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HIV+ a blessing in disguise

hallo friends,

to me being HIV+ has become a blessing to me in ways that i can not understand.i now take life seriously and take each day at a time.i want to live a life that will create an impact to my two boys when i will not be there.i want them to be proud of me when they become of age and find out what mummy was trying to do to change lives.i want them not to fall in the same trap that mummy and daddy did may be because of a very small stupid mistake.

that one time that you go out clubbing and you decide to sleep with this guy or girl and a little voice inside you continuerly telling you to use a condom and since the condoms are not at your disposal at that particular time you decide that your partner looks too healthy to be HIV+ or that other time that you disagree with your spouse and you sleep with someone else just to get even or that other time that you were dating a married man/woman yet you are also married yet you also don't know what your spouse or that other man/womans spouse is sleeping with...and many other very small petite mistakes that we do and they end up destroying our whole lives and the lives of those that we love dearly.

i wounder what happened to the terms ABSTAIN or HAVE ONE FAITHFUL PARTNER or VALUE YOUR VIRGINITY all we here today every where we go on radios,on tv and on bill boards is 'USE A CONDOM' as effective as that is our young people should be tought about the values of keeping there virginity till marriage irrespective of there sex.nowadays sex is uploaded in ways that are very dangerous to the youth.i wish the musician that the youth tend to recognize would this time sing a different tune.when condoms company want to advertise there products they use the famous e young people that the youth tend to recognize to advertise there product.what messages do those young people get?that if 50cent is using one why not them that should be cool...why not use this people in spreading messages like he/she is waiting for the right time and the right person and to be faithful to them.

i hope that with Gods help i will be able to reach this very vulnerable group of people.and try and guide them the right path.



Lisa's picture

Welcome to PulseWire

Tabby, you are a brave woman. May your voice ring out around the globe! To hear you in Portland all the way from Nairobi gives me hope that, by making these powerful connections, there is no end to whom we can reach and no limit to what kind of world we can create. Your story about talking to your son touches me deeply. I send you much love and strength. I look forward to hearing more about your vision and work for a better world! If you need any help with the site, please let me know.

Warmest wishes,


tabby's picture

thank you

hi lisa,

thank you so very glad to here from you guys out there.

good day,


jadefrank's picture

Thank you

Hi Tabby,

Thank you for sharing your very personal story and sharing your thoughts on the issues of HIV prevention. I think that by sharing your story with your family, in your country, and across the world on PulseWire, you are inspiring many people, especially women to engage in combatting issues associated with HIV/AIDS and how we as a global community can work together. Your message is powerful and we are listening! I look forward to hearing more from you and the work you're doing in Nairobi.

tabby's picture

thank you

hi jade,

thank you too...its wonderful hearing from you guys.



JMKELLAM's picture



Thank you for sharing your story with the PulseWire community. I know the story will impact many lives and hopefully motivate people to action. I can tell that you have a strong voice which is such a wonderful trait. I'm gald to hear you use it.

In friendship,

Jenna Kellam

tabby's picture


hi jenna,

its very nice to here from you and your encouragement..this will take me an extra mile...

beautiful day,


sallyreb's picture

Thank you

Dear Tabby,

Thank you so much for sharing your story here, with us, on PulseWire. Talking about our experiences is very powerful and by sharing your story you are making an impact. I am especially touched by your desire to make a the world better so that your boys will be proud of you. By what you have said I imagine you to be an very strong woman and a loving mother.

I am glad that you have joined us, I hope to hear more from you.

All the best,

PulseWire Online Volunteer

tabby's picture

thank you

thank you so much dear,it is very nice to here from you.i am honored to represent the voiceless in kenya..

have a wonderful day!


Doreen's picture

Thank you

Thank you dear for the courage to share your story with the masses, I know this story will impact many lives. I look forward to learning alot from you because all of us are affected.

Doreen Chilumbu Nawa

NyamburaFoley's picture


I can only imagine the stigma that you have had to overcome by putting your experience into writing. I think that you are a brave woman and your two sons should be proud to have a mother like you.



Polikalepo's picture

Very touched

I find this piece of literature very touching because it interpret the reality of youth nowadays, Been trying to seek the best strategy to combat the increasing rat of HIV however, they wont listen until they reached there and it might be lucky if they make it.....Keep up the great work Tabby....You are doing great on giving your growing children a lesson to learn and you so brave.....

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