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YOU are my hero!


When I think of heroes, a wave of PulseWire sisters' profile pictures flood my mind with your beautiful smiles and glimmering eyes, filling me with hope, inspiration and gratitude for the incredible work that's being done at the grassroots level - the endless nights of visioning, coordinating, grant writing, budgeting, marching in the streets, all while raising families and often holding down side jobs to pay the bills.

Women who fill me up with a new sense of possibility, in a world that once left me feeling so hopeless and discouraged. Now, rather than lose sleep on how our species could ever possibly end racism, gender discrimination, and the depletion of our environment, I wake up in the middle of the night - my mind racing with new possibilities for how to improve the platform and increase tools to help facilitate your dreams for creating a world where every girl is raised to know her limitless potential.

Women like Malaya, who fight every day for a peaceful world for her daughter, despite death threats. And who can make you laugh until your stomach hurts, and cry without wanting to wipe your tears - all within 10 minutes. Women like Subhadra who stare down every obstacle she's faced with, as a Dalit, as a daughter, as a non-traditional student, and has led an entire tribe of women to claim their rights.

Strong, determined Nigerian women like Olutosin whose voice, when I heard it for the first time, pricked up every hair on my body and brought me to my feet wanting to scream, "YEEEEEEEESSSSSS" as if I were in a church pew and felt the power of the holy spirit rising within me. Or Busayo, whose colleagues called her crazy when she insisted on getting connected to the world wide web, and now beg her to teach them after she returned from her second empowerment training in NYC.

Young women like Ruun Abdi or Sunita Basnet, who are going to transform not only their communities, but their entire nations and who I expect one day will answer to the title of Madam President of Somalia, or Madam President of Nepal.

Sisters like Leah, who I've never met in person, but feel closer to than some of my own blood relations. And who, when I finally get the chance to sit down with, face to face over a steaming cup of tea, will quadruple her hero-status in my eyes, just by sheer ability to hear her entire story & vision, without the electricity running out and her laptop battery dying.

Women like Jackie, who when I saw for the first time in person at the Denver airport didn't seem real - because this GIANT voice for the women of Bolivia is housed in such a petite frame. Or women like K-Lee Starland who have become mentors, cheerleaders, living miracles for so many of us on PulseWire.

Women like Nusrat, who carries the weight of young Kashmiri men and women casualties of injustice. And whose tears fuel her pen that brings hundreds of new supporters to a people struggling for justice in an under-reported conflict. Or women like Sarvina and Fatima, who are like the glue that binds a network of global women leaders together.

Sisters like Fungai, who make this world feel very small when we realized that we share the very same, fiery, red-headed college mentor named Elinor (another hero of mine), despite the fact that I'm from Alaska, and she from Zimbabwe. Sisters like Beatrice, whose super-human like spirit and determination confirm the very reason why I joined the World Pulse team two years ago.

Suddenly I feel like I'm at the Academy Awards show, accepting a prize for luckiest woman on earth, and the music has started playing, people ushering me off the stage, so many women left to thank, so many heroes left to honor, to acknowledge, so many incredible women here in this community that make me smile every morning, when I open my computer, who bring tears to my eyes through their hardships, and through their successes, women who have shown me a new world - where possibility knows no boundaries, and where we will claim our truth and speak for ourselves - no matter who tells us to sit down and be silent. And I'd also like to thank god and my Momma Joe, who showed me what unconditional love and support can look like. I love you mom!

My hero? It's YOU.


nilima's picture

Hi Jade, yes you are true!!!

Hi Jade,

yes you are true!!! we all heroes are together to create another history of success at world pulse! World pulse is a hero because it has so many heroes with it!!!

love it Jade!! you made me truly emotional and the sense of satisfaction come together when i read it!!

thank you!

Sarvina's picture

Inspiring Piece

Hi Jade,

Thank you for sharing your piece with us! It shows us the great value of strong character and firm convictions. I do love your writing!




Sarvina from Cambodia
VOF 2011 Correspondent

Nusrat Ara's picture

Thanks Jade. We are all in it

Thanks Jade. We are all in it together.



Emie Zozobrado's picture

Wow, thanks a lot, Jade!

It's our journey, Jade, and nothing can stop us now, because in each of us is all of us. All the best...

Emie Zozobrado

gunu_k's picture

drops that make an ocean

Dear Jade,
I am touched by your post. we are all drops that make up this ocean that is pulsewire that will one day overcome all the problems that we currently face.

Subhadra Khaperde

usha kc's picture

Jade sis, it's really true!.

Jade sis, it's really true!.

Fatima Waziri's picture

Awww! Dear Jade you are my

Awww! Dear Jade you are my hero too. Your energy is very intoxicating.

Much love!


Ruth Beedle's picture


Yes, yes, a thousand times yes and as it ought to be. We have to be our own heroes for the world to see and aspire to be. Thank you for this lovely writing from your heart. The list is long and honorable and keeps reaching to the moon and past.


Ruun Abdi's picture

Thank you so much Dear Jade

Thank you so much Dear Jade for this lovely peice. We are all heros and we all into this together.

You are my Hero too!

Lots of love,

malayapinas's picture

Dear Jade, Wow! Thank you so

Dear Jade,

Wow! Thank you so much my dear! You are my hero too! I miss you and you are still here in my heart.

love you,

Naiyer's picture

Great Write-up!

Wow!! great write-up. I am inspired.

Take care with LOVE.


Vera Nicimpaye's picture

So beautiful!

Dear Jade,

Your writing is so beautiful and inspiring. I read it so many times!
Thanks for enlarging your heart enough to fit everyone in it.

Peace and Love,

Fardosa Muse's picture

Marvelous jade,it really

Marvelous jade,it really moved me.
peace and love

Every One, Every Day ,Every Way, Prevent Vi0lenCE AgainST W0men On YouR Way!

Kodili's picture

hi jade

thanks for saying am your hero you too are mine.


talyajess1's picture

School Project

Dear Jade ,

I am writing to you because I have read about your work with World Pulse. I thought you
would be a good resource for a project I am researching. My name is Talya Morris,
and I am an 8th grade student at the Emery/Weiner School in Houston, TX. I am working on a
research project for my teacher, Mr. Benjamin Stern, in which I am examining the history of and
possible solutions to the abuse Nigerian women face. I am writing you to request an interview with you,
at your convenience, in which we discuss your experience researching/working with/living with/
etc the issue. The interview can be by email, over the phone, or over video chat. I would really appreciate your help. If you are willing, please let me or my teacher know so we can schedule a time and place that works for you.

Thank you very much,

Talya Morris

sui generis's picture

Thank you Jade

Dear Jade,

Your article inspires me. It makes me appreciate the forum and the wonderful people involved here, even more. As they say that one that never felt pain cannot know what empathy is, i feel the pain and sufferings borne by our sisters, will only make us emerge stronger and more humane. Your aricle is a celebration of that heroic spirit that never gives up!

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