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'fearless' means believing that you have the freedom to act

So today I am thinking that this idea of being 'totally fearless' has not only a physical dimension (because I have a physical disability), but also has an emotional, intellectual, and spiritual dimension. One could easily view this in much the same way that one can view health, in a holistic manner that encompasses all aspects of our being. I don't think that having a physical impairment has robbed me of life's opportunities and challenges...I have been blessed with many privileges, and thus have enjoyed the experience of good health. For me, the factor that has inhibited my being and ultimately what I could contribute to humanity, has been my experience and perceptions of how others perceive me in relation to an imperfect body. Then I guess one could say, what is a perfect body? That aside, the erosion of confidence, self-esteem and sense of place ( for me always lower) is what the idea of 'totally fearless' must address. Even if intellectually I know that others are not judging me based on my impairment, this embedded perception has been with me since my earliest childhood memories. I can't just erase what is at the core of who I am; but I can teach myself to act and to think differently, fearlessly....that is my quest : To remove the oppression ( whether internal or external or both) form the hearts and minds of others. If I practice with me, then I can move that knowledge onto others.


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That is True

Welcome Totally Fearless.

Yes, the 'dis' in disability can be likened to the 'gender' concept which is constructed by societies to pull women down.
We will never allow the perceptions of other people to affect our life as individuals because we are unique and wonderfully made. Our physical is never determinant of our personality. We must value ourselves and build our self confidence to raise our self-esteem. We carry your shoulders high and totally fearless. We fight marginalization and oppression better when we muster self-confidence. It should be internal and not our out ward appearance.

I love your intelligence and constructive way of thinking. The World awaits you, you must prove your existence not your physical appearance. Please write more.

Your sister,

totally fearless's picture


Celine, thank-you for your wonderful words which reflect a person full of wisdom, kindness, and support. I do agree with you in theory that 'our physical is never determinant of our personality', perhaps more that our physical should never be a determinant of our personality. I realize that my personality has been, and still is being determined by my physical. I am actively re-writing the script that defined who I am. I look forward to on-going communication, and hope that I can support you in some way through our combined energies and experiential knowledge.

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Please re-write

Dear Sister / Brother,

I am glad to hear that you are actively re-writing the script. It is a personal decision made internal and should reflect in the outward. Many disabled persons are confronted with the psychological issues, yes no doubt because one sees oneself looking different from the rest people. But when we remember the abundance of goodness around us - think about your sharp intellect, which is not common; the skills you are bestowed with; the opportunities which have been uniquely destined for you; the career life; the friends and relations who have been great comforters; of course the Pulse Wire community, which has offered avenue to air our voices, we feel important. Feeling of importance is a leading step to guide us. When we make use of all these positives in and around us, we create a part that distinguish us from the others. We become stars to reckon with in our own areas.

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awesome thoughts!

Dear Sister:
Yes, we do have these psychological barriers that have been created in our minds through how we perceive others responding or not responding to our needs to be accepted. I am blessed in many ways; re-writing my script as 'totally fearless' is a way for me to celebrate the gifts that I have and have received from others. Different should be embraced, not shunned. Your words are comforting, thank-you.
Your sister,
'totally fearless'

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