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Ban Alcohol?

*** Appreciate your comments *** :-)

Isn't it ironic? A beer company taking the lead towards fighting alcohol abuse. It's like an ad on the local TV by the National Gaming Board - "gamble responsibly", I mean gambling is bad fullstop! and then there's the little label on the cigarette packet that states " Smoking can kill". One wonders why they were introduced in the first place? Why don't we just do away with these manufacturing companies - would that solve the problem? What's the point of having a ban on alcohol, when the brewery is still brewing?
As I've heard many say - I drink beer so the workers at the brewery can get paid.

But with all its irony, it’s a good thing - that they are also trying to get people to drink responsibly.

Yes alcohol is not only the social lubricant but is also the biggest social problem that is being faced in the country. An Alcohol Abuse Symposium being held recently in the country brought together representatives from both the private and the public sector to discuss the issues of alcohol abuse and ways to overcome such. It is great to know that after numerous deaths, statistics and millions spent on alcohol related issues, the government finally is trying to address the issue.

Statistics from WHO global status report of 2004 - in 1991 in Papua New Guinea, 40% of hospital admissions were alcohol-related.
"Every minute one person is injured from an alcohol related crash and with alcohol-related economic opportunity cost at K78.5 annually," states Acting Prime Minister Sam Abal

Alcohol abuse affects the economy but greatly it is the family unit that suffers the most. When the husband is the sole provider and he is also a big alcohol consumer, his fortnightly wage is spent greatly on alcohol, leaving little to buy food, clothing and other neccessities. There is little to eat, the wife gets bashed up, no improvement in standard of living, school fees are not being paid, the kids end up staying home and resort to roaming the streets and end up getting involved in alcohol, other drugs and criminal activities and so the cycle continues.

A domestic violence study carried out by the constitutional law reform commission found that 71% of women interviewed considered alcohol as a major cause of marital problems, of those beaten by their spouse, 26% related the incident to alcohol and others.

What is alcohol abuse? Is it abuse of alcohol or alcohol to abuse.
During adolescence, drinking was seen as the “in-thing” and a lot of money was spent on alcohol. Considering the amount I’ve spent on it during my younger years, if I had invested it all, I’d have a good sum of money today and if I had not been too caught up in drinking activities, my life would have taken another turn. I lost my best friend and step brother to alcohol related deaths. If they were not drinking that night, they wouldn’t have gone out and gotten killed. My female relative is now having complications in pregnancy due to her drinking lifestyle. I have girlfriends who are regret marrying men who continuously drink. Again it’s all to do with our life choices and when we choose to say yes or no that determines our fate.
So how can we prevent - we can not ban, as this only makes situations worse and people turn to other illegal substances.
There needs to be support groups and infolines available, something like Alcohol Anonymous and greater awareness especially amongst adolescents, in schools and in the household.
One difficult task also is to get men, especially to realize that they do need help to overcome their problem and to seek counseling and help.

Many women continue to be victims of alcohol abuse and it was about time something was done to stop the abuse from getting worse in the family unit and the community but how can we improve all these when even the law enforcing agencies struggle to fight alcohol abuse themselves.


warona's picture

The biggest social problem

My dear Accholai,

Great piece! Let me start by greeting my friend, hope you are fine with the baby.

Well i wish i knew that man by the name of Alcohol.I would finish him once and for all.The reason my mother died its because of alcohol.The reason of so much infection in my country is alcohol, this has been the biggest social problem in my country.Yes i can agree,that it be abolished.His father, Botswana's founding President Seretse Khama, died at the relatively young age of 59 of cancer and liver problems. He was known to be a heavy smoker and drinker.

Now his son is particularly concerned about alcoholism, which he says can result in ruined lives and misery for many.

Accholai we have so many issues due to alcohol, as much as you have written about it i feel so touched.And thats the main pressing issue that supplement the spread of HIV/AIDS in my country.

You have woven it lady!

All the best


"success will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time " And when confronted conquer with love

Mei Li's picture

It has always been of

It has always been of interest to me that the most dangerous substances are the legalized ones....that a natural herb like medical marijuana (in most places) is illegal in the U.S. but people are allowed to go to the store, night after night, to buy a 24-pack. I grew up watching my father drown himself in beer and whiskey. I witnessed the marital problems that stemmed from it: my mother's depression and silence, my father's lack of connection or relationship to his own children, nights filled with walls being hit in and mornings filled with me, at 12, cleaning up after my drunk father. We lost our house because we "didn't have the money," but the money never seemed to disappear for Budweiser.

But I don't know where to place the blame. People have been drinking alcohol for a very, very long time but coupled (at least in the U.S.) with lewd, sexually-charged, offensive media that makes it appear as though nothing bad ever happens when you get drunk, except maybe the possibility of getting laid (why else is there a woman holding and spraying a garden hose wearing next to nothing?) how are people supposed to react? Thinking for themselves might be a good idea, but the way addiction is fed to a culture can be very strategic on the parts of the people whose intention it is to make big bucks off of ruining lives and families.

Thank you for pouring your energy into this piece!

"...our compassion is the practice of unconditioning." Jakusho Kwong Roshi

HARMONY's picture

Wow! Mei, I think Ccholai

Wow! Mei, I think Ccholai should add your comment to her post.
Just to say that Ccholai you've addressed a very sensitive subject. Because sport, events and other gathering are most of the time sponsored by alcohol and ather drugs fabricants. They have the big moneis because our population are addicted.

A survey showed that more student in a colege started drinking and smoking after a sensitizing campaign to promote responsible smoking. The result was that many started smoking to show they are above 18 and others to let people think they have reached 18 while they had not.

It is time we think concrete and smart action to help with this subject.

Trust your HOPES, not your fears... Harmony

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