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The Miracle in the Road Less Traveled

Almost three years ago—my world flipped. It flipped over a miracle. The miracle resided in the duality that exists between the heart and the mind. My mind could make no sense of what was going on at the time, but my heart somehow understood everything. This happened on the day my brother died. Before my mind knew that he was gone from this world, my heart sensed bliss and a soaring and freedom that sent me dancing and twirling about the house as the rays of the morning sun were doing the same. I was just ready for the “big move” to Portland, Oregon, expecting my brother to arrive to help me pack up and drive together to a new home a thousand miles away. Piles of boxes, both full and empty, were the trees of my enchanted forest this morning in which I spiraled about. As a beautiful piece of music played, my body caught the beat. The essential message in a dance that danced me, not the other way round. I could not have known it at the time but this unfettered reality, this 'home' that my heart knew and my body moved to—this was the soaring that my brother was now experiencing. He was free.
It wasn't until a couple of days later as my three children and I were flying home, that it all came together for me. We were in the Denver airport awaiting our connecting flight, communing with the rest of the family via a conference call on our cell phones as my brother was being cremated. My dad had pulled the CD from my brother's car. So in our silence, connected as one, we all listened to his music. It was muffled, as you can imagine, being in a busy airport, on a cell phone and on speaker phone ... but then recognition registered as I strained to hear what was playing. My mind heard what was playing, and in that moment I was aware, as never before, how the heart rules. The heart is the Master. The mind has the power to create and project what it thinks it knows, but the heart just knows. It is pure. It is truth! The song playing from my brother’s CD was the same song I was dancing and spinning to that morning, as if I had wings.


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How does it happen that the music you were listening to that day was the music in your brother's car. It's true he is your brother, you have a lot of the same tastes I'm sure...but the same song? I think life has that mysterious quality of being in sync when hearts are open. You clearly have a very open heart!

I liked this line, "My heart sensed bliss and a soaring freedom that sent me dancing and twirling about the house as the rays of the morning sun were doing the same."

Your heart sensed bliss - you and brother must have had a powerful connection.

Great to hear about your experience.



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Hi Laura, are

Hi Laura, are right! I do live my life with my heart wide open, and these types of occurances and happenings are more the norm for me than not. It did seem to be a shift in the frequency as my brother passed, but it is the way I experience life for sure. The thing that shocked me most was that we did not have the same taste in music at all. The song was "Kiss of Life" by Sade...and in a million years I wouldn't have pictured my brother listening to her. The CD my dad pulled from his car was a mix of all kinds of music. It has become my practice to live by and listen to, and more importantly follow through with the messages, thoughts and feelings I receive and have. My brother and I were very close, and up until the moment my dad played the song over the phone...I was very bothered and confused about the fact that my brother had died and here I was oblivious I thought later, dancing, euphoric around my house. Once I was able to make the connection I had such a sense of peace that it was my brother's way of telling me it was okay...he was at peace and it was exactly what I felt it trust that.

Anyway...thanks for the response.

Life is amazing...and I love the connections which come forward in living it!!


Lisa Stidd Silver

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