unfairness.
Please define the word “corruption” and how it applies to your life?

The word, ‘corruption,’ means dishonesty, not transparent, and misuse of our knowledge in an unfair way of self-empower. When I was in Afghanistan my rights were corrupted not by my family but with the misused and misinterpreted Islamic Law by government and society, but now I see corruption through images and news on Afghanistan, which are brought to the headlines of news by some interpreters trying their best to misapprehend Afghans’ images around the world. So, ‘corruption,’ does apply in my daily life by reading the news on Afghans and Afghanistan by generalization.



jadefrank's picture

thank you

Hi Parwana,

Thank you for kicking off the discussion and courageously and honestly answering the questions outlined. I think we have so much to learn from your experience and insight and that this group will allow for a powerful discussion on the issues of corruption and security in this region. I am looking forward to seeing how others interpret these questions, and encourage you to add your thoughts to their journals once they post. You are a powerful voice for the women of Afghanistan and continue to amaze me with your courage.

All the best,

parwana fayyaz's picture

Thanks dear Jade:

It is time to go forward and do something different for women and especially for Afghan women.

Nusrat Ara's picture

You know Parwana Kashmiri

You know Parwana Kashmiri women also wear Charadri. Here it is called Koshur Burkhe. A few old ladies still wear it , rest have discarded it for a modern version. Of course there is no compulsion especailly not from the state. My dad's grandmother used to wear it. I love it as I feel it is more comfortable to wear and more suited to our climatic conditions. I don't wear a burkha but I know what u are talking about when u say it gives woman a confidence. Our cultures are so similar.



parwana fayyaz's picture

Thanks Nusrat:

Yes, there are most of the countries in Asia that women do wear Chadari or Koshur Burkhe. Most of them wear it for being forced to do, whom do not like to wear it, the others wear because they feel peace and confidence in it, just like myself. For me, this veil or this piece of cloth does mean something speciall. Something like very reasonable which does not reasons to find out for putting on my head and something which holds me with peace wearing it. Yes, 'Our cultures are so similar,' that is true: It is because we are women, women are not bounded to any specific culture or tradition or religion or politics. Women consider everywhere their house, anyone is like their family members, and the kindness is their job.
Best regards and loves
Parwana Fayyaz

Shivalaxmi's picture

Good personal interpretations!

Dear Parwana,
Your voice that focuses to seek rights for Afghani Women is really great. It is really nice to hear that your sharing of things with your family members is what you consider as accountability. It is a very different angle of what I thought about lack of accountability. When you think about corruption in a broder perspectives, where do you think it often comes under? (government?)

parwana fayyaz's picture

Thanks dear Shiva Aka:)

Dear Shiva:
Thanks for you comment. If I think about 'corruption' in a broader perspectives, I do not think of 'government,' at first, but individuals, you, and I. In the state of a government, there are these individuals or we.
I believe that the word, 'corruption,' often or always uses in term of questioning the governments. And I also know that most of people say that 'Corruption' is easier for individuals in the government, which I do not agree with.
Corruption, which I define as dishonesty, not transparency, or misusing of knowledge; indeed,comes from every society, every home, and even between two friends. So, I personally, do not directly think of corruption in a broader perspectives for using on government.
I hope, I could get you,and whatever you wanted me to tell you.
Parwana Fayyaz

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