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Simple Immortality

Once on my favourite place in the nature, connected with my childhood my shamanic place big field sourended by lights of cities,full of characteristic for that area trees me and my friend were performing native dances for wewelcoming the sun.And we also slept there.Than ,it was very hot summer,my shaman teacher arrived.I went to my place.i wanted to pick up for her camomilla flowers.Everything was burn by sun,all grass was brown and gra,leafs was brown.I went to place where we were dancing ,in that place was circle of fresh ,young,strong green grass.I sited there i asked spirithof eath wher flowers are ii heread answers follow up and i found planty of fresh flowers.Than tht place was complitly destroyed,becouse of greedi,trees was took of the ground with roots,massacre.I met boy,a child he told me that is not good to hurt trees becouse thay have soul,and at the end he told me than man never win with nature. Afte one years i ve been performing in my garden the prayer during Melt Ice In Human Heart Global Event.One year pass i went to gardenand i saw that from stump of cuted,from more than 30 years tree green leafs apper,new tree.That cuted tree was hurt by lightining like more than 40 years ago.The tree what is now grow up from death,cuted tree is the same tree what was plant of them in that m mystique,childhood place.Doeas it miracle ,i think it is simple truth what is hapenig in our life,that the greedy,anger,desire,possesion never win with the real soul and spirit and truth what is living in us
Best regards
Pawel Nietyksza


busayo's picture

Well said!

Well said dear sister, these immoral behaviors never win with the real soul, spirit and truth living in us.


Busayo Obisakin
Women inspiration Development center
Ile-Ife, Nigeria

Pablitho's picture


Hello Busayo thank you for reading my story.I am a brother ,i am a man.doesnt metter so much.My est regards

Myrthe's picture

I think people forget too

I think people forget too often that nature, the world around us, our planet Earth is one of the biggest miracles, a miracle that we have to care for and protect. Thank you for reminding us!

akaneko's picture

It is so true that we often

It is so true that we often take nature for granted while we are busy pursuing material goods. The miracles that we see in nature must always be cherished and protected. Thank you for sharing your story!

Pablitho's picture


Thank you very much for all your comments.To know more coud be really good to know that place.You know i ve been really so downn whan thay started to exterminated those trees.I met a boy there child 8 years old.He told me that is not good to hurt trees becouse thay also have soul ,and thay suffer.At the end he also said man will nwer win with nature.And he is right.Same i think bloody dictators,regims,wars nwver win with real pirituality,cultures and people unify to achive peace and freedeom and ou life can be sometimes downn evenclose to dead and like nature has same ability to reborn
My best
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