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I was born right at the start of the civil crisis in my country. Some jokingly say it was my birth that spark the conflict. Unlike you, I took my first steps in a cold, wet jungle amidst stray bullets and bombs. I never experience the joy of being a child and the only toy I knew because I could see it almost every day was a gun which my parents later told me was used to kill thousands of innocent people and used as a weapon to perpetrate violence especially against women. Despite the fact that thousands of children my age give up the ghost during these hard times, I still hung on and my family said I was a miracle but I didn’t believe it.
At the beginning of my early teens, just when things seemed to be fine, my country, LIBERIA plunge into another crisis where I actually felt the emotional effect of a crisis where I saw friends and loved ones die, where children my age die from curable diseases and hunger, where young boys and girls where sexually violated and made to join the various warring factions and where survival of the fittest was the order of the day. But once again I survived enrolled in high school and graduated top five and the youngest graduate at age 16. My friends said I was a miracle. I still did not believe I was a miracle.
My background has made me the young woman I am today working to make sure children does not have to experience what I experience during my early days on earth and that my country and the rest of the world will be a safe and better place for all children. When the opportunity to be a world pulse correspondent came my way and when I was at last selected as the only correspondent to represent the dreams and aspirations of thousands of young women in LIBERIA and the rest of the world the thought of agreeing with my family and friends that I was a miracle was hard to ignore.
Writing this story, I realized that I am Marvelous, I am an Inspiration ,I am Resilient, I am an Advocate, I am Caring, I am Loving and I am an Educator which finally convinces me and I NOW agree with my family and friends that I am indeed a MIRACLE.


usha kc's picture

Dear Laura, I can feel your

Dear Laura, I can feel your emotions of the pain that you suffered from.Now after being connected with you i believe on your miracle and you are such a miralce ! god bless you to fullfill your dream.

Ruun Abdi's picture

Dearest Laura, Absolutely i

Dearest Laura,

Absolutely i can imagine the pain and suffering you experienced in your childhood. That makes the two of us ... When i was five years old my country rocked with a civil war, i have seen dead bodies, hear the screams of women and children whose fathers and any other male relative been shot in front of them, I have hear the screams of women and young girls who have been raped and violated I have even seen dead bodies that has been put on top of one another as if they were packets of rice in a store and many more. Because of all that is why I always dream of saving many lives in my homeland as well as any other place that i am capable of.

Keep the good work for sure you are a miracle and you will change the lives of your people and the rest of the world.


Linda M. Ando's picture

HOPE Survives.....

Hello BEAUTIFUL Laura,

In life there are unimaginable tragedies and senseless acts of violence, but somehow, HOPE survives.
I believe you, Laura, represents HOPE, bringing light to darkness and a sense of purpose and life to others, by the way you live your life.

May you roar loud and far to all other women to BELIEVE in the Miracle that exists within them, as you so powerfully stated in a loving and empowering way.... I Am Marvelous, I Am an Inspiration, I am Resilient, I am an Advocate, I am Caring, I am Loving and I am All that I Believe and Cherish in Life! So often, we as women, do not love ourselves or feel deserving of love, therefore, how can we give what we don't have or believe in? May we break this cycle and inspire others to honor their unique voices, talents, history/herstory and contributions to our shared humanity.

Thank you for being the MIRACLE and inspiring others to do the same!

With gratitude and love!

Linda Ando

With Gratitude,

Linda M. Ando

ccontreras's picture

Thank you!

Hi Laura,
Thank you for sharing your compelling story. I believe you are truly a miracle, you have survived all these atrocities and have come on top. I am glad you call yourself an activitst, because I believe you can make a difference in your country and abroad by showing women that you can come on top on the midst of a national crisis.
I commend your efforts!!! :-)

"I embrace emerging experience. I am a butterfly. Not a butterfly collector." - Stafford

olakitike's picture

I am inspired

Your story touched my heart and inspired.

Tennen's picture

You Are!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really could not hold back dear. We all in this category.
Thanks for been the change you want to see.


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