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Everything happens for a reason: My Miracle

“Congratulation you won” he said to me.
I was astonished, didn’t know what he meant or what was going on. I took a deep breath and asked him “For what?”! He smiled and said “You have been granted a scholarship”….

I didn’t know what to say or what to do. I jumped with happiness. He then added “Hey you know what! Since you were the only lady who scored grade A and you are the highest lady in the whole state your position is guaranteed”.

That news came to me as a shock. Since CFBT (Center For British Teachers) who funded the higher education in Puntland state left and UNESCO-PEER (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization - Regional Programme of Education for Emergencies and Reconstruction) took over funding the higher education.

As UNESCO was new to the state there was less hope for scholarships. For hours my ears couldn’t believe the good news they heard. I waited till morning then called the headmaster who later confirmed to me that UNESCO will sponsor the highest students. In our school nine students scored grade A, eight boys and me.

Becoming the highest lady throughout Puntland state in 2003/2004 academic year gave me the opportunity to further my studies by going another country outside my homeland and joining university. This was one of the best things that have ever happen to me.

I went Kenya on September 2005 and joined MultiMedia University College of Kenya to study telecommunication engineering. Going to another country helped me further my studies and made new friends. I deducted some money from the pocket money my sponsors provided me to study other courses in addition to the engineering course I was doing.

When I returned home I couldn’t secure a job as an engineer because of my gender, but the other courses I did helped me secure a job. Becoming a peace activist wasn’t my plan in the first place but as it’s been said “Everything happens for a reason”. I believe my destiny was to help the vulnerable ones. I am happy I joined this institution I am working with which promotes peacebuilding initiatives and reconciliations.

Without that scholarship I wouldn’t have been here at worldpulse because it helped me improve my language, interact many people with different religion and backgrounds. That was a miracle that happened to me.


Nusrat Ara's picture

Glad to read your story. Keep

Glad to read your story. Keep it up.



Ruun Abdi's picture

Thanks dear. :) Warmest

Thanks dear. :)

Warmest regards.

Sarvina's picture

Yeah it is a wonderful

Yeah it is a wonderful miracle to have come to Worldpulse. How your powerful article is! I know your story more and more through your beautiful writing. Really enjoy reading it! Well-done:)



Sarvina from Cambodia
VOF 2011 Correspondent

Ruun Abdi's picture

Thank you so much dear for

Thank you so much dear for the lovely comment. Of course its a miracle that I always treasure. Imagine when you can finance yourself to further your studies neither your family could and a stranger just walks in and changes your life...

Lots of love.

usha kc's picture

Dear Runn, Yes,"Everything

Dear Runn, Yes,"Everything happen s for a reason" I loved it verymuch . Really enjoyed reading your miracle.keep writting.

Ruun Abdi's picture

Thank you so much dear indeed

Thank you so much dear indeed its a miracle that changed my life.

Lots of love,

Amei's picture

Feels like a miracle

Small and big - its the miracles we must remember in the challenges that we face daily. I too believe that things happen for a reason. It is our faith at times that get tested.

Loads of love
Cheers, Amei

Ruun Abdi's picture

Of course whether its smal or

Of course whether its smal or big something happens to you and changes your life... Thanks dear for droping by with such a lovely comment.

Lots of love,

Niki Nicole's picture

But remember...

... you made it happen! You dedicated hours to studying. You attended classes despite gender bias. You made the highest grades. It was you who started the miracle. Yes, "everything happens for a reason," but you made it happen.


Niki Nicole

Ruun Abdi's picture

Thanks dear Niki for the

Thanks dear Niki for the lovely encouraging comment you left me.

Actually I spent so many hours to read I still remember when I was in high school one of our teachers used to encourage boys but it didn’t discourage me even a second but it gave me an energy to show everyone that ladies can reach where boys can, when my girlfriends talk that teacher and how they hate him I used to tell them “hey use his words towards boys and use it in your own advantage turn it in to possibilities and never give up”. When I was in the university I have been admitted to hospital due to my blood pressure instability which came as a result of lack of rest since I was doing multi courses and used to sleep less than three hours.

Warmest regards.

nilima's picture

hi Ruun your hardwork and

hi Ruun

your hardwork and dedication created the MIRACLE! :D

Ruun Abdi's picture

Dearest Nilima, Thank you so

Dearest Nilima,

Thank you so much. ;)

Kisses and hug

Linda M. Ando's picture


Dear Ruun,

Thank you for sharing your inspirational story, which will encourage other young women to BELIEVE in the impossible as I Am POSSIBLE! I love that we both view Impossible as I'mPossible. I appreciate your wisdom at such a young age, to take the educational opportunity and challenge often encouraged for boy and using that as motivation to succeed as an intelligent young woman. The magic and miracle was always within YOU and your love for learning plus hard work was honored with a scholarship. BRAVO!

Once again, your wisdom to transform and use wisely these opportunities in life toward a career of advocacy and peace building. You are a leader in your community, inspiring young girls and woman to pursue education if they desire and to create a more equitable system for all people.

THANK YOU for being the Miracle which continues to inspire others to unlock their own Miracles which exists within them.

With gratitude,

Linda Ando

With Gratitude,

Linda M. Ando

Ruun Abdi's picture

Thank you so much my dearest

Thank you so much my dearest Linda for such a lovely inspiring comment.



ccontreras's picture


I really enjoyed reading your post and congratulations on all of your triumphs! You are a very inspiring woman and I know that you will continue forward to represent for women of your country!! :-)

"I embrace emerging experience. I am a butterfly. Not a butterfly collector." - Stafford

Ruun Abdi's picture

Thanks dear and am glad that

Thanks dear and am glad that you enjoyed reading it. we hardly take ordinary times and turn it into extraordinary and helpful moments in our lives.


olakitike's picture


I am glad that you had that great opportunity to have access to education. It is miraculous

Ruun Abdi's picture

Thanks sis Regards, RA

Thanks sis


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