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Unforgotten day

Being rejected at the airport is a weird situation. I have never imagined such a situation although I travel a lot. Some say ironically it is evil eye as I travel almost every two months and other say it is because I have a bad luck or may be because I am a single woman from Aden traveling alone, although I traveled before alone!
I feel there is not any common sense in this rather than the mind of the officer in Amman’s airport that he did not like my attitude or my coming from Aden, the hottest spot and the area whose people are famous by radical slogans of separation.

I waited for almost two hours while planes landed from different destinations and I was just trying to distract my mind with how they dress, the colors they wear, the shoes they put on and so on. There was one nice man who happens to be the person responsible for picking me up. He used to come to me several times assuring me that it is just regulations and not to worry. Even when I got the news and tears made vision as a dark cloudy day, he came by as a calm father expressing his sorrow as “ I am truly sorry my daughter. This is our Arab nation”. Are we really dealing with each other as unwanted fearful bombs? . On the other hand, westerns, no offense, passed by me and entered easily as if , unintentionally teasing me that they got in while I am not allowed to do so while also I do not even know what is my fault .
A rush thought came to my mind “tweet about it !”. Yes, I wanted badly to do that as I was really frustrated. However and again, it is not meant to be as the internet connection was hugely bad. Hello, bad luck nice meeting you in here!
Wait, wait, wait a second this is not a bad luck. There is a good thing about it which is I do not have to take 5 days off. In other words, I am saving 5 days for my further plans, hooray! And I would go home finish that pending assignments and before that, I am in great need of a joke to change this desperate mood.

Did I tell you where they put me? Sorry I forgot. I was in a little room while the door was open so that I can see passengers teasing me unintentionally. I am wanted for being … honestly I do not know why and this freaks me out.
When I heard that I am banned from entering Jordan while I am in Jordan, I was totally confused. I did not know what, why and how all these things happened and forgot to be solid and just collapsed. I went to the room grabbed the holy book of Quran from my purse and started reciting until it relaxed me. I breathed out and prayed “ Oh ALLAH , please give me patience and success this trouble with a good thing . Oh ALLAH, I strongly believe in YOU and YOUR fair judgment and rewards . Amen”.

Then, I decided to write about it. A dear one told me that whenever I feel stressful, I should write journals so that I burst my anger and pressure into positive energy. Thus, I opened a new word sheet and started typing words in lines as if I am telling this incident verbally as fairy tales being told to kids. However, this will not last for a long time as my Netbook is about to be running put of battery ironically.

You know, I feel pity for the officers as they should find me a flight today to Aden as I insisted so.
I do not know when I am going home and how, but I am sure that I will be sleeping in home today inshallah (GOD Willing).

Indeed, GOD never lets a believer down. I got a flight back home on the evening. Few hours later I was in the capital airport and could not believe that I am finally there. Still, I was worried but all went smoothly. I spent the night in Sana’a with a lovely family. Early in morning and without an alarm, I woke up , get dressed and was ready to leave for my city. The hospitality of the host family was very kind as they served breakfast and coffee and provide a car to take me to airport. I went to airport and unfortunately the plane had gone. I was slightly disappointed, but gathered all my positive thoughts and had them march into my mind, thinking that it is for the good .

New stage has begun. I am in airport going home, real home where my heart is. Although it is distracting in sana’a airport, I found my own serenity while ditching words into the word page. I am really in need of home and erasing the horrible experience I had a day ago and to dust issues I had with my favorite hobby: traveling.


Emie Zozobrado's picture


Yeah right, sister Sahar ... God always has a purpose, and it is always the best. What happened to you at the airport, even if it appeared unpleasant, it took you to a side trip that landed you to a beautiful "other" family and a wonderful "other" home. Now that experience is worth sharing to the world ...! All the best...

Emie Zozobrado

pheebsabroad's picture


In the face of obstacles is a miracle. It is said that it is easy to have faith when you have no problems but much harder to have faith when something is blocking your path. I applaud your faith...and your belief that everything will work out.

Best of luck!


ruth_terry's picture

Hi Sahar, Traveling can be

Hi Sahar,

Traveling can be so very stressful. It is a very wonderful and personal miracle to be able to change one's mindset from frustration to patience and perseverance through writing. This is part of the reason I became a writer. I am so happy that you have found the miracle and joy of the written word!


"A writer’s job is to tell stories that connect readers to all the people on earth... Passionate and well-articulated ideas can and do change the world." ~~Mary Pipher

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