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The trivial miracle

When I was little, I imagined a miracle to be a grand, magical, majestic and out of this world phenomenon. Truth be told, I still (secretly) believe that. But I also think that sometimes a miracle- even a very miraculous one- is a small and subtle incident. Why do I think this? Allow me to explain my epiphany.

Last summer, while I was reading a book about spirituality and how this universe communicates with us, my cousins came to visit me in Los Angeles. Since I loved my cousins and had not seen them for a long time, I thanked the universe for arranging this opportunity (hence I was communicating back with it).

Trying to be a gracious hostess, I promised to take my cousins to see “the famous” Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. The night before our trip, I had a dream of Osama bin Laden. This was very strange to me since it was nine years after the 911 attacks and he was no longer a news story. Moreover, I had not heard or seen anything that had reminded me of him. When I told my cousins about my dream, they laughed. “Osama! Out of all the men you could dream about, you dreamt of him?” they said teasingly.

But the strangeness of my dream was soon forgotten as we got to Rodeo Drive and were allured by the beauty and glitter of the expensive stores. To document the trip, my cousins wanted me to take their pictures posing next to the famous stores. And so I became the photojournalist.

A while later, I was approached by a young man who kindly offered be our photographer. After taking a few pictures, this charming man started a conversation with me. I found out he was from Lebanon but lived in Dubai where he worked for the Ferrari company. Interesting, I thought to myself. “And what is your name sir?” I asked. “Osama,” he said. My jaw dropped. “How do you spell it?” I wanted to make sure I heard it right. “O.S.A.M.A,” he confirmed. I turned to my cousins who were looking at me with astonishment. I could tell they wanted to scream “Oh my God!”

That day I realized that coincidences are not accidents, but little miracles. They are messages from the universe, and although they may be trivial, they are proofs that this universe is alive, has a sense of humor, and most of all, communicates with us.


LauraB's picture

Life and its little miracles

It's like life is all in sync if we just look for the connections. I really enjoyed your story and love that curious, quizzical experience when things align such as your OSAMA experience.

Thanks for sharing.


Niki Nicole's picture


Now you have a positive connection to the name Osama, which most people in the US don't have. Keep sharing your story, so others have a positive light-hearted connection to the name Osama. I'll remember it.


KariScherling's picture


Thanks for reminding us that Miracles don't have to be so heavy! They often are the little things that make cause us to laugh and smile about the randomness and ambiguities of life.

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