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Students stripped naked and molested a young woman

I'm pretty new to World Pulse but, I hope to get a grasp unto how things work around here.

This afternoon, I saw a video on Facebook which has made me sad all afternoon. Out of respect for the young woman, I will stay away from re-posting that video here. Too many people have shared it on Facebook and it's getting out of hand. However, to read the story, click on this link here.

A young lady who is being accused of stealing from the University of Ghana was ABUSED by countless number of males. If you watch the video, you will be appalled, disgusted embarrassed and words can't really explain how you will feel. Just to remind you, this incident happened on a university campus hence, these are supposed to be students with some form of enlightenment. There's word out there that investigations are underway to catch the perpetrators of this heinous act.

What has theft got to do with physically assaulting a woman, pulling her clothes off, opening her legs apart just for countless number of males to watch? She begged and begged yet, these men won't let her go, instead, they forcibly violated this lady's human rights. What happened to reporting her to the police or campus security? These perverted males in disguise of students, just displayed their lack of respect for womanhood. They have totally forgotten that if it were their mothers, sisters or even girlfriends, they would not allow that to happen to them.
Who put the laws into the hands of these young men to punish her for her crime? What sort of education are people receiving in our tertiary institutions? Do people even know the law? This act is definitely 10th century.

So often have we heard of other mob actions in the market places etc but, usually, we blame it on the population who have no formal education hence, their low sense of judgement of the law. Today, we see university students doing worse. People who are going to someday, become leaders in the country. The lady I can bet, will never forget this day, she can never get over it. What happens to her the rest of her life? her whole future is at stake here. She would need more than a psychologist to help her cope with this.

There are many human rights activists in Ghana right now... or worldwide, I call out to them to help this young woman. If nothing is done by the many professionals in Ghana and scapegoats made out of this, then we can be rest assured that it's not as safe out there as we think it is. All we get is talk and more talk... it's about time some action is done.

God helps us.

I really pray and wish that real justice will be served, especially to those students.


giftypearl.abenaab's picture

Your voice

Dear Emily,
Thanks for sharing this story here. Women should not be assaulted no matter what. This is a sad incidence and your voice will bring change. I agree that this should be looked at seriously and perpetrators be dealt with.

Gifty Pearl Abenaab
Greight Foundation

nilima's picture

Dear friend, I feel sad when

Dear friend,

I feel sad when i read this, what a shame!!! really the education need to be improved, you reminded me a question again. are literate people re civilized ? ofcourse not all. I havent seen the video but i feel so much pain when i read your sentences! i wish these so called humanrights organization will work in this case! its a biggest punishment to the womanhood.

essynam's picture


Sorry, I just saw your comments. Still getting used to this platform.
Thanks for the comment Gifty and Nilima.
You are right about your question. There are highly literate people out there who are perpetrators of highly immoral acts. We're still waiting for results.

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