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My Mind Focused on Widowed Women, Orphans and Vulnerable Children of the the Community

Dear the PulseWire Community Members,

How wonderful are you to bring such a site to let people meet from different cultures with different ideas from different destinations all over the world. Thank you all for the work of this site. I am so much thrilled to be here at the moment and with true feelings that its a right place for me to talk about my work of Widow and Child in Need. Thank you again.

I indeed welcome everyone who would wish to have a contact with me about Widow and Child in Need project and whatever the case maybe that we can share ideas on different issues but at least which can be about widows and children.

We basically talk about widows because I recall the moment when my dad died. I was 1 month born and believe this was a terrible moment for my mother bringing up five children that was including I the little one and the fact was my mother was a peasant. So however, my mother was a Widow and I was a Child in Need so coming up with name of the project as (Widow and Child in Need).

I am Lornah (Loran) female 32 years currently working with Widow and Child in Need (WCN-Mbale) Uganda, East Africa.
Widow & Child in Need was established to improve the quality of life and advance the rights of widows and their children; to bring about change for good on behalf of widows and families, and encourage them to participate in processes which will enhance their equality, self-reliance and long term sustainable development. Wherever possible, to provide practical support which allows widows to continue to live normally within their own families and communities.

The Charity for Widows' aims and objectives are to assist widows, who suffer through being handicapped, poor, exploited and abused with particular emphasis on those living in Mbale’s deprived rural areas. This is achieved through providing, promoting and advancing widows' and their children's rights to basic necessities as offering small loans, house hold support, shelter, small income generating activities.

We were was so happy to come across this site that I can express my self to other people as have spent most of the time on the internet looking for such kind of sites. Though haven’t known how most of the things go on but I think will learn as I continue using the site.


Widow and Child in Need is a Community Based Organization (CBO) with its registration Number 1645. This project was started in 2003 with 5 Orphaned children and 3 Widowed women and at the moment the project caters for around 150 Orphans and Vulnerable children in our community.

Widow and Child in Need also supports disadvantaged children as Orphans and Vulnerable children in the community and we specifically support the said beneficiaries in academic, shelter, medical, general welfare and all areas that can promote their individual and communal development.


Lornah Mukimba
Widow and Child in Need
P.O.Box 367, Mbale
Uganda, East Africa



Lisa's picture

Welcome to PulseWire

Welcome to PulseWire, Loran!

You are involved in some incredible work in Uganda! Have you met Leonida Odongo from Kenya ( who is also involved with widows' rights? If you are not already acquainted, I think you would be powerful allies. Again, welcome to PulseWire and please let me know if you have any questions about the site.

Warm wishes,


Loran's picture

Thank you Lisa!

Hi Lisa,

How are you today? I am so happy for reading your comment and as it has been the first. I am new to the site and hope will cope up soon with all what it does.

Thanks again for the directors of Pulsewire as ofcourse without Pulsewire wouldn't have come in contact with you. What a wonderful work they are doing in the world.

Thank you again for appreciating my work am doing here in Uganda for in the lives of the widows and child in need. Its really terrible but i enjoy it.

I haven't met Leonida and probably can meet him soon and maybe we share some thing about widows.

My best regards to you over there.


Jennifer Ruwart's picture

Welcome to PulseWire


It is my pleasure to also welcome you to PulseWire! It's a crazy morning in Portland, Oregon. I am skyping with Leah in Kenya ( and working on several assignments that are due! But I wanted to at least say hello!

With love,

jadefrank's picture


Hi Loran,

Welcome to PulseWire and thank you for sharing your experience of being raised by a widow in Uganda and the work you're now doing with WCN-Mbale. I am interested to hear more about this organization, as I think it could provide a good model for other communities/countries that lack this type of support network for women.


Loran's picture

Thank you Jade!

Hi Jade,

How is your weekend? Thank you so much that you sent me a comment. I was thrilled to read from you. Thank you Pulsewire Community for brining us such a wonderful site to let people of the world to meet each other. Without this site then I wouldn't now have come in contact with you.

Thank you so much also for appreciating the work I do with WCN. Yes I really love this work and still in progress because of the powerful help I receive from my Germany friends and others. Otherwise without the support of my Germany friends the work of WCN couldn't have reached where it is now. Most of the children are attending school and happy though still others are still on the waiting list. Its just a matter of time that everything will be alright.

You said also that you would like to know more about WCN. Please as we are in contact just be specific and ask me of any area you would like to learn about. I will still answer you.

My best regards to you Jade and nice weekend.


jadefrank's picture


Hi Loran,

Thank you, I did have a nice weekend with friends and family. I hope that you also are doing well!

Yes, I am interested in learning more about WCN and I think others on PulseWire are as well. While the phenomena of widows is a universal issue, I realize that it's a more serious issue in your country where women suffer from more variables of poverty, HIV/AIDS and women's rights violations.

I have many questions because yours is the first organization I've become aware of that combats widows issues in Africa.

What are the main issues that windowed women in Uganda (and more specifically Mbale) face? How is WCN addressing these issues? Are there currently social programs in Uganda to provide support for widows and their children? Who are your friends in Germany and how are they assisting WCN? What does WCN need from the international community to gain support for their mission?

Thank you for taking the time to educate us on widows in Uganda. And thank you for being integral in working to raise awareness for your organization in the work that you do to assist these women.

Warm wishes,

Loran's picture

Dear Jade

Dear Jade,

I am fine but tooooooooooooooo busy with the work in the orphanage and I am writing these few lines to let you know that I read your comment and will soon reply to you in Details. Please thank you.


JMKELLAM's picture



Welcome to PulseWire! From the PulseWire community, we are the ones who are so glad to have wonderful members like you to bring us your ideas from Uganda,

Lorna, my father passed away suddenly when I was 6. My mother was left with two young children and I remember how difficult it was. My mother had support from friends, family, and the government. I can't imagine what the women you serve deal with. You are doing wonderful work. I hope the women you work with can join the PulseWire community themselves and share their stories.

A new friend,

Loran's picture

Dear Jenna

Dear Jenna,

I am fine but tooooooooooooooo busy with the work in the orphanage and I am writing these few lines to let you know that I read your comment and will soon reply to you in Details. Please thank you.


William's picture

Assisting women/children in Africa

Hi Lorna,

My name is William Cleek and I'm from the Portland, Oregon area. I just returned from Liberia and support not only girls in Liberia, but HIV positive women in DR Congo.

Can you tell us more about your organization and it's goals?

Lorna, you are not alone in your efforts and concerns. There are many in the US who want change for women/girls everywhere.
peace and love,

Loran's picture

I will soon reply in details.

Dear William,

I am fine but tooooooooooooooo busy with the work in the orphanage and I am writing these few lines to let you know that I read your comment and will soon reply to you in Details. Please thank you.


Loran's picture

Hullo William,

Hi William,

How are you? Thank you for the work you do in the lives of deprived ones. I love to be in contact which such people like you becasue it teaches me alot and makes me put more effort in what I do with Widow and Child in Need. I love my work every day though has a lot of hardships and fulfilling its objectives is not easy. But as the work contunues, I will change the lives of the people to better in my community.

I was just saying hi and appreciating your endovours over there.

Thank you.


William's picture

women and children in need

Hello Loran,

It is good to hear from you. Please write again. I am a member of the United Methodist Church and support women through our Missionaries in both Liberia and the DR Congo. After going to Liberia last summer, I wish I had learned about the African people sooner. I fell in love with the people with whom I came in contact.

I know there is great need everywhere on the African continent. I am working to raise small amounts of money to send and I know there are others here is the US doing the same. Long-term change must come from you, in Uganda, so you don't lose your identity and culture. I told the people in Liberia to not want to become Americans. There are many things about the African culture that we have lost in this country, like extended families and sharing.

Peace and hope,

Wendy's picture



Welcome to Pulsewire, and I'm so glad you found us, and chose to be a part of our website! Your first hand experience of being the child of a peasant widow, can help all of us at Pulsewire, to better understand the trials of women facing insurmountable obstacles.

I think most of us at Pulsewire are all learning how to develop this website to benefit organizations like Widow and Children in Need.

Please let us know how we can specifically help your organization, even from afar. I also want to thank you for giving me some more ideas on where to do some of my practicum! I might be vising you in Uganda.

In Friendship and Love,


Loran's picture

Hi Wendy

Dear Wendy
I am fine but tooooooooooooooo busy with the work in the orphanage and I am writing these few lines to let you know that I read your comment and will soon reply to you in Details. Please thank you.


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