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Servants of the Nation: They want privileges

I just wonder why and when everything started to go so wrong. In such a magical country one may dream to live and prosper. Sadly, drugs, abuse, rape, killing and corruption is running high. The nation is small vulnerable and at the risk to be wiped out from the map totally with global warming. The takers take whatever they can in their turn from the country and from the silenced population. The people selected them with trust and in hope to build the nation but they demand privileges.

The members of parliament do not need cars to get around in the small island Male'. Yet, a car, they want with a chauffeur to take them around in an already congested, tiny island, Male', the capital of Maldives. They are only interest in the short term advantages rather than a long term benefits for the citizens. Their vested interests are leading to more corruption and discrimination. They serve by creating division among families and seeding animosity among friends. The division they exercise through power divide the nation and inhibit development of human resource.

They cunningly use the weak to obtain their wants before they even think to serve the country. They want much return before they serve the country when the people selected them with hope and in good faith. For, example, a state car must be given for Supreme Court Judges with a car allowance Rf 6500.00, a drivers salary Rf1800.00. They request another Rf 1,000.00 for the petrol money plus Rf2,808.00 as annual fee, repair and maintenance money with car insurance money plus monthly running cost. They want a car to show that they are above other citizens of the country they serve. A symbol of status!

MP's want to make sure they are provided forever. They want the privileged to receive 30% of a salary as pension if one completes a single term (5 years), 45% of a salary if one complete (10years) and 60% of a salary if one complete 3 terms (15 years). The current salary is just Rf42,500.00 per month. Based on this salary 30% would get Rf12,700.00, 45% would get Rf19,125.00 and 60% would get Rf25,500.00 The young members could retire at 30 and receive a pension of 12700.00 per month for serving 5 years as a MP. This is just unfair in the larger picture of the Maldivian population who serve in the public sector. There is so much discrepancy and corruption that the leaders of Maldives need to address the public systems in the light of providing better services to the Maldivian citizens.

Be warned. One will get a fine of between Rf1000.00-Rf50,000.00 or may get a prison sentence for 6 months to 2 years for criticising or violating any of the privileges listed for the MP's. Only few individuals raise these issues. Others make fun of the dire situation that leads to no substantial benefit to the country.

The people are scattered among the islands. Most of the islands have less then 600 people with few islands with a population more than 3000 people. Most of the population are literate is what the leaders say but unfortunately not educated enough to think for themselves and raise their voice. They create loyalty without question with small favours done for influential people in the islands. They develop a cult in the name of democracy.

Yes, the powerful elites is ruling the population of 350000 thousand people. One third of the population are kids and youth. Some of them addicted to drugs and lost in the dark to distinguish between right and wrong. Youth are bored. Getting a job is proving hard with employees hired from overseas. Youth believe they have to get a white colour job to have dignity. The education system has been geared for unemployment for too long. They live off from parents who are hard working silent survivors. Others belong to gangs and they are manipulated and used by the corrupt elites.

Peace and harmony will be possible if people unite and think deep, reflect without prejudice and take action without vested interest. Maldives, need brave, honest and leaders with compassion. It holds abundance of natural beauty and we need to match it with peace and harmony.

This article is part of a writing assignment for Voices of Our Future, which is providing rigorous web 2.0 and new media training for 30 emerging women leaders. We are speaking out for social change from some of the most unheard regions of the world.


Debra L's picture

A brave voice

Your courageous description of the corruption of the leaders is, unfortunately, a very familiar one around the world. It is outrageous that leaders take for themselves what could serve the population they were elected to serve. Your article helps me understand your country much better as well as your frustration with your elected leaders. Thank you for your brave voice in pointing out the natural beauty of your country and the need for leadership that is brave, honest and compassionate.


Amei's picture

Thank you Debra

This is one example from many issues. This particular issue is on that really frustrated me. I hope I can present a positive perspective of my country. Thank you for reading and commenting.


rozjean's picture

Hope for your beautiful country

Dear Amei,
Although conditions in your country sound rather dismal right now, I believe through women like you who are willing to raise their voices and work for change, there is hope for your beautiful country. As an educator, you are on the frontline of effecting change and I wish you the continued courage to speak up.
Good luck,

Amei's picture

Dear rozjean

It does look bleak specially in this article. I do hope there would be some positive changes in my country in the near future. Yes, there are women who do raise their voices. Thank you for reading and for the comments


emillam's picture

Hope for the future

My dear Amei: Your article demonstrates your courageousness to speak out against corruption and greed, which is so prevalent in so many parts of the world. Thanks for using your strong voice to speak against it. I only hope that your courage can be demonstrated further with the help of others to make positive changes for the younger generation, so that the beautiful country can be restored in multiple ways. Thank you for speaking your truth.


Elaine R. Millam

Amei's picture

Thank you - always hope :-)

Dear Elaine,

Thanks so much for the comments. I hope positive changes touches the shores on Maldives.

Thank you,

mrbeckbeck's picture

Too true...

You've really captured something here, Amei. I love how your reflections on specific instances for greed, corruption or simply mistaken priorities (?) can be easily be translated around the world.

It's a shame what our "representatives" get away with, and sometimes it seems that "it's just the way it is"... but you call them to attention here-- you stand out with your voice: "Only few individuals raise these issues. Others make fun of the dire situation that leads to no substantial benefit to the country."

And show us a way forward: "Maldives, need brave, honest and leaders with compassion. It holds abundance of natural beauty and we need to match it with peace and harmony."

I'd say, it's not just the Maldives but everywhere... we all need these kinds of brave leaders, and MORE of them! And this is why I am eager for more WOMEN leaders around the world to rise to the occasion. To build a new model of what "just the way it is" means.

Thanks for this conversation-starter, Amei. Well done!

Scott Beck
World Pulse Online Community Volunteer

Amei's picture

one example from many!

Thanks Scott,

It is such a shame that people can get away with such actions. Hope the future get better. I hope Maldivians learn fast and not repeat the same mistakes of the progressive countries.

I am positive :-) "self-determination is what is all about" (Kennedy 1996) - Maldives must unit with detemination and commitment to improve. I do get upset when people make fun of the sad situation. Maybe they just don't know a better way to deal with all the frustrations of the continued gloom.

I do hope more Women, youth and men join to make a difference how little it may be.

Have a wonderful day :-)


Rudzanimbilu's picture

Amei, you are so brave to

Amei, you are so brave to write about things we see everyday and yet we don't have the courage to say so ourselves. I am so proud of you because your observations couple with facts really gave me a better understanding of your country. I can still see its beauty and i'm aware of its flaws and like you, I believe when we start raising our voices, they will start taking notice. It takes time but it is doable. With your strength, you will see some changes in your lifetime.

Rudzanimbilu Muthambi

Amei's picture

Thank you dear sis

It was a difficult topic to write about. Yet, had to share this sadness that is settling in Maldives. With such ruthless people with no regard to the welfare of the country than their own self interest was a sad realisation. I am hoping that there be some positive changes.

I did not enjoy writing this one. I am thankful and grateful for those who are working hard to impart information to people Maldives who have no easy access to internet. I hope to witness some positive changes in the social welfare of the country.

It is a pleasure to have you read this and give me such encouragement. Thank you Rudz

With love

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