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you determine your destiny

dear you all know im from Kenya and today celebration till next week since Obama won the election..just a small history of what Kenya has to do with Obama...Obama is a son of an African man who clearly was Kenyan...from the luo community..that to Kenyans is pride in its self and today is just one of those days that all of us are brothers and sisters in spite of you race or ethnicity we are all celebrating one thing that a black man is now the president of the United States and more so the son of a kenyan Luo.what more pride could we be having.the president of Kenya clearly made tomorrow a national holiday to celebrate Obamas victory...

yesterday a lady called me and asked if she could come pick me today so that i can go talk to one of her very good friends who found out some two weeks ago that he was HIV+.since then the guy has lived in denial...he does not eat and is just waiting to die...

so she picked me from the office...they work with one of this very prominent banks we entered johns house i really wanted to connect with him so as they went to prepare him that there was someone here to talk to him i discovered that he loves cars...he has this really beautiful pictorials in his living room of formula one cars,Michael Schumacher...and im thinking this is a guy who has so much life within his friend comes to call him and tells me that his ready for i walk to his bedroom.his just lying in bed looking very week...and his mom tells me that he does not eat at all..i start talking to him and i tell him of my own personal story he does not believe all..he thinks that his friend is playing a prank on him so that he can just start accepting it..i had to even go to the extend of showing him my kids and husbands photos....he still can not believe it...i told him at the end of the day he has to determine his own destiny...i mean he has all the reason to turn and make things work for him once more his two adorable kids they are his life...he just has to wake up and start living life!!i hope that i help that one soul back to life...that he starts viewing life positively,that by next week God willing he start going back to work...that is my major goal at the moment...see that he eats well and gets his life back..

im scheduling an appointment for him with my doctor.i want to see that he gets the best treatment and that by next week or the week after that i will go to bed thanking GOD for saving and restoring another soul..

have a wonderful Obama celebrations...



Jennifer Ruwart's picture

A huge victory for all of us!


Hello! I had an unexpected family emergency last week so I have not been able to connect with you on PulseWire, but I WAS able to at least keep up on your posts. I am so moved and inspired by your words. I feel I am getting to really know you through PulseWire. Thank you for sharing about yourself, your life, your community, and your country.

I am so envious that you are on holiday today! It is work as usual in the U.S.... with the exception that we bask in the glow of a an incredible victory!!! I get so emotional when I see blacks on the T.V. crying tears of joy - did you see Oprah and Jess Jackson? - or when I hear people from other countries expressing their hope for a more peaceful and cooperative world. To think that Jonah's first election has changed the face of our country! Woo woo!

I send you a lot of love and support for your important work. I hope that John was able to hear you and choose a different path. Blessings to you and your family.

All my love,

sallyreb's picture

Dear Tabby, First, I must

Dear Tabby,

First, I must tell you how much I love reading your posts. Thank you for sharing your stories from your life here with us.

I am very happy about the election of Obama. I did see on the news clips from celebrations in Kenya. It was wonderful to see Kenyans celebrating. I think the world feels so positive about Obama's election.

My best friend gave birth to a baby boy on election day, so the day has been especially wonderful for me.

It is wonderful that you met with John and helped to give him hope. You really are saving and restoring souls. I think of you doing this good work and I feel very proud of you. Thank you for what you do. I know it is not always easy to do but what you do makes a difference.

You are in my thoughts,

PulseWire Online Volunteer

jadefrank's picture

Yes we can!

Hi Tabby,

It is so encouraging to hear that across the oceans in Kenya, people are feeling the same pride, joy and hope that we are feeling here in the United States. This election could have been the single most important election in America to date and I feel so privileged to have been a part of the process. What a time for black people in America and in the world to be represented by such a man, and for Americans to finally strip ourselves of racial barriers that have held our society and world back for far too long. I think this is a big step in changing our world for the better and today as I walk down the street I feel hope all around me.

You are also a beacon of hope in my life. I love reading your journal entries. The volunteer work that you do brings hope to hundreds daily. You too, like Mr. Obama, are relighting or in some cases igniting the flame of hope in peoples lives.

With your encouragement and example, I wish that John is able to regain hope in his life. I wish that he is able to eat, to get out of bed, to be a father and a husband and to regain the joy that has vanished from his life.


Wendy's picture

Yeah Obama,


Most of us here in the US are happy about Obama as well. I think he will be a much more global President, and that can only mean good things to come!

You have such a powerful and important voice. We were just talking about that at a Pulsewire meeting today! You are truly an inspiration to us all, and the work we do at Pulsewire.

John is fortunate to have you looking out for him, as well as, his children. I'm sure he is in a lot of emotional pain. It's hard to imagine how one is suppose to respond to such horrible news. I can only imagine I wouldn't be doing much better.

Let us know if there is anything we can do to help! Even if it's just sending some cards and letters to his kids, with stickers inside. I'm sure seeing there father so depressed is hard on them as well.



caroma's picture

you determine your destiny

hi tabby,
i just wanted to congractulate you for that inspiring story and the thing that touched me the most was when you told him that "you determine your destiny"
This is because i've also been a victim of the same.that is settling for less and making excuses for not attaining the goals that i had set for myself.
it's funny how i always find myself coming up with the greatest ideas and they are always fantastic until the time for implementation.
what i have learned from your story and even as i celebrated the obama victory is that things have to be tough before they get better and it's because i always stop on the tough that is why i don't see the better

thanks alot for your inspiration tabby,you are probably touching more lives than you can imagine

Dave Alexander's picture

Hope, Our Light

Hello Tabby,

I heard in your post about two Obamas. One is named Barack who won the presidential campaign with a message of Hope. Regardless of the rest of his term, he has changed the face of America already and we owe him, his family, and his campaign managers a parcel of gratitude. He brings the potential of something new, and nothing is more important than that. If he is also successful at creating a newness, all the better. I simply sobbed, one of the best cries in a long time, as I listened to his acceptance speach.

The second Obama goes by the name Tabby. She delivers the same messaga of Hope to herself, her family, and people like John. Without the Tabby's, the work of the Barack's is without meaning. So I honor you, as I have done before, for your daily choice to see the best and put your heart forward. That John could not believe your story is a testament to the greatness of it.

Thank you for sharing, respectfully, as always, Dave...

In Friendship, Dave...

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."
-- Mohandas K. Gandhi

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