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Later after my Secondary School in 2007, my mother and I agreed that I should look for a job to work so as I sustain my self and the family, since we had just lost our Father to HIV/AIDS and Mum had Tuberculosis at a time. Day by day I moved along Kampala streets looking for a job but no where to be seen, since they all employee experience.
One day I meet with an O.B, out side the bank after I had just deposited 100,000# for my sibling’s term 1 school fees. I and the O.B were happy to meet each other again since school. So in that due course we shared a lot and asked each other what each of us does to sustain a living since we were both Orphans. I explained to him that as for me I was a job hunter, he told me he worked at a sell phone. Later along us separated, not knowing that during our conversations a stranger was listening to us.
It was immediately as my friend entered the bank than the stranger came closer talking to me in a humble way as a gentle man.
‘’I had you talk about jobs, you want to work?’’ In his words he asked me. If I can only get that opportunity I can. I answered him. He first asked me if I can work in TIANSHI an Organization that sells body cleansers. I told him I can’t because I had tried it before and it had a long process and expensive. ‘’Okay, what’s your level of education?’’ He asked me. I explained to him every thing and as I was level six vaccist. ‘’I have a sister who has just constructed a new Business Building in Nankulabye; she needs Accountants, Receptionists, and others. Can you work as a Receptionist?’’ Asked me the stranger in his words. M y self filled with joy I answered him a yews I can. So we made an appointment to meet the next day to take me to her sister whom he said that she lived in Katwe.
O n our separation, He asked me whether I had any program me that day, Indeed I had none. So he proposed that we should meet his sister that day since she is at home and I have nothing to do, that the next day would be my first day to attend work instead of delaying my self yet work was there. With all the joy that filled my heart at the moment, I accepted to go with him to Katwe where he said was the sister’s place.
On our way going, he asked me that we should take a Boda-boda in order to save time, I was not convinced with that so I refused.I told him since he had said that it was a nearby place, we should foot. Lucky or un lucky enough he accepted my suggestion. On our way going, we passed through a very poor slum and later came to an end,(where we couldn’t proceed any more) and no one was passing neither there. The place looked exactly like a stop of a corridol.
So in there he ordered me to undress my self. I asked him if that was on our agenda. After my Question, He asked for my bag. I still refused to hand it over to him. He asked for it twice, the third time he slapped me. With the two slaps, I was already scared and the only option I had Was to give him the bag. After he had gotten the bag he asked me, ‘’Have you completely refused to undress your self?’’ I didn’t answer him. Immediately he got out a sharp sword and said these words to me , ‘’Do you know me?, Do you know who I am ?, I can do what I want, rape you, kill you and leave you her. No one will ever look for me. So if you want your life, give it to me, if not, and then say your last words. Listen, this is my last request, if you refuse, I think you have had of this saying, ‘’Where peace fails, force is applied’’, have you? , So one, two, put off your clothes’’ He shouted.
As I still said a no, with tears rolling out of my eyes and scared of making an alarm because of the sword, he came closer to fight me, slapped me, kicked me and ended up taking off my skirt. Oh my Goodness, I became more scared and thought quickly of what will save me and how to escape. So I told him innocently, ‘’Let us share this in peace, I know what you want. Today is my first day I have meet you in life, we have not talked about love, so how do you expect me to trust you just like that. Please, just help me and get a condom at the nearby so as you be able to use me for both of us to be happy, because I think sex is for joy and happiness.’’
Those were my last words I said to him. He kept quite and looked at me for over 5minutes and later he asked me, ‘’Who told you am here to have sex with you for joy and happiness, have ever meet any positive person happy?,’’ I did not answer but only kept my self in prayer for God to help me and save my Life. Later alone he made up his mind and decided to go0 for a condom. When he was going he decided to go with my skirt and my bag that I should not run away because he thought I couldn’t go with out my bag and the skirt.
Later along after 3minutes,I decided to escape to save my life, on the first corner I meet my skirt, I rapped it around, on the side, there I saw my bag, with fear I got my bag and ran away. Having moved a distance, I decided to get my phone talk to mum and explain what had just happened. My phone was missing. With a shock, decided to get some money and use a call box, all my money had disappeared and left with no coin. Immediately I said to my self, let all that go, so long as I have remained with my precious life which is non refundable, my life will replace the stolen goods.
Just imagine, if it were not my wisdom that I used to save my life, where would I have been today? I think I would have been dead by today, or HIV Positive, or pregnant and having a bustard, I was Virgin, how pain full would it be , to loose my Virginity to a stranger, murder, thief and a rapist I would have never meet in life . All in all, I thank God for the Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding he gave me, cause with out that I was to become a victim. THANKS BE TO GOD.


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Thankful for Your Wisdom

Oh my goodness Diana, I read your story with my heart in my throat. I am so thankful for your wisdom and that you were able to find levelheadedness in such an alarming and awful situation. Thank you for sharing your story - I am so happy you were able to escape and now speak out. This is truly a miracle.

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I am amazed to hear of the courage you showed as you faced such danger. You used your words to persuade this man to spare your life, and are now using them to share the story with us. I have just signed up for a self-defense class, and now after reading your story I hope that we learn how to defend ourselves verbally, as well.

Thank you for your strength,


*resolved this year to think twice and to smile twice before doing anything*

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