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Travel for Empowerment

In the Summer, we all think of breaking away from the everyday engagements of our professional work or studies. We desire engaging in relaxing activities and spending time with a people who energize and encourage us to be better. That is why; we choose travelling amongst other things to do. Well, here is an opportunity to consider for your break away this summer and Travel for Empowerment .

This summer Project Africa has organized a work camp for women who want to travel to Kenya for cultural exchange, safari and above all to share skills and experiences with women in rural Kenya. We have learnt from our Rafiki Club that the power of friendship lights up a fire in us as women. The fire to pursue our dreams and aspirations when we collectively share experiences and be each other’s source of encouragement.

It is for this reason that we welcome women from all over the world to consider travelling for the purpose of empowerment. You too can be part of this empowering journey by participating in PROJECT AFRICA SUMMER WORK CAMP

PROJECT AFRICA is a non-profit organization established with am aim to empower women and girls with education, health, ICT, enterprise development and leadership skills. PROJECT AFRICA is presently working in Kenya with three active stations namely Nairobi Region, Kakamega and Lungalunga.

What does PROJECT AFRICA do?
PROJECT AFRICA runs projects and programs that aim to empower women and girls with skills and resources for self help. We offer adult literacy education, business education and technical support for women entrepreneurs in the start up. Care and support children of women in Prison, provide health literacy and services to women and children especially those living in the slums amongst other activities.

What is a PROJECT AFRICA Summer Work-camp?
Summer Work camps are voluntary services lasting between 4 weeks during the summer season. There are usually 10-20 volunteers taking part in one camp. Typically volunteers in one camp come from different countries and are posted to work with women and girls in our Project stations . Volunteers are expected to work around 40 hours a week. The work undertaken at camps include participating in a
1. Education camp,
2. Health camp,
3. ICT camp or
4. Business camp.

Each week, participants are engaged in activities relevant to the theme of the week e.g during the education camp participants help in teaching English in our adult literacy class or helping girls with their home work. Weekends and Free time can be spent relaxing activities and excursions. Accommodation in PROJECT AFRICA camps is usually in our mission houses. The language spoken in camps is usually English. Food and accommodation, materials and transport are provided at USD 2500 (Including a three days safari to the Game reserve where you will see the beauty of Kenya’s wildlife. You will only need money to cover travel costs, your visa application fee and some pocket money.

How can you participate in a PROJECT AFRICA work-camp?
If you want to take part in 2011 work camp you can apply directly to PROJECT AFRICA by sending email to Camp starts 20th June to 20th July 2011
Registration ends 20th May 2011
Registration fees USD 2500


Madhuri's picture

Project AFRICA

it's really nice.
Best of Luck

duth.kimsru's picture

Good News

I know that I won't be there in the camp because I have other project to do at my home country roughly the same time. But to me it sounds very exciting. While I am reading, I imagine that I am already in the camp with many women from different countries. How diversity it is!

Opportunity for change because the opportunity to share!

Wish you all the best,


AliciaNg's picture

This sounds amazing! I did

This sounds amazing! I did some work like this in Fiji two months ago and I'd love to get involved with this. Is there a project africa website I could look at for more information?

mamaAfrica's picture


Dear Alicia

Yes we have a website on you can also find us on facebook!/pages/Project-Africa/135321953193569

We will be happy to have you participating in the work Camp

aissatou's picture


Hi ,
It's a very nice project.I want to participate but unfortunatly I am french speaker and my english is not very fluent.
Cheers .


mamaAfrica's picture

Learn English

Dear sister Aissatou

Well the travel for empowerment camp is a benefit for all of us. may be you can take this opportunity as a challenge to speak and learn English. We can learn from one another


Dear Lyn
I had sent you message but I think you don't receive it.see below please.
Thanks Aissatou

Dear Lin ,
As you know ,I'had sent you message at world Pulse for participate in a projetc AFRICA work camp.I explained I an french spoken and I really want to participate in this camp for improve my english.
So, I write you to confirm my participation.
Thank you to sent me document for registration and others.
Ps/I hope that you undestand my bad english


mamaAfrica's picture

Itinerary ready

Hello Aissatou
I hope you are fine. Yes we got your email. We have been working on the itinerary and we wil send it out in this week
Thank you


aissatou's picture

great!! thanks Lin

great!! thanks Lin


kmmoloki's picture

great indeed

Im so much interested in the project...i think it is a great opportunity to learn more and explore Kenya.

Miss Kay

mamaAfrica's picture

Email received

Dear Sister Kay

We received your email and have replied with a reference. We look forward to enjoying your company during the camp

warona's picture

mmmm! How wonderful........!

Dear Mama Africa,

Hello over there, hope the entire team is doing well.Yes!! the power of friendship lights up a fire in us as women. The fire to pursue our dreams and aspirations when we collectively share experiences and be each other’s source of encouragement. AND FOR SURE BE EACH OTHER'S KEEPER! This is great MamaAfrica, the Kenyans are really blessed to have this hosted in their country. You know we Africans in our communities we encounter a lot, therefore indeed there is a need for empowerment among women and children that which will enlighten our paths and also it will pave ways for generations to come.

Well i also wish to be part of this travel empowerment.I will respond by registering if i can manage to sqeeze this in my tight schedule. I really want to explore with the other sisters.

Thank you so much for sharing with me,its an honour.

All the best to us all as we embark on preparations


"success will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time " And when confronted conquer with love

mamaAfrica's picture

Being My sister's Keeper

Dear Sister Warona

You have described it well. Travel for empowerment is about being our sisters' Keepers. I hope you find time to join us in this Journey



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