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Miracle in my life

A girl, who could not express herself, could not communicate with people, and she always depended on her parents. As a girl she always hided to express her dreams in front of others even in front of her parents. That time she did not know that one day she will write story in World Pulse magazine, even she did not know about what is World Pulse. Today she is writing in front of the world in World Pulse. Yes, it’s me, now who has ability to express herself in front of the world. Isn’t it a great miracle to me?

It was in 2008, when my father was died of cancer. We are two siblings, and I am the elder one 18 years old. My father was a government employee, so we got some money from government, and monthly we got 2500tk ($ 34). For my mother, it was very hard to bear our educational expenses and others expenses because she was an uneducated house wife even she did not know anything that would be support for our family, so I started teaching other students. Every day I used to teach 6 students and it was hampering my study, but I did not have any other choice to do. Though I started to go outside of home to teach the student, I still could not express myself even if my students’ parents did not give my salary, I could ask them to give my salary. Every month I earned nearly 8000tk ($112), I bared all my educational expenses, sometimes my brother’s and sometimes household expenses. Moreover, my mother tried to give me marry but most of the time I disagree to get marry because I want to work for the betterment of my community especially for women and children. I had this dream, but it was entertained to fulfill.

It was in 2009, when I got scholarship at Asian University for Women (AUW) in Chittagong, Bangladesh which is very far from my home, the aim of this University to develop the leadership skill among Asian women. There are 14 countries students are studying in this university. It was very hard for me to adjust with other countries people. I can say about the first day at AUW. We were 4 roommates and all are from different countries. I could not understand how to communicate with them. In my class I did not know anybody. All of my classmates were from different countries such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Palestine, and Pakistan. I did not understand how to communicate with these people. If a fish always lives in a pond and suddenly if we keep this in a sea, how can the fish survive in an ocean?

With the help of my teachers and my different countries friends, and leadership skill that I got from this university I changed a lot. Now I know about World Pulse, One Young World, Bangladesh youth Leadership Center, and I can help my helpless poor community. Now I am optimistic, I can communicate with others. I can lead the people, I have many enjoyable moments with my different countries roommates, I do not feel any hesitation to express myself in any situation, and I can compare myself with others. Now I am a fish who can survive in a pond as well as in an ocean.


nilima's picture

WOW what a transformation you

WOW what a transformation you have expereinced in ur life my friend ! I love the way you have changed your self, i would rather say - you have transformed yourself according to time and place! you are the hero :) i love ur miracles dear:)

Afroza Alam's picture

Thank you Nilima, for giving

Thank you Nilima, for giving me inspiration. I hope I can do my best for my community.

nilima's picture

:D we believe in you dear:)

:D we believe in you dear:)

busayo's picture

Great Miracle!!

This is a great miracle that have happenned in your life, you deserve it andi want to join Nilima to say you are a hero


Busayo Obisakin
Women inspiration Development center
Ile-Ife, Nigeria

Afroza Alam's picture

Thank you so much Busayo, I

Thank you so much Busayo, I want to keep it up in future also........

Myrthe's picture

Your growth, your

Your growth, your development, your believe in yourself show through in your writing. I am sure you will keep finding ways to develop and grow and to support and influence your community. Well done!

Afroza Alam's picture

Yes I want to find the way to

Yes I want to find the way to devolop my community.......thank you

akaneko's picture

You have found your voice!

You have found your voice! What a powerful story and thank you for sharing it with the world! Your personal history is one filled with inspiration and empowerment. Despite all of the hardships and obstacles you have faced throughout your life, you have overcome them and have even focused your energy on helping others. I am so glad that the world has people like you who can serve as role models to our youth. Best wishes in all you do!

Afroza Alam's picture

Now I think, there are so

Now I think, there are so many obstacle in life......whatever I want to overcome it and do something, I know maybe I will not do everything for my society. but I can try to do this. I know i will find the possitive feedback from this.

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